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Noble Audio’s new super-affordable in-ear monitor debuts on Massdrop

Just 2,000 proprietary-driver Noble X IEMs available on this first run at $249/c.£200 and time is running out! 1st December 2016, Santa Barbara, USA — Noble Audio, the world’s leading high-performance in-ear monitor (IEM) specialist, has launched the Noble X exclusively on Massdrop, a special limited edition in-ear monitor offering …

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The Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones Bose QC25

Taking over for a legend is never easy, and with 30 odd years of pioneering research behind it, Bose’s QC15 was just that. So it’s no small feat that the QC25 has replaced the old timer with upgraded tech, better audio skills, and more style to boot. That said, Bose’s …

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Chord Mojo DAC/Headphone amp review

Whether we like it or not, the shape of audio equipment is slowly but inexorably starting to change. Freed from the need to accommodate physical media and with the analogue preamp being challenged by the adjustment of volume in the digital domain, the roles and functions of each box are …

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On me ‘ed son. AuroraSound HEADA Headphone Amplifier Review

It’s been a while since I spent any real time listening to headphones, however, the recent Chord Hugo review combined with me acquiring some nice new Bowers and Wilkins P7’s has me back in the mood. Of course it’s a different experience to loud speakers, and one most people think …

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Phonon SMB-02 Headphones Review

“Do you want to review a pair of headphones that Jack is bringing in?” As questions go from our dear leader it was simple enough. It took me a little bit of time to answer though. The first reason was prosaic enough- I’m now at the stage of baby parenting …

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