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DALI ZENSOR PICO Speakers…Small But Sweet


Introducing the DALI ZENSOR PICO – an ultra compact, high quality speaker with a very small footprint.

• Ultra compact speaker
• High quality audio reproduction
• 4.5in Low-loss wood fibre based woofer
• 25mm ultra light soft dome tweeter
• Use on a shelf, stand or on wall
Many of us live in increasingly compact living environments these days and so require sympathetically proportioned hi-fi and home cinema systems. The DALI ZENSOR range has always delivered great award-winning performance for its size but the addition of the PICO series takes the sound per cubic cm ratio to another level.

Comprising the ZENSOR PICO and ZENSOR PICO VOKAL (centre speaker) the Lilliputian new designs are, essentially, a scaled down ZENSOR ONE (about 30% smaller). They use exactly the same 25mm treble driver, married to a 4.5in mid-bass driver, all housed in a tiny bass-reflex cabinet that’s designed for on-wall or near wall mounting (both models have integral keyhole mounting brackets), making them ideal for small/mid-sized rooms.As it uses the same tweeter as the rest of the ZENSOR series there are plenty of mix and match options but DALI recommends home cinema fans make a beeline for the DALI ZENSOR PICO 5.1 System. This comprises two pairs of the PICO speakers, a PICO VOKAL plus the award-winning E-9-F Subwoofer. With a 170 watt power amplifier driving its 9in aluminium bass driver, this downwards ported design (to enable near wall positioning) gives a response down to 35Hz (+/- 3dB). In other words, it moves serious amounts of air…

Combined with the PICO’s diminutive nature this means the package can be considered as a candidate for space-constrained situations where even the ZENSOR ONE package would have been regarded as too imposing.

The ZENSOR PICO and the ZENSOR PICO VOKAL are available in Black, White or Light Walnut, enabling you to mix and match the ZENSOR PICO with other members of the ZENSOR family.

PRICES (SRP, all models available now)
DALI ZENSOR PICO                                                        £159/pair
DALI ZENSOR PICO VOKAL                                            £79/single
DALI ZENSOR PICO 5.1 System (WITH E-9-F subwoofer)  £779DALI-ZENSOR-PICO-5.1-loudspeaker-system
About DALI
DALI, Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, grew out of Scandinavia’s leading audio retail chain in 1983, based on the observation that customers often requested a combinations of size, shape, performance and price that existing brands could not offer. We committed ourselves fully to the task of creating loudspeakers with outstanding performance and natural sound at competitive prices. Music is Our Objective – Technology the MeansDALI speakers are characterized by sublime quality and an engaging sound experience across a wide area in any room.A key contributing factor to DALI’s superiority is exclusive DALI driver units designed from scratch by our engineers in close collaboration with experts from the world’s leading driver manufacturers. With our unique driver technologies we are able to design and build speaker systems that makes it possible for listeners to hear their favorite music exactly as the artists intended. It gives us great satisfaction to breathe life into recorded music and create a credible illusion of being there in tribute to the performers and out of respect for the audience.www.dali-uk.co.uk

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