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You can send us an emails to any of the following departments:

  • Admin:
    Email = admin@hifiwigwam.com
    If you need to contact our Admin regarding any suggestions or situations rising from complaints towards other members or to report DVA (Direct Verbal Abuse) then please use the admin@hifiwigwam.com email.
  • Tech Suport:
    Email = techsupport@hifiwigwam.com
    If you are having some technical issues with the forum or perhaps something is not working correctly for you then please send an email to techsupport@hifiwigwam.com
  • Shows & Events:
    Email = events@hifiwigwam.com
    If you have any questions or requests to exhibit at any of our shows then please send an email to events@hifiwigwam.com
  • Press & PR:
    Email = press@hifiwigwam.com
    If you need to contact us regarding product reviews or press releases then please send all communications to press@hifiwigwam.com
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