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  2. Quick question. Look to move stuff around in my room. One design would need a Exakt link cable from a Urika-II to the SDSM of about 15-20 feet. What is the practical length of Exakt connections What type of cables do you use? I have a Chord Epic right now but would consider something else for this length. Thanks
  3. It certainly means that Linn are not extending credit to ( some ? ) retailers. I know mine has asked for a partial down payment ( 50%) last June with the balance at delivery. To me this indicated that credit terms were short ( 30 days ) and the retailer who didn’t carry any Kilmax gear didn’t want to get stuck with it if I bailed given a no- risk deal scenario.
  4. This “pre payment” thing made it sound like Linn is having cash flow issues. The dealer nearest to me indicated this is a new policy. Doesn’t really inspire confidence. If the dealer or Linn goes into bankruptcy that money is gone. Not suggesting that is the case just Linn has very little to lose waiting until delivery to receive funds. Worst case they just have an extra item in inventory. Consumer really is in a terrible position under this policy. This is the biggest issue keeping me from buying the Linn system right now. Unfortunately I’ve had to deal with a situation like this in the past
  5. Yes, the Naim Aro is a bit finicky and has it's quirks - no overhang adjustment so cartridge choice is limited. They go for about $2000.00 these days if you can find one. The Aro is not a direct swap out for a gimbaled arm though - it reproduces music differently. Try and hear a comparison before you commit.
  6. Yes, I still have my OPPO 105, as well as the OPPO 203. ‘I downloaded the OPPO Media Control App 10X a few years ago, and it was very poor. Not well designed at all, and I just preferred using the OPPO remote control. The newer OPPO Media Control App 20X is a completely different animal from the old app, and is well worth downloading if you have an OPPO 203 or 205 I suspect it will fulfill nrwatson’s needs?
  7. I think Frankland was editor of 'Popular Hi-Fi' in the early eighties and they had the same upgrading page every month - Dual CS505 + NAD 3020 + some bookshelf speaker I can't remember. But there was no step from Dual to Rega you had to go straight to an LP12 (if you could not enter the ladder at that rung) or not at all. Back then the Basik arm + MM was 46 GPB (I remember, 'cos I had one) and then to Ittok, Asak and then various Naim & Linn speaker combos culminating tri-amped Isobariks. 'Hi-Fi Answers' (I think the same publisher, but different editor) followed that line too, though
  8. All my direct contact with the Linn help line pre dates covid , but they where all for trivial enquires , so much so, I was delighted they response as they did. Several enquires about used product I was interested in ( each time they gave me age and country of original sale ) to asking for 4 of those tiny rubber feet for my lp12 lid, which they happily send from Scotland to Canada. From my experience, they are stellar.
  9. Sorry that isn’t fair Linn has spent a lot of time designing front ends not to every ones taste
  10. Great read. Thx for sharing. It also contains some infos on stylus lifetime, which we discussed in another thread recently.
  11. Nice memories Tom. I’m sure that CF, and probably Paul Benson, also promoted this approach in HiFi Answers, which would have predated Hifi Critic. ‘troll
  12. If I remember correctly and unfortunately I’m not sure where, it used to be in konfig, there is/was an option to enter the max streaming rate. Maybe worth a look around to see if it’s limited to 16 bit. If you have an iPad with the Qobuz app try streaming to see if you can get a higher rate.
  13. This does seem to be happening a lot. I have been having a hard time getting the Stevie Ray Vaughan Wisconsin album that was supposed to be out in January. None of the companies we normally buy records for the store lists it. But I just found it supposedly in stock at a European company I have had good luck with before so here's hoping.
  14. I may have posted this somewhere else on this forum (then again it might have been on the old Linn forum). So I apologize up front to any it seems familiar to. I do not come to my belief in the importance of source first by reading or theorizing but by continued experimentation over decades. I have never found the hierarchy of a Hi-Fi to fail. An example from around 2001 was when a coworker said he thought the Linto "broke the hierarchy" in that it was so good that a Valhalla with Linto was likely better than a Lingo with Kairn MC phono stage. He had not tested this theory. I did and fou
  15. I can confirm, as a mainly classical listener, that Roon is a pleasure to use, and also often provides programme notes on the music. I can’t say whether it’s worth it for you, but I’m not regretting my lifetime licence (it was cheaper when I bought it).
  16. @Quasimodo I think your problem needs to be solved by the dealer who sold you your kit. I somewhat understand the search issue, however I’m not sure if it’s something to grind your teeth about. In a broader sense I don’t understand all the complaints about the control apps, it does what it needs to do for 90% namely starting your music. You can ditch your DS off course, but I would not want to swap free and free updates of space optimisation for fancy search options.
  17. The help line has always replied to me within a reasonable amount of time. Don't forget they are just coming out of lockdown, so have been working remotely for quite a while. Roon becomes a lot more expensive when comparing it to prices of used Linn gear.
  18. I pre-ordered an LP the other day to be released in May. The release date has been pushed to July. Hmmmm.
  19. Paul, buddy! You had the 105D before it! Before I bought my 105D I read lots of reviews that talked about the app...buddy buddy buddy...technology is your blind spot.
  20. I'm sorry to hear that Matteo, old man. I have to say, I'd be mighty annoyed, too. It's all very well using a federated search across sources, but you need to be able to restrict it to selected sources, too. I appreciate that we can try to be practical and opt for Lumin or Roon or an alternative, but it doesn't address the issue that Linn doesn't seem to care an iota about this customer touch point. Using Linn control software is an exercise in accepting futility or restriction, or at best, playing something through gritted teeth after swearing because you can't find what you're looking f
  21. I’ve always found the helpline prompt and helpful, but I completely agree that the apps are a disgrace and quite unfit for a used Sneaky DS, in terms of user friendliness, never mind for the new Klimax.
  22. A couple of days ago I converted my 212's passive, and connected them up to my MDSM/2. It was a very illuminating experience. They were placed on their ideal position and let rip using SPACE on and off. With SPACE on they were quite good, but simply too lean. This thinness disappeared when I turned SPACE off. With it off, a little mid and high detail was lost, but with the now untamed flabby, fuller low end, the sound was very enjoyable. I might even be able to live with them in that configuration, but I'll never know as I quickly returned them to aktiv to hear them Exakt in the same session.
  23. Not wanting to sound unsympathetic, but they did have a lot to deal with last year. ’troll
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