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Avid Ingenium Twin Turntable Review

This review has been a long time in the making. A fair bit of this delay can be attributed to poor time management on my part- I’m very busy, easily distracted and still prone to idleness when the thumbscrews are put away- but some of it has been down to …

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Puresound Tenuto Platter Mat Review

Preamble  I use a very modified Lenco L75 turntable. So much so, only three components are original Lenco items, the motor, platter and platter mat. Like many good Idler drive it majors on power and dynamics, with a throw it at you “in the room” presentation. Two years ago an …

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Audio Note Tonearm Three III Review

It’s funny how one thing leads to another. For example, collecting a set of speakers from a fellow “Wammer’s” house led me to buy a new tone arm.. Not just any tone arm, but a new model from Audio Note. It’s not every day AN bring out new kit, so …

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Ortofon Rondo Red Cartridge Review

After a good few days, I’ve finally got round to penning the review for this cartridge. It was here over Christmas, but with all the festivities and a nasty bout of something, I’ve only now managed to get the write up done. I normally hate trying alternative cartridges, as it involves …

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Audio Note Io Cartridge Review

Introduction to the Io Audio note only make one range of moving coil (MC) cartridges, the “Io” and this is the entry level unit. They are unusual cartridges in that they only output 0.05mV which is tiny compared to most MC’s. This adds a slight issue in that you will …

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Transfiguration Phoenix Phono Cartridge Review

Sitting near the pinnacle of the Transfiguration range, the Phoenix is a relatively low output moving coil phono cartridge with a current retail price around £1800. That pitches it into an area with a lot of serious top-end competition, but it is still usefully cheaper (a relative term, I admit) …

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