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David Gilmour “On An Island” Vinyl Reissue 9th October


We have just received the exciting news that Parlophone records will be releasing a vinyl reissue of David Gilmour’s 2006 album “On An Island” on 9th October 2015.

Fans of Gilmour will know that this album is incredibly scarce on vinyl. The original was deleted shortly after release, and has been sought after ever since, with copies changing hands for up to £200 at times.

I was lucky enough to buy my copy on the day of release in 2006, and it still takes price of place in my collection. It has been played many times, and the sound quality is fantastic.

I rate it as his finest solo album , and one that sits well alongside one of my favourite Pink Floyd albums, The Division Bell.

The original came in an very stiff oversized gatefold sleeve, which was visually impressive but practically flawed.

The inner sleeves were a nightmare to take in and out of the gatefold, meaning that many copies suffered from spine damage.

Rumour has it, that the new release comes in a standard size double gatefold, compete with 180gm vinyl, so there should be no issues this time round.

We have just added the record to the Wam Shop. Click the link below to preorder now;


And while you are at it, why not order Gilmour’s latest too?


In my opinion it can’t match “On An Island” track for track (a very tall order) but it’s still deserves a loving place in your collection.


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