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Lionel Payne Spends A Day At Vinyl Passion

This isn’t like the usual hi-fi product review. It isn’t really a product review at all although mention of several products will occur. This is about a service available to all turntable owners and specifically Linn Sondek LP12 owners. The LP12 has been around for almost as long as Tony …

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Kevin Fiske reviews the HFIT Mains Block

Review of HiFi In Touch Mains Block If you have an audio system and it requires mains power from more wall sockets than you happen to have nearby, then there’s the gold standard: you pay an electrician to chop your listening room plaster away and install sufficient further sockets to …

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Kudos Super 10 Standmount Loudspeaker Review

There are more than a few great rivalries in audio- this is as much down to the fact that as a twitching bowl of personality disorders, this is a fairly combative industry. There are times when being a fan of one manufacturer seem to have put you firmly on one …

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Chord Mojo DAC/Headphone amp review

Whether we like it or not, the shape of audio equipment is slowly but inexorably starting to change. Freed from the need to accommodate physical media and with the analogue preamp being challenged by the adjustment of volume in the digital domain, the roles and functions of each box are …

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PMC Twenty.26 Floorstanding Speaker Review

It must cause a bit of confusion that a well respected and marketing savvy brand like PMC makes two loudspeakers at virtually the same price. The twenty.26 retails for £5,995 and fact.8 is £6,495 so they are not precisely the same but at this level the difference is small enough …

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