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  2. So the DirectStream's replacement is rumoured to be incredibly expensive? That's interesting. I assumed it would be priced similarly to the newly released PS Audio SACD transport which costs Β£6.5K. Definitely agree regarding the DirectStream being as good as any other DAC. Before buying mine, I had the privilege of testing it against the more expensive Chord DAVE and, though I wouldn't claim that the DirectStream is better than the DAVE (both do things which the other cannot and present music in their own distinct way), I found the sound of the DirectStream more engaging.
  3. Yes very happy, sounds lovely with the P77Mg. Would have been even quicker if I'd realised the reason the the cart slid straight across the record was because it had shed a diamond (1st time it's happened to). I instead spent time rechecking the setup, luckily I had a spare stylus.
  4. You will be once you partner the BB3 with a Hana ML. 😊
  5. Love this album. Have all you Roger Waters fans seen the Lockdown sessions on YouTube? Absolutely superb.
  6. Have you heard of Yazmin Lacey? If not, she's worth checking.
  7. Marillion - Misplaced childhood Original Vinyl
  8. [2015] Steven Wilson β€Žβ€“ Transience [flac]
  9. Listened to this twice today. Really enjoyed it. Think I'll go see her live when pos.
  10. True! My first recollection of Demis Roussos is his appearance in German TV Show "Hitparade" singing pop songs in German (!), must have been in the late 70's, at that time he was a real "heavyweight" (> 120kg).
  11. Hi , It’s very lightly used and is like new , I have two , was going to use two cartridges but changed my mind , so really not needed .
  12. Doves Kingdom of Rust on Vinyl. 'Kin expensive now. Frightened to play the bloody thing! πŸ˜‚
  13. Listening to 'Rejoice' by Tony Allen and Hugh Masekela. Seriously cool jazz grooves. Thoroughly enjoyable introduction to Afrobeat. 😎😎😎
  14. Hi Martin, I am interested. What condition is it in? New, unused etc? Thanks Lee Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Using Kazoo Server on Mac, planning on a Qnap NAS once everything is ripped open to server suggestions. At that point I'll only be using Tidal or Qobuz as a means of trying new tunes, I'll still carry on buying vinyl and CD's. Had very bad experiences with vinyl recordings in the last few years, replaced a few of my very old worn out records with new copies and they've been rubbish. Never occurred to me digital recordings would be the same in terms of remasters ruining the original, since having my SDSM I've enjoyed music at roughly the same level of quality on Tidal, be interesting trying Qob
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