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Lionel Payne Spends A Day At Vinyl Passion

This isn’t like the usual hi-fi product review. It isn’t really a product review at all although mention of several products will occur. This is about a service available to all turntable owners and specifically Linn Sondek LP12 owners. The LP12 has been around for almost as long as Tony …

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Roksan Xerxes 20 Plus/PUG/Shiraz/VSC2 Review

The Roksan Xerxes is thirty years old this year which means that a review of it notionally makes as much sense as subjecting an Austin Montego to a punishing road test. There is however a method in the madness. The Xerxes is conceptually thirty. The idea of the Xerxes- a …

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Paul Macklam reviews the stunning Motus II Turntable

Stefan Stromhetz may not be a household name in UK audio circles, but his small German audio company “STST” established in 1985, is certainly worth investigating if you are in any way interested in analogue replay. They have two turntables in their range, the Motus and the Motus II, the …

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ModWright LS 36.5 Line Preamplifier / PH 150 Phono Stage Review (KevinF)

Kevin Fiske gets to play with the latest Modwright toys..in the shape of the ModWright LS 36.5 line preamplifier and PH 150 phono stage. There is a growing fan club for Dan Wright’s ModWright audio products here on the ‘wam. This undoubtedly has at its roots the advocacy for the …

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Chord Electronics Chordette Dual Phono Stage Review

Chord Electronics’ Chordette products are a range of audio separates that the manufacturer would no doubt prefer are bought and used as a family, rather than as individual components. They share the same novel boutique form-factor – every one of them from DAC to power amp is housed in machined-from-solid-aluminium …

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Origin Live Resolution MK III and Conqueror 3c arm

I posted a review last year here on the ‘wam of the Origin Live Resolution MK II turntable teamed with the same company’s Illustrious 3C arm and Linear Flow interconnect. The rig was not loaned to me for the purposes of review. I had bought it – no discount alas …

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Modwright LS100 valve Pre amp & KWA100SE Power Amp Review

Following my recent opportunity to review the Modwright LS36.5DM and KWA150SE I was so taken with the performance of the KWA150SE power amplifier that I wanted to explore the possibility of moving from valve to solid state power amplification and was keen to hear the smaller, more affordable KWA100SE in …

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Allnic H3000 Phono Stage Review

This is the follow up to my review of the entry point H-1201, except this time we hit the opposite end with the range topping H-3000. The difference is that this is an all out assault on the phono stage market complete with LCR technology – which is not easy …

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