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The Final Countdown – An exclusive HiFiWigwam review of the Hattor Pre Amplifier by our very own George Sallit.

I have had a conundrum over the last few months. I reviewed the Nord Class D Hypex amp and found it a very good performer, especially at the price. I therefore needed to partner it with an equally good sounding preamplifier at the right price. That was the problem. I …

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McIntosh unveils two luxury preamplifiers pre-CES: the MP1100 for vinyl and the D1100 for digital

09th December 2016, Binghamton, NY: McIntosh, the global leader in prestigious home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio for over 65 years, introduces the new D1100 Digital Preamplifier £8,995 and MP1100 Phono Preamplifier £9,995 ahead of their CES debut mcintoshlabs.com McIntosh has launched two new preamplifiers designed to integrate turntables and digital devices …

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Audio Analogue extends its ‘Anniversary’ line with the new Maestro Anniversary zero feedback integrated amplifier

Audio Analogue extends its ‘Anniversary’ line with the new Maestro Anniversary zero feedback integrated amplifier Last year Audio Analogue celebrated its twentieth birthday with a new, contemporary edition of the company’s first ever product, the Puccini integrated amplifier. Now, the Italian brand has given another of its much-loved classics the …

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Allnic L-1500 Valve Line Pre Amplifier Review

5 star Timbre Merchant. Review item: Allnic L-1500 Valve pre amp @ £4395.00 Reviewer’s system: Acoustic Solid Turn table, with Audio Note Arm and Benz Glider cartridge. Puresound P10 phono stage and Puresound T10 Step up transformer. Advantage (Bladelious) power amp. Teac VRDS CD player. Meadowlark Shearwater HotRod loudspeakers. All …

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Arkless Electronics Phono Stage Review

  Review kit: Benz Micro – Glider Acoustic Solid 111 Arcam FMJ32 Amplifier Triangle Antal ESw speaker Oh and a humble looking Cambridge Audio phono stage.. Heavily modified.. Some people just care about the sound and the price. Actually, that’s probably most of us. There are others that care about …

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