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Chord Electronics launches the new Chord Ensemble equipment support.

Chord Electronics introduces the Choral Ensemble equipment support, an impressively engineered modular support system for the beautifully styled Choral range of components. The new equipment support is based around a finely machined 30mm-thick aircraft-grade aluminium plate, supported by four stackable solid aluminium (50mm diameter) Integra legs. Its high-mass design offers the optimum environment for partnering electronics.
The Choral Ensemble equipment support can be configured to any height and the cleverly designed Integra leg system allows any component from the Choral range to be combined with Chord Electronics’ full-sized equipment. The Integra leg system on the Choral Ensemble aligns perfectly with the Integra Legs featured on other Chord Electronics components, enabling full cross-range system-building. It enables users to select from Chord’s Reference, Standard and Choral ranges, in one vertically aligned system.
Each tier features four solid-aluminium Integra legs. Each leg-base has three ball-shaped rubber feet and each leg-top has three precision-machined hemispherical dimples. When two tiers are coupled together, the legs give a precise and secure fit between each module, plus a useful degree of damping between the (high-mass) platforms.
A complete high-end high-resolution multi-format audio system
The Choral Ensemble equipment support is more than just a beautifully designed high-quality support system, however. It can be easily populated with award-winning electronics from Chord Electronics’ Choral range, such as the QBD76 HDSD DAC and CodeX streamer, to produce a complete high-end audio playback system.
Pictured, is a specially selected five-component system, capable of delivering high-end CD playback, high-resolution streamed media and high-resolution audio from digitally connected devices; vinyl playback is also supported via the system’s high-quality phono stage. It comprises Chord’s flagship CD transport, a high-resolution streamer, Chord’s flagship phono stage, plus a flexible pre and 100-watt power amp.
The five components pictured include the following models from Chord Electronics’ Choral range: Blu CD transport (174kHz upsampling); Codex streamer (384 kHz/DSD-capable); Symphonic phono stage; Prime preamp and Mezzo 100 stereo power amp.
Price and availability
The Choral Ensemble equipment support is available now
Single tier with Integra legs: £1,350
Single top-mount tier with Integra feet: £1,215 (pictured at the top of the system)

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