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Denon proudly presents the CEOL Carino



Denon, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality home
entertainment products, is proud to introduce another clever music system born from
its highly acclaimed CEOL series. Don’t be deceived by the cool, compact and
minimalist styling of the new CEOL Carino. Beneath its diminutive, understated
dimensions is a prodigious audio performance. The application of Denon’s extensive
knowledge of advance DSP technologies allows this desktop system to perform way
beyond its modest size. The CEOL Carino is easily connected to your computer via a USB cable to vastly improve sound quality.
Furthermore, the CEOL Carino features Bluetooth technology so you can stream music
from your smart device even when your main computer is switched off, CEOL Carino is
the only sound system your office needs. Available in black and white the CEOL Carino
is perfect for any desktop.

While maintaining a sleek, chic design the CEOL Carino delivers powerful, room filling sound from its compact body. The pint-sized proportions of the system make it absolutely perfect for use in conjunction with a computer, fitting easily into tight desktop situations. Getting started couldn’t be simpler either, just connect to your computer via USB or Bluetooth. NFC technology makes pairing just a touch and you’re ready to go.
Denon has a 100 year heritage in the Hi-Fi industry, and this expertise has been put to
good use on the new CEOL Carino. Incorporating traditional Hi-Fi technology in driver
design and placement with state-of-the-art processing technologies.


The inclusion of an USB-B input for PC-Direct connectivity bypasses your
computer’s inferior built in speakers to let your music, movie or game sound in best
Denon audio quality. A USB-A to USB-B cable is also included for immediate hook up.
The system delivers a meaty 25 watts per channel, aided by selectable DSP settings
for Auto Volume Adjust and Wide Sound – in addition on-board digital signal processing
enhances sound performance and is specifically tuned to offer a bigger, clearer sound
from the compact speakers. Completing the package is a powerful speaker system
with passive bass radiators and dual angle positioning stands with cable storage, which
all adds up to an incredibly advanced desktop solution. A subwoofer isn’t necessary,
but if you’re a fan of being able to feel low frequencies in your oesophagus there is preoutput
for system expansion. There is also a headphone output for when you want to
get the best from your music without disturbing the neighbours.

Bluetooth® with NFC pairing enables audio to be streamed by the N2 CEOL Carino
from any Bluetooth enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. NFC
pairing allows the user to place any NFC enabled Bluetooth audio device against the
CEOL Carino for automatic pairing with no buttons needed.
Finally, if the mood should take you, the system can be used with different speakers.

At a glance: CEOL Carino – Computer and Bluetooth audio system

• High quality sounding, minimally styled, compact audio system
• 25 watts per channel Full Digital Processing Amplifier
with switchable on-board DSP sound processing
• Bluetooth® aptX® CD quality wireless streaming with NFC pairing
• USB-B DAC for PC-Direct connectivity, bypasses computer’s inferior speakers;
USB-A to USB-B cable included
• Compact powerful speaker system with bass radiators
and dual angle positioning stands with cable storage
• Subwoofer pre-output for system expansion
• High quality headphone output



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