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Amptastic Mini-1 T-Amp Amplifier Review

A few years ago this forum was ablaze with Mini-T amp hyperbole. Probably just another passing fad I assumed yet it is clear that there are many who love these diminutive boxes.  So as a brief background I recently had a pair of Combak Bravo standmount speakers and was searching …

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Gato Audio DIA-250 Integrated Amplifier with DAC Review

Review Equipment: Digital Source: FLAC files via Squeezebox and USB input Analogue Source: Acoustic Solid 111, Audio Note Arm 1 and Benz Glider Phono Stage: Puresound T10 step up transformer and Puresound P10 phono amp. Speakers: Triangle Antal ESw and Acoustic Energy 305 The truth is I’ve been struggling to write …

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Proteus 4040 Integrated Amplifier Review

Review By Georgallou Efthemious This amplifier has forced me into a little introspection. It’s not a vintage unit, my usually preferred component, but a recent conception utilising a circuit design rooted in the 40’s. It’s an entirely British product made by English Valve Amplifiers Ltd, a small company based in …

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