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Kevin Fiske reviews the HFIT Mains Block

Review of HiFi In Touch Mains Block If you have an audio system and it requires mains power from more wall sockets than you happen to have nearby, then there’s the gold standard: you pay an electrician to chop your listening room plaster away and install sufficient further sockets to …

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Audio suspension – all new modular rack!

Having seen some of the DIY systems many Wigwam members put together, I wonder how relevant this review will be to our readership. Thankfully not everyone lives among solder burns and crocodile clips. There’s many a beautiful system and every beautiful system needs a good rack. Fans of Audio Suspension’s …

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Foo free filtration, or “F3” to you!

Foo? What is foo? For the scientifically enlightened the word “Foo” covers the crazier, more out there tweaks. Think Shakti stones or demagnetizers for your CD’s and Vinyl (hilarious!). Basically tweaks that rely on a combination of the placebo effect and expectation bias, along with a lot of positive affirmation …

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Pure Sound Tenuto Platter Mat Review

A new addition to my system – and it’s Foo! (Well, sort of…) Pictured above is the Tenuto platter mat from Pure Sound. Paul, the previous owner of the lovely Palmer 3.0 under the mat, recommended this as a must-have upgrade – plus it looks the dogs – so I …

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Chord Cables VEE 3 range

Well a period of contentment with my own system meant I had not really volunteered  for any reviewing. So when asked “hey Dan, want to review something by Chord?” The involuntary tic had my hand was up quicker than the proverbial rat up a drainpipe. Mmm so what goodies were …

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