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EHP-O2 Portable Headphone Amplifier Review

First of all I owe an apology to the manufacturer Oliver  Freeborn for the delay with this review. I thank him for his patience and without giving it all away in the first line it was worth the wait! Epiphany acoustics as some may have guessed is the the brain child and diligence of Oliver Freeborn and has been selling products now for 2 yrs . Speaking to Oliver the first impression is a passionate man who cares  about his products and the value they represent. The full range can be seen on  www.epiphany-acoustics .co.uk

So why a portable amplifier? Well its seems to me that people who love  hi-fi and music are no longer prepared to accept just any old replay when on the move. As media devices have more memory and therefore the ability for high res files to be stored the conduits we listen through deserve to be better . People spend a fortune on good quality ear phones and assume that their media device will drive them adequately . And so did I until I heard this! So lads and lasses what are we playing with . Well this

Epiphany Acoustics EHP-02

and the techie bit groan


This product when fully charged gives about 8 hours of pretty intensive portable use and also can be plugged in on trains if  a suitable power point is available . I used this product primarily on the go with my i-phone as a source playing my usual high quality taste in music (tongue in cheek ). The earphones were Ultimate ears Triple fi 10 ‘s which are pricey but i really wanted to see what these babies can do .

So lets just start with the caveat that this is a dangerous piece of kit in as your ears will implode and splatter  long before there is any distortion. Its like a great power amp but in your head . It has a vice like grip . Immediate impression was a solidity in the presentation that was jaw dropping good. Who would have thought it? Well here’s the thing,  I only used it on the first gain setting . Use the second at your peril . I used it also on some Senn’s 600’S and again same result . Ok Dan so it has power and oodles of it but can it do delicate. You bet. This was such a consummate all round performer that I was in no rush to write a review because it meant giving it back something I now must do . I lent it to my daughter to road test and had to plead with her to return it . . Are there any downsides?  Yes, and something I discussed with Oliver that I hope he incorporates, the volume has no lock function which means be careful and its not the slimmest of designs but still very easy to carry around . I can forgive these little niggles because on sound per pound it delivers and delivers. Sometime our ears can play tricks and of course after a few hours, days and weeks of constant use you forget you are being treated to sonic fireworks and take it for granted. Its only when you plonk your headphones back in without it that you know something is wrong . This is a competitive area and products have to stand and fall by how good they are . This is good , bloody good and the fact you can use it at home listening in your highback leather chair on your in house cans testifies to that . Highly recommended.

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