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  2. Keep in mind I am on a fixed budget (and it is pretty meager). I have a pair of 5140's that I am driving with a first generation Classik. Would I benefit from more power, and if so what should I be looking at. Currently my only source is CD's and I am also feeding it music from my iPhone, but soon to be my Mac Mini. Thx
  3. I asked a similar question last year, see the thread https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/147151-your-most-favorite-album/, there might be some good suggestions. 2 albums that i absolutely love: Folk Singer (Muddy Waters) Couldn't Stand The Weather (Stevie Ray Vaughan) -> Tin Pan Alley really shows the capacity the LP12 has.... I am not in the UK but buying my LP's mainly on https://www.discogs.com which also covers the UK.
  4. I looked up Rhiannon Giddens which will be on my list and the Taylor Swift album also as I had read good reviews about it. Not sure about Paul Weller as I never got into him when growing up but never say never. Regards SBM
  5. Dasher Thanks for your reply. Useful insight into the possible pitfalls of the independent store. I have not brought any new to me records for many years so hence the question. I want to support local businesses where possible but cannot afford to many poor sound quality purchases. There is a big independent store fairly close to me so I will pop in soon but I think the Internet will be my initial port of call. I really appreciate the suggestions. SBM
  6. If your taste runs to Jazz then can I suggest that you take a look at the Blue Note 'Tone Poet' series? - They offer excellent quality mastering and pressing and the music is sublime. If you add in the '80' series which are in the most important ways (mastering and pressing) very similar in quality to the Tone Poets tThe sleeves are not as elaborate) then you have quite a range to go at - from early classics to not so common later releases. Good examples of the '80' series are the Brian Blade Fellowship or Lee Konitz 'Alone Together' albums - the music on both of which is easily accessible for non hard core jazz fans. The '75' series is best avoided unless you can actually see the product in front of you. The US pressings (which is most of the stock) are largely poor. Sadly, I buy off Amazon as new vinyl pressings can be hit or miss and the 30 days returns policy is invaluable in this respect. Often the independents (walk in) only have the one copy in stock (and all too often it can be one returned by someone else). Used, I buy from record fairs - which thankfully are beginning to appear again.
  7. Some recent shorter listens... Beach House - Bloom Matt Berninger - Serpentine Prison Paul Weller
  8. Excellent guys thanks will check out your suggestions. Do buy online or in person/store? I am trying to get a good source for new vinyl but am struggling to know where to look. Kr Seibassman
  9. +1 for ThomasOK's suggestion. Keeping to the same idea - a little leftfield (for the average forum member at least) is my favourite album of 2020 which was 'Folklore' by Taylor Swift. And slightly more mainstream is my second favourite album from 2021 which is 'On Sunset' by Paul Weller.
  10. I'm going to assume that you want something musically relatively new, as opposed to just new vinyl of old recordings. So my recommendation would be Rhiannon Giddens: Freedom Highway. It is American roots music with an exceptional vocalist and equally good music. Simple, enjoyable, sometimes haunting, always very good.
  11. I hope this question is ok here. I am getting my upgraded LP12 back shortly. If you could buy one new lp for your Sondek what would it be? I am looking for suggestions for a new vinyl record to help test it out (or a few records if the suggestions are intriguing). No style or genre rejected. Secondly where do you guys in the UK get their vinyl from? any suggestions for purveyors of new or excellent quality second hand records. Thanks in advance. Seibassman
  12. My other system is different from Linn. It is very much a BBC monitor style system with Chord Electronics Blu2/DAVE/Etude driving a matched pair of Harbeth P3ESR XDs. I can play CDs or stream music through its USB port from a Mac mini. I did try a μRendu, but preferred the versatility of the small computer. I can do some equalisation, but there is nothing to match Space Optimisation. Nonetheless I am delighted and often listen to it when I can’t play records or stream through my Linn system. i used to use Blu2/DAVE as a source into a KK/KCT, but when Urika Ii came out I decided it was the way to go so traded my KK for ADSM. This gave me not only a significant upgrade for my LP12, but also Space Optimisation in my lounge. So the Chord source was no longer required downstairs. Rather than sell it I decided to deploy it upstairs in a second system. Of course, I’d like a NGKDSM in the lounge, but I’ll need a big win on my ERNIE bonds for that.
  13. I'm sorry but "inarguably better objectively" doesn't exist in Hi-Fi if you are talking about the impressions of your ears. If you are talking about measurements, then it could measure objectively better but we found out long ago that measurements don't correlate to musical quality.
  14. Our views differ - I find it difficult to define these things objectively - in my experience it is more about preference. I have no argument with you about retrieval, but if that was my preference I would have an SME - for me that would be the end of the story. One big thing that the LP12 has in its favour, again only in my opinion, is that I find it less fatiguing to listen to over time. I certainly cannot say that for the SME and I don't know if it would be the case for the TA as I've not had the pleasure of an extended length of time with one. Also, I'm no audiophile, and so probably not equipped to measure something objectively. I do know what I like though, and I do know what works for me. The TA system is amazing, its just not to my taste and so maybe I do prefer the edges blurred.
  15. Did you mean the twin in series connected to the passive “bass boost” connection on the speaker? That’s the one thing I didn’t try when I had my 242’s passive. Crap one more thing to look forward to once I go back to passive. Adsm/3 >> Akurate 4200/3200/3200 >> Aktiv Akurate 242 (mark 1) Silvers/K400
  16. Sorry, but no. The TA is inarguably better objectively. If I were still in retail, I'd have the same position you're taking - "they're both great, whichever you prefer - but please buy one of them." If you prefer blur and less information, go for the Klimax LP12 and keep money in your pocket. (And a Klimax LP12 is already far better than what I have.)
  17. I've heard a full TA LP12 and do agree with you that it is impressive and retrieval is a big part of that. Is it 'better'? I would say that it is an alternative take. My view is that it isn't better or worse but different and will appeal to some but not others. It's the same, but on a smaller scale, with the TA or Tiger Paw Top Plate. The only non Linn part in my LP12 is a TP Khan top plate - I like it, but others prefer the springy bit of sheet steel. I've heard several Stack Audio bits and pieces too - and built some into a friend's LP12. Whilst again, I would say that they are good parts - and I didn't find the sub chassis detrimental (I was going to buy one (I cant remember which 'flavour' it was), but actually went with a Majik one instead) - they are different than the Linn parts. I have a Kore in one LP12 and a Majik Sub in another. The Kore is a bit of a half way house for me and in some respects I prefer the Majik. The Keel is where it's at - but it is expensive for what it is. Personally I bought a Kore just before the TP Akula was launched and now I regret not swapping at the time. again though, the Akula is different to both the Keel and the Kore - probably more along the lines of where TA has been heading, but I liked what it did (rare now though) - and I've no idea whether it would take a Karousel. It is as incorrect to compare the Stack products to the TA though as it is to compare either to Linn LP12 parts - they are very different again. Personally I'd quite like a full on TA 'LP12" - but only if I had a maxed out LP12 alongside it - I do thing that they are that different.
  18. Have you heard a full-on Tangerine Audio LP12? I had a chance to compare side by side with a full-on Klimax LP12; same arm (Ekos SE/2) and cartridge (Lyra Atlas). And while I'd long been on the Linn side of things, the Tangerine'd LP12 is simply better - it retrieves a lot more information in the same tuneful/musical way that a regular LP12 does.
  19. Not so much a secondary system, rather a system with a different purpose; that being 5.1 surround sound for movie watching. The screen is 10 foot, the projector is an Epson 5040UB, 1080p. I don't care about 4K as I prioritize color saturation and that creamy film look over detail. Too much detail creates that "soap opera" effect, and I tend to not be fooled at that point. That the whole thing is staged becomes obvious. At the heart is an Oppo 103D blu-ray player fed by an Apple TV, and a Linn Akurate Kontrol AV. The Akurate Kontrol (AK) does all the processing as it is fed bitstream from the Oppo. Center channel is an Aktiv Trikan (LK140), up front Aktiv Tukans (AV5105s) that served in my main system for 19 years. Rears are passive Tukans (AV5105), with a Sizmik 10.25 sub-woofer. For movie watching and for concert blu-ray discs, this system is highly adequate. I watched "The Book Thief" a few nights ago. The scene in the air raid shelter with bombs exploding in the background was really brought to life by the sound system, especially the Sizmik.
  20. Yes to Zee's and Mike's and McGillroy's comments, but I also ran away from the 2K'ed 109's (but have enjoyed, in small bouts, my exakted Komponent 104's), which you seem to be enjoying in their larger siblings. You could get passive Akudoriks, use your Exaktbox-i, and add a sub. This becomes a multi stage process, which may change the financial constraints? Don't worry, they (I'm only basing this on what my lesser, but relatively equivalent 212's do) do bass, so that initial step won't feel like too much of a step back. Exakt extracts everything out of them, just like your 140's.
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