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Chord Cables VEE 3 range

Well a period of contentment with my own system meant I had not really volunteered  for any reviewing. So when asked “hey Dan, want to review something by Chord?” The involuntary tic had my hand was up quicker than the proverbial rat up a drainpipe. Mmm so what goodies were going to be sent . When told it was cables I have to say some trepidation set in. I hadn’t thought of the difference between The Chord Company, and Chord electronics. Confuse them at your peril, they are not the same thing! I then understood why James had asked me!

To understand my trepidation you need to appreciate that there has been a war on the forum for some time about about cables and people can become very entrenched in their opinions. I guarantee that as I type militant sceptics are on the way to Chez Duvet to see if I float or drown in the village pond . Almost as important the next question fired at me would be what methodology would you use . Shock answer here folks. My ears! For a second there I thought I heard the tearing  of lab coats in disgust.

Ducking stool at Duvet’s moat.

So what are going to listen to? Well its the Chord VEE  3 range which you comprises four cables, I have three here ranging between £49 to £120 in RCA form . I listened to all the cables via streamed and vinyl but settled on a Sony DVD ROM into a MyDAC using the Chord cables as the out to the LS 36.5  ModWright pre-amplifier. My full system details will appear at the end . Music used for review was ” Little Earthquakes ” by Tori Amos and ” We’re here because we’re here ” by Anathema .

Right first up was the Chord VEE3 Crimson

This is a well made cable and flexible, making connections easy . The connections are a push-pull type affair as on all the cables reviewed and I have to say is not my preferred choice but we are working to a price point. My take on cables is not what they add because they can’t add to the music, more to the point is what they leave out. Every connection is a compromise and the better the connection the less one sacrifices. This cable performed adequately with Tori Amos but not the deft touches portrayed as I’m used to, there was something just lacking. Listening to Anathema some of the music got lost but still what impressed me were the total lack of  sonic nasties.

Next in was the Chord VEE 3 Chameleon.

This is the top of the range cable in this series and I was mightily impressed . Anathema ‘s album can sound terribly busy at times and sweeping and majestic at others. This cable got out of the way and just let the music through in floods . With Tori Amos it revealed the wonderful decay and echoes prevalent on such a haunting piece of music . I stopped trying to listen and just enjoyed and that’s what losing yourself in  your system is all about .

Finally the Chord VEE3 Cobra

At £84 this is not cheap either and I think the bargain of the bunch . It gets very close to the Chameleon. Anathema again was full on and as with the Chamelon I could just relax and listen . It was just a bit off  when listening to Tori Amos compared to the Chameleon but I’m nitpicking if I’m honest .

In summation I listened to these cable on and off for 2 weeks in a system I know like the back of my hand but before all this subjective talk gets brow beaten my take on cables always has been they are the final link in a system and should only tried and tested when you are happy with your hardware. I never advocate recommending a cable to cure a system mismatch . Chord make a lot of cables but until now not a lot at this price point and all I can say was I was impressed, especially with the top of the range pushing my chosen cable -which costs significantly more -very close indeed, and that surprised me.

Happy listening


System : Avid acutus, Sme V, Airtight PC1 , Whest PS30R, Sony DVD rom/ Micromega Mydac, ModWright LS36.5 , Plinius SA103 and Kharma 2.3ce loudpeakers .

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