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  2. Hi As BB1 states, the ADS(&M) and KDS(&M) do not share the same output stage design. The Akurate has no output transformer, but it does have separate XLR and RCA output stages (to use technical talk, they are both buffered) whereas the KDS has a single output transformer for each channel, then the secondary of that transformer feeds the XLR and RCA sockets, so if you are using the XLR, plugging in an RCA cable (to another product) will partially unbalance the XLR output. This results in an uneven Voltage swing which could impact on sound quality of some products (as far as I am aware, no Linn device would be upset by this) but in some circumstances it can also result in hum problems. One of my friends bought a KDSM to use with non Linn balanced speakers (ATC ones) and a pair of unbalanced subs (B&W) and it wasn't useable due to the hum from the subs; he had to return the KDSM and buy a KK+KDS combination. I wanted to upgrade my KDS to a KDS/3, but that would mean retaining the KK to drive my 350A speakers and 345 sub, thus landing me in the above scenario. Whilst I don't have grounding problems here (bespoke mains system with nice, thick ground cables back to a central point) I didn't like the idea of doing that (it's complex as I use a miniDSP to do the sub filtering and the room is 9 m long, so the cables to front speakers and rear sub are also very long) so I sold the KDS and bought an ADSM (and had it immediately upgraded to Katalyst) and it works a charm. I was slightly irritated when I discovered that the two RCA sockets are simply connected together. I was assuming that they would be individually buffered as my plan was to use one pair for the sub and the other pair for a small set of active TV speakers (for when the main system isn't switched on) but as the RCA sockets aren't buffered, adding more long cables would potentially degrade the sound to the sub feed. Anyhow, the answer to your question is that the Akurate and Klimax boxes do have different output stages and I would have bought a Klimax DSM if they'd added another pair of transformers, but of course the box is too small to fit a second pair in, so that was why I went down the ADSM route (as that does have independent XLR and RCA output stages, so connecting my miniDSP + sub will - under all circumstances - have absolutely no impact to the sound of the main XLR feed to my 350A speakers (whereas with a Klimax box, the results cannot always be predicted). Hope that clears it all up, Briain
  3. No David, I tried the *flacm ones listed here: https://radioparadise.com/listen/stream-links
  4. Which URL were you using? Was it the same as in my .m3u playlist, that is http://icy-4.radioparadise.com/flac David
  5. Linn’s label for this option in Konfig is misleading. It’s actually an electronic control of the output grounding. When I connected a new Katalyst KDS to my then Vitus RI-100 with balanced interconnects, the XLR setting in Konfig caused bad hum. Changing the setting to RCA eliminated the XLR hum. I raised this with my dealer, who in turn got Vitus and Linn to swap notes between engineers. I have an email from Vitus politely advising Linn that the default grounding in the DS design is not a good choice. My amp has since been upgraded to 101 level. The sound is still better if I set the DS “output mode” to RCA when I use balanced connections. Konfig is presumably designed with Linn amps in mind.
  6. Hello, David, this is very OT now, but you disappoint me because you don't seem to know the etymology of the word pedant, teacher, schoolmaster. The term pedant has a negative connotation, even in the English language. I am therefore surprised that you consciously refer to yourself as such, especially since pedantry is one of the core symptoms of obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (ICD-10: F60.5). But as the saying goes: self-knowledge is the first path to recovery. Karl
  7. Out of curiousity: Has anyone here tried the RP *flacm streams with metadata? According to the RP forum it works with Roon. I don't use Roon. I tried the streams hoping to see metadata in the Kazoo App, which obviously can do such a trick with TuneIn. This wasn't successful though.
  8. Just wondering if you’d tried switching back to your old cable to be sure? I appreciate if you changed all the things you listed it mightn’t be so easy!
  9. Hi, I also auditioned the Chord Signature Super ARAY streaming cable, but only from the GS108. A must have for streaming. The Blue Jean Cat6a was bland. Have now ordered for my UrikaII.
  10. The suspicion is always that ISP-supplied 'free' routers (1) are made down to a price and (2) come with settings that suit the ISP's convenience (i.e. minimise the number of support calls), rather than the user's needs. Routers that have to compete directly in the marketplace have nowhere to hide. David
  11. I did David, yes. And very good it is too. I have wifi all round my garden now! And I am keeping my fingers crossed the Linn stays online.
  12. Good news; fingers crossed that it stays that way. Did you fit the new router? David
  13. An update... It stayed online all day yesterday and is still online this morning! Hopefully I may be getting somewhere
  14. The surround module is required for a Dolby Digital signal over HDMI from a source such as TV that can't decode the signal. It wouldn't be relevant to playing FLAC 5.1 or 5.1 streamed from Qobuz via ethernet.
  15. The multi channel boards that sunbeam showed us the upgrade on his blog had a Dolby logo on them, and were developed by a third party were they not?
  16. Glad to see you are hearing a demonstrable improvement. When I started my HiFi journey and started trying out new things such as cleaner power, vibration control, room acoustic treatment, better network cables and switches, I generally didn't approach it with skepticism , but with an open mind. I let my ears be the judge
  17. I agree. I was a staunch skeptic before. And I still am! BUT this Chord/EE kit really makes a demonstrable improvement.
  18. At least you can find two retailers in Toronto on Linn's website But I suspect the fact of their existence / their address is old news to you.
  19. I notice the Konfig analog mode (XLR or RCA) does not have any effect, i.e. if you select RCA, XLR is still on and vice versa.