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It certainly felt like we were in the presence of star wars technology yesterday (May 4th) as HiFiWigwam attended it’s first exclusive PRESS EVENT at dCS headquarters in Cambridge. All the top HiFi glossy magazines were present and as the first ‘forum’ ever to be invited it was certainly a …

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The Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones Bose QC25

Taking over for a legend is never easy, and with 30 odd years of pioneering research behind it, Bose’s QC15 was just that. So it’s no small feat that the QC25 has replaced the old timer with upgraded tech, better audio skills, and more style to boot. That said, Bose’s …

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Townshend Allegri Passive Controller

When the cowboys and Arabs draw down on each other at noon. In the cool dusty air of the city boardroom. Will you stand by a passive spectator. (Roger Waters – Home from the album Kaos) Ever since getting a Nord 500 Ncore power amplifier I have been looking for …

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