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It certainly felt like we were in the presence of star wars technology yesterday (May 4th) as HiFiWigwam attended it’s first exclusive PRESS EVENT at dCS headquarters in Cambridge. All the top HiFi glossy magazines were present and as the first ‘forum’ ever to be invited it was certainly a …

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The New Densen B-250CAST Reference Pre-Amplifier

Densen have unveiled an upgrade to their renowned B-250 Pre-amplifier in the form of the B-250CAST, a pre-amplifier which supports Google Cast streaming. Following on from the successful release of the CAST AMP Streamer earlier this year, the B-250CAST joins Densen’s new range of components that support Google’s streaming software. …

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REALREVIEW – Little Dot Mk III Headphone Amplifier

A REALREVIEW Of The Little Dot Mk III Headphone Amplifier by George Sallit Headphones have seen significant growth in hifi over the last few years. This was started by itunes and people using various portable devices with those awful ear buds. Yeuch. These headphones sounded awful and were very uncomfortable to wear. However, …

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First impressions A development of the company’s well-regarded SCM19 stand-mount passives, the SCM19ATs are the result of ATC applying their experience with professional monitors to produce a pair of compact, domestic, fully-active towers. In the world of hi-fi, heavy is good. In which case at over 30 kg each, these …

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Press info: Chord Electronics, Leema and Chord Co. new kit at Bristol

  PRESS INFO  What’s new and what to expect from Chord Electronics, Leema Acoustics and The Chord Company at Sound and Vision 2017   I’ll be on-site Friday and Saturday, so please call/text if you need me! 07899 808918 Chord Electronics Chord Electronics will have the UK debut of the …

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Press release: The Chord Co.’s new Sarum T range gains a huge performance upgrade

21st FEBRUARY 2017 PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION THE CHORD COMPANY’S NEW SARUM T RANGE GAINS A HUGE PERFORMANCE UPGRADE The Chord Company has launched Sarum T, a new cable range that directly benefits from Chord’s proprietary Taylon® insulation, which to date, has been the preserve of its flagship ChordMusic …

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DiDiT DAC 212 SE

I’ve owned at least 20 DACs in the last couple of years or so. When I first heard about the DiDiT I actually discounted it as it uses the ESS Sabre 9018 chip and they have a reputation for being detailed but dull and life’s too short for dull HiFi. …

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McIntosh MB50 network player brings high-res music streaming with Play-Fi app control to home systems

The CES-launched MB50 is now available in the UK, introducing Wi-Fi music streaming with Spotify and TIDAL support to audio systems in the home, with full DTS Play-Fi app control (£2,750) 8th February 2017, Bournemouth, UK: McIntosh, the global leader in prestigious home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio for over 65 …

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