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  2. I guess the problem is that surround is seen as an AV thing rather than HiFi. That might change if there is ever more surround available to be streamed. Quboz have a few classical titles available in 5.1 and broadband speeds are increasing so there is some hope. Just yesterday I was listening to Deep Purple's Machine Head in 4.1 with a friend. We were saying that it gave a different perspective on the music. Bruce Soord tries to make his music availble in 5.1 FLAC for pre-orders of CDs. That's a good sign so I'm cautiously optimistic. Given that Linn were in early with the DS playing stereo FLAC files some 13 years ago, it's strange they are dragging their feet with surround files. It must be possible to implement because Oppo and Roon have done it. It would compliment Exakt surround perfectly and give it another raison d'etre. I think Linn are missing a trick here.
  3. I don't really know about the setup abilities of anybody in that area. I would check with Basil Audio as they seem to support Linn pretty well (they only cary Linn, Rega and McIntosh turntables so they don't appear to be flavor of the month people). I have seen them at Hi-Fi shows and they seem like nice and well meaning people, I just haven't seen their work.
  4. That’s odd so did mine same reply I emailed LUMIN to see if they were developing one I currently use an oppo it can read files from the melco
  5. Does anyone know a good LP12 expert in northern CA (SF, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose)?
  6. And the fascinating thing for me is who would have imagined in, say, 1958 that an LP would end up proving to be a better archive than a master tape?
  7. Absolutely. And just to add that the upgrade comes with a new five year warranty included in the price.
  8. To elaborate on Jails explaination: The active cards are analog filters, like the passive crossovers used to be. Analog filters have an issue, with no escape: They shift the phase of the signal, so the timing is compromised. If you play a high, mid, and base note at exactly the same time, they will be reproduced from the respective chassis of your speaker at (slightly) different times. Digital filters can do their magic here, and end up with correct timing. This is what makes Exakt technology superior in the first place. SO is just the icing on the cake, and is especially helpful in problematic rooms. I moved from a log house with a large rectangular living room with almost 'ideal' dimensions (i.e. all 3 dimensions had different lenght, not multiples of one another) into a smaller L-shaped room. The problem with the leg of the L is, that all three dimensions are very similar, producing awful resonances. SO can help a lot, to 'iron out' these resonances, leading to more clarity in the musical presentation, especially at the bottom end.
  9. I think the collectablity of vinyl has a lot to do with it's longevity too. And I don't mean the 20 something who doesnt own a deck to play his collection on, I'm talking about how ones' collection is a link to a time in the past. Like a photo album of sorts. These are keep sakes.
  10. Well, that is then different from how iTunes on a PC works...
  11. Hello, I don't transfer stuff a track at a time, that would be extremely tedious. Multi-select allows me to select one, some, many, or all, of my albums, tracks etc. and drop them into the finder in one go. I can't imagine anything simpler than that. Chris.
  12. You think that is simple? I don't use a Mac but assume that process is similar to what you can do with iTunes. I don't want to transfer individual files to start with. I want to transfer albums, ideally several at the same time. Dragging files to the app in question would give me a list of several thousand individual files in a long unstructured list (at least in iTunes). I don't consider that to be convenient or easy...
  13. Hello, Apple does provide an extremely simple way of transferring files to the devices with the latest updates to the OS. You can now just open the iOS device in Finder, browse to the app in question, e.g. Flac Player +, and drag and drop the flac files to your hearts content. Chris.
  14. There are several players, however all of them have to circumvent the Apple Music app and as Apple provides no easy way to load music in flac format to the iPhone/iPad, they also have to find ways to bring the music to the device. Additional useful features are the capability to play music from a NAS when at home.or support of Replay Gain. So all apps have the same limitations or challenges, if you will. Foobar2000 does that for me, others may prefer more fancy ones. I'm a fan of Foobar since the early windows days
  15. That’s the irony of it all? I’m of the age where I’ve seen CD come (and go?), and SACD too (unfortunately!), and FLAC downloads replace CD. BUT the one constant of this whole journey of my life, is vinyl. I remain absolutely flabbergasted about how satisfying my LP12 is since recent upgrades. Music! That’s what’s it’s all about
  16. Hello, Have you tried any of the FLAC players that are in the App Store for iOS devices? I use the Flac Player+ and it works great playing my lossless flac files, and IIRC it doesn't cost anything to download. All the best, Chris.
  17. My dealer made an enquiry with Linn about this for me last year and the reply was that I am the only person that ever asked for this. I make do with 5.1 files played on a Roon ROCK NUC and output via HDMI. It is likely that true surround sound KDSM would be so much better sound quality wise.
  18. Yes, it really does work, and it stands to reason. If the music isn't there in the first place, no amount of better components, tweaking, space optimising, room acoustics, etc. are going to bring it back. @kelly200269 I'd rather own and live with your system than any other system in the world that doesn't include a turntable.
  19. I've read many of your posts in my short time here. Your recommendation carries much weight. Thanks.
  20. Definitely give Stan a call. He knows his stuff and is a very good guy. He will certainly be able to take care of you.
  21. It’s probably quite difficult to qualify/quantify as to what makes a great sounding system? For example, I own and use some world-class sources, but my amps & speakers are ‘basic-level’ Linn s**t. However, I couldn’t want/wish for anything else. I have no doubt that Akurate-level amps/speakers/Akubariks would ‘sound’ so much better, never mind Kilmax 350’s etc. BUT this system as it is just ‘makes music’. Perhaps Ivor’s mantra of ‘source first’ really does work?
  22. Sure, still I would need two versions or convert everything to ALAC, both options not being attractive...
  23. As no one seems to have mentioned it ALAC is Apples version of flac. You could use the software to covert to that. CJ
  24. A concert violin and a student violin will both enable a competent violinist to play a certain note pitch accurately. A good hifi system will reproduce that note pitch accurately. A great hifi system (very subjective term) will allow the listener to hear the difference between the two violins.