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Exposure upgrades mid-range ‘twenty series’ integrated amp: the 2010S2-D


Exposure2010British hi-fi brand Exposure, renowned for creating high-performance audio components with an impressively affordable price tag, is updating its much-loved range to add fresh features to meet the latest audiophile wants.

Currently being released is the 2010S2-D, an upgraded version of the classic 2010S2 integrated amplifier. Like its predecessor, the new 2010S2-D comes with six line level inputs. However, one of these is now a direct AV input with fixed gain, to enable integration within a surround sound system.

“This is a positively magnificent little amp.” said Stereophile.com of the original 2010S2. “Its tunefulness and timing are beyond reproach, and, among other things,it’s probably one of the most transparent amplification products I’ve ever heard at anyprice.”

As is the case throughout the ‘twenty’ series, much attention has been paid to the circuit design to extract the best possible sound quality. Special high-quality capacitors are used in the signal path and the circuit topology has been mapped with a view to keeping signal and power supply paths short. High performance Toshiba bipolar output transistors add to the amplifier’s class-leading dynamic range.

The power supply is a critical feature of any amplifier and in the 2010S2-D an entirely bespoke 200 Watt toroidal power transformer feeds two large reservoir capacitors to provide ample power for that unrestricted dynamic range.  To ensure excellent performance in all situations, cascode circuitry improves immunity to noise and ripple on the power supply rails.

This all slots into an attractive aluminium casing with an extruded front panel. The overall build quality, fit and finish are excellent. Both the front and back panels are graced with clear ergonomics and simplicity in features, with a well laid-out and  comprehensive remote control completing the package.

A preamp output allows for tagging-on of a separate power amplifier, in case you  want to bi-amp your system. Speaker terminals are doubled to allow bi-wiring. Finally, there is also the option to fit a moving magnet or moving coil phonostage  inside the 2010S2-D, enabling a one-box amplifier solution for vinyl playback.


Technical specifications

Exposure tech spec


Pricing & availability
The Exposure 2010S2-D integrated amplifier is available now in silver or black,  priced at £1,020.
The optional MM or MC phono boards are priced at £110.

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