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  2. @Moomintroll always a dream to get and also a Linn connection as they used to do the sound systems in the AMs. @Chris 1970 I see the Nordost has moved up to the system part of your list, have you decided after home demo they are to keep then ?
  3. A friend of mine bought 520s after I had raved about them. He was waiting for a traded in KEDSM andbought a late Akurate Exakt DSM to tide him over. He got the KEDSM last week and found it to be far superior and is now selling the Akurate. I have run 520s and recently 530s - bothsystems were brilliant. If you can afford it and find one, Iwould recommend a 2018 variant KEDSM.
  4. With respect to 3, the Urika requires you to already have a Radikal as the latter is used to power the former. Also, if your happy with your McIntosh phono stage then diverting all your funds to the rest of the deck makes a lot more sense to me and conforms to the very well established hierarchy of the LP12 . With respect to 2, obviously sound is the most important factor, but for me the aesthetics are also important. For example, if something sounded a bit better but it was to my eye ugly to look at, then I would not go for it because the look would end up annoying me. It's all matter of degrees of course and in the end your view on aesthetics is only one that matters. With 1, the Radikal is definitely the upgrade that will have the biggest impact followed by the sub chassis. Buying either second hand will not be an issue at all provided your buying from a reputable source. Finally, I have no idea why I have gone 3, 2, 1 and no, I'm not related to Ted Rodgers ............
  5. Please Troll, don’t bring the car thing again!!! I fell in the hole in the first place myself Still sorry about that…
  6. This is the one to beat - Ended up with two Porches and an Aston Martin… I folded early in that game… ’troll
  7. My system is from 2016 and the proposed Klimax hub is also from this year. I will probably have to do a comparative listening at the official dealer. the Klimax is on deposit.
  8. Not sure really, not good TV when the LINN geek only gets 2 questions correct out of 20 questions asked ! Its up there with Quantum Mechanics in the difficulty quota.
  9. Now that would make an interesting specialist subject for Mastermind!
  10. Might get up to ten by the end of the day, after about 3 hours study of Linn Nomenclature history.
  11. Just for a bit of fun, can I suggest Meghan Trainor’s “All About the Bass”? I hadn’t even realised it was an upright bass until I played it on the KDSM/3. ’troll
  12. Maybe there are some bad vibrations between some of us. GUENSTIG may help?!
  13. The improvement you heard may have resulted from switching from CAT8, which you know Linn do not recommend for Exaktlink use, to what @Elad Repooctells us is CAT6/a, which is recommended. Just a thought. ’troll
  14. It is great to see another audiophile "top trumps" thread developing. As previously noted, with this one, due to the incredibly complicated LINN naming conventions (which has never improved over 40+ years) only the most involved/geeky members of the forum will have a clue what is being talked about here. But for the five people in the world who really care I am sure the differences must be life changing.
  15. Yes, I thought it was uncharacteristic and a little uncharitable, especially when claiming to be voicing the opinion of “the rest of us” ’troll
  16. I believe that @Flatcoat effectively did this, as he used to have 350s IIRC and has ended up with a KDSM/3/Hub and 530s and has previously reported that it was the best sounding system he’d owned. ’troll
  17. I believe the advice to listen, if you can, is a good one. If you are not able to compare and you are not buying from a dealer - then you would need to consider the 'vintages' of the two pieces of equipment. If you are looking to replace roughly like-with-like (date-wise eg. 2016 with 2016) then I would always recommend that the Klimax sounds better than the Akurate version and would likely to be a worthwhile upgrade. If you were replacing a later ASH with an earlier KSH then I would suggest not. It is also worth considering whether either pieces of equipment still retain any of Linn's 5 year warranty. This would be important for me if I were to purchase outside of the dealer network.
  18. I did predict we’d all have issues with this. The Next Generation KDSM is the KDSM/3. I assume the A/V variant is the KDSM/3/AV. The Hub is KDSM/3/Hub (IIRC without going into the loft to check the box) Nothing wrong with a little self promotion, Paul, we all do it from time to time, don’t we? ’troll
  19. Normally you're very happy to see others enjoying their systems & music and their enthusiasm about it.
  20. Yes, the Hub provides the Master clock for all connected Exakt devices, so in your proposed system, the Urika II and the Exaktboxes. While you’re spending money, you should also look at the Radikal 2 upgrade, which, not only, improves the LP12 but also the Urika. ’troll

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