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CD & Dacs

Jolida Fusion DAC & Transport (CD player) Review

“It’s not a CD player! It’s a DAC with a built in transport” “So it plays CDs then?” “Yes” “Like a CD player!” “Well, yes, but it has digital inputs, lots of them” “Like a CD player with digital inputs?” “I .. er… it.. Yes. Ok, it’s a CD player …

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Cambridge Audio – Stream Magic Review

This is a good sounding yet slightly clunky device and to be brutally honest I’ve avoided publishing my review of this bit of kit for some time. When it first arrived it was actually the first bit of kit anyone had ever sent me and I was nervous of “opening …

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DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core Review

Automated room correction system Normally when approaching a new piece of kit, one has a reasonable idea of the scale of the difference one might expect to hear.  With speakers the potential scale of the changes are massive; with cables the changes are more subtle and aimed at fine tuning …

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The JK DAC 32 Review

  What is it? A battery powered (re-chargeable) USB to Analogue output DAC/Sound card for a PCor MAC. It comes with a USB cable to charge the internal batteries, so can be left powered up, or run purely from its battery power supply. What’s the Technical Blurb? The lithium batteries …

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Cambridge Audio Azur 651BD-B Review

Cambridge Azur BD651

What is it? Essentially a Blu Ray player, which supports 3D.. but it’s oh so much more. It also plays DVD’s DVD Audio, Super Audio CD’s and HDCD’s. There are a few of the more exotic BD formats, such as BD-ROMS and RAMs and HD DVD’s that it does not …

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