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Q-Acoustics Concept 40 Speaker Review

A year or so back I reviewed the first of the Concept series speakers from Q-Acoustics, the Concept 20. That model has similar drivers to the company’s 2020i budget stand-mount but a more sophisticated cabinet design, something which doubles the price but also doubles the resolution by halving the cabinet …

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Acoustic Energy 103 Loudspeakers Review

In many ways I’m the worst possible person to review these speakers. My frame of reference is a bit skewed. I haven’t listened properly to a pair of box speakers for the best part of three years, and I haven’t critically listened to, or owned a pair of speakers that …

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New ATC Standmounts wow Jason Kennedy

Jason Kennedy investigates the new ATC SCM11  ATC being ATC its website doesn’t mention the fact that the SCM11 is a new version of its stalwart standmount. They have a pretty stealthy approach to marketing which means that the brand is a well kept secret, albeit one that has a …

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Mulidine Allegretto V4 Speaker Review

These award winning little two way French speakers seemed a little disappointing when I first lifted them from the box. Plain styling, small, and without any fancy plugs or flashy decals they seemed relatively light weight for a £2495.00 speaker. It took a while to notice the subtle chamfering of …

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Image Masters! Pluto Ultimate Loudspeaker Review

Jason Kennedy gets to grips with the Pluto Ultimate loudspeaker system. This is one of the more unusual speaker systems I’ve encountered, and I’m not just talking about its appearance, IMHO it makes a refreshing change from veneered boxes. It’s also different because it’s a three box active system that …

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Audio Physic – Classic 30 Loudspeaker Review

Audio Physic Classic 30 Speakers Reference System Analogue: Acoustic Solid 111, Audio Note Arm 1 and Benz Glider cart. Amplification: Puresound P10 and T10 phono Stage, Modwright Pre amp and Advantage (Bladelius) power amp. Ancillaries: RJC Lamina Rack. Mains Cables by MCRU and Interconnects by Wychwood Audionics.     There’s …

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Acoustic Energy Aego M Speaker System Review

How much time do you really spend with your main HiFi? Unless you are lucky enough to be able to sit in front of your main system all day, chances are you have some kind of second system for when you are working from home, or that all too common …

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Langerton Configuration 217 High End Speaker Review

Spring time in Munich, and the mother of all HiFi shows is well underway. A group of Wammers – bellies sloshing with beer and hearts burning with a porcine overdose of BabyShambles proportions are wandering around enjoying some seriously good HiFi  -and some over priced and naff attempts in between. …

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