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Allnic H-1201 Phono Stage Review

Allnic H1201 Phono Stage

It isn’t every day that you speak to dealer and they offer you the chance to hear a product line up from top to bottom. It happened by chance when ordering a new set of valves from Richard at Lotus Hifi for my Allnic H-1500, he was going on holiday …

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Sonneteer Orton – Integrated Amplifier Review

Equipment: Turn Table: Acoustic Solid 111 / Audio Note Arm 1 / Nag MM Cartrdge Phono Stage: Sonneteer Sedley & Pure Sound P10. CD Player: TEAC VRDS7 Streaming: Squeeze Box and Cambridge Audio DAC Magic. Speakers: Triangle Antal ESw This is the top of the range integrated amplifier from British …

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Aurora Sound Vida Phono-stage – Review by PMAC

The phrase “never satisfied” crossed my mind many times during my Hi-Fi journey, always looking for the extra bit of performance that would enhance my listening experience. So, it was with this goal in mind that I embarked on my mission. A mission designed to leave me “completely satisfied”. An …

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Psvane T-Series MK II 300B and 6SN7 Tubes Review

By volume, Chinese manufacturers dominate the world market for new valves. Shuguang claims that it alone produces 80% of 300Bs sold today – and Shuguang it is not the only vacuum tube maker in China. While Shuguang does have its own premium level products in the shape of the Treasure …

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Computer Audio Design CAD1543 DAC Review

My first review for the ‘wam puts me scarily close to breaking a personal rule of mine. When I’m approached by someone who has effectively brought a product to market single handed, I’m always nervous about being asked to review what is in effect their pride and joy. My crude …

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Jolida Glass FX II DAC Review

After their strong showing at the Scalford show this year I hope  some of you will now be familiar with Jolida . Also my rave review of the Fusion CD player may have raised them up your flag pole so to speak. They certainly deserve more attention than they get …

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Audio Note DAC 2.1x/II Balanced Review

Until recently, I have been blissfully happy with my trusty old Victor XP-DA999 DAC, preferring it to the dCS Ring DAC, and even to vinyl in my system.   That was until I lugged the Victor over to KevinF’s bake-off last July, where it got its arse well and truly handed …

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ESi uniK 08 – Active Monitors Review

In some ways, the timing of this review has been less than ideal. I’ve had the speakers at Criminal Towers since the Scalford show, and in that time I’ve really struggled to listen to much else other than the utterly wonderful CD from Mr T.G. Elias. It’s an absolute corker …

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