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First impressions A development of the company’s well-regarded SCM19 stand-mount passives, the SCM19ATs are the result of ATC applying their experience with professional monitors to produce a pair of compact, domestic, fully-active towers. In the world of hi-fi, heavy is good. In which case at over 30 kg each, these …

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Kudos Super 10 Standmount Loudspeaker Review

There are more than a few great rivalries in audio- this is as much down to the fact that as a twitching bowl of personality disorders, this is a fairly combative industry. There are times when being a fan of one manufacturer seem to have put you firmly on one …

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PMC Twenty.26 Floorstanding Speaker Review

It must cause a bit of confusion that a well respected and marketing savvy brand like PMC makes two loudspeakers at virtually the same price. The twenty.26 retails for £5,995 and fact.8 is £6,495 so they are not precisely the same but at this level the difference is small enough …

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Little marvels – Royd Troubadour S Speaker Review

I seem to be forever reviewing small speakers in the £1300.00 ish price bracket. I suppose I have the right size room for them (about 4 x 3m ) and really ought to be in the market for something like this. However, my musical tastes tend to be bass heavy …

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Simon Mears Audio Ucello 3-Way Horn Loudspeakers Review (KevinF)

Simon Mears Audio Ucello 3-Way Horn Loudspeakers Kick around in audio for long enough and sooner or later you twig that there are perhaps as many opinions about what sounds ‘right’ as there are models of pre-amplifiers, cartridges or any other component you care to name. Of course, and quite …

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Giant Killers – ATC SCM40 Speaker Review

I wasn’t excited about the arrival of these speakers. Although I personally sought a pair out for review, and they had been something I wanted to hear in my room for a while, I wasn’t all that “bovvered”. I could wait to get home from work. I could wait to …

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