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Computer Audio

Moon 180 MiND Network Streamer Review

Moon 180 MiND network streamer Computer audio is a remarkable thing, you can use your existing hardware as an audio source and with care and attention get remarkable sound quality. However, figuring out how to do that can be a steep learning curve and not everybody wants to have a …

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Bliss music library management software

If you are a long term user of computer audio, or even if you just dabble now and again, you’ll know that the key to a good user experience is accurate tags and decent artwork.  Otherwise the main strengths of file-based music libraries; searching and browsing, become a chore.  Somewhere …

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Computer Audio Design CAD1543 DAC Review

My first review for the ‘wam puts me scarily close to breaking a personal rule of mine. When I’m approached by someone who has effectively brought a product to market single handed, I’m always nervous about being asked to review what is in effect their pride and joy. My crude …

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