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  2. 1.🤣🤣 2.🤣🤣 3.bs 4 possibly 5.👍 6.👍
  3. Thanks John , I now have 2 photos , The one I did and the one you did , Unless you could not see the first photo , Cheers
  4. Today
  5. Debate? I thought the video was some chap trying to make out that his brand was better than others because it solved a problem that doesn’t exist, at least not in the real world, and in a rather rambling way at that.
  6. Yes the cost is irritating but ultimately worth it, at least for me, not that I paid as much as 3 1/2 grand for it. I gather other solutions are available, some much dearer, and some software solutions cheaper. Mind you, possibly cheaper than a top flight deck.
  7. Never gone above 12 o’clock. Input on each source is quite evenly matched .
  8. Yesterday
  9. Didn't ever hear the 570ES but I would imaging it was just a "refresh" of the 550ES. They are 30 year old electronics so I would expect some of them to require a service. Worth it? Depends on what the problem is and how much it would cost to repair. With labor rates in the US, I could almost guarantee it wouldn't be worth it, but you might find someone in the UK who can do this for a reasonable price,
  10. Josef Suk. A Summer’s Tale; A Winter’s Tale. Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky Cantata.
  11. Interested in the Nima if you end up splitting. Cracking package for he price so GLWS
  12. wHIZZY

    Iinnous mk2

    I really hope knot.
  13. I recently contacted Innuos Support to ask if the 320Kbps stream for BBC Radio 2 could be included in their prepared list of Radio stations. I received the following reply ""We plan to provide access to BBC Sounds, which should allow you to play in much better quality. Please see the feature request here and vote for it: https://innuos.upvoty.com/b/feature-requests/provide-support-for-bbc-sounds/ Best Regards, Nuno Vitorino R&D Director "" So if you are a Innuos Sense user and this feature appeals, then you may wish to vote for its inclusion.
  14. And oh great, your digital woes are over only if you are able to spend another 3 and a half grand on another box
  15. I asked a similar question last year, see the thread https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/147151-your-most-favorite-album/, there might be some good suggestions. 2 albums that i absolutely love: Folk Singer (Muddy Waters) Couldn't Stand The Weather (Stevie Ray Vaughan) -> Tin Pan Alley really shows the capacity the LP12 has.... I am not in the UK but buying my LP's mainly on https://www.discogs.com which also covers the UK.
  16. Just about managed my loudspeakers for £10k
  17. My usual listening level can be anywhere from 11 to 12 o'clock but some material is recorded at a lower volume, necessitating sometimes going to 2 o'clock (but If I took the attenuators off I would never get past 10 o'clock)
  18. Actually there is something in what tuga says. Digital is probably better resolution wise just as transistor amplifiers are technically better than valves. A valve amp dealer even told me that once, its just valves can tend to sound better and more life-like. Same applies to records probably, apart from the clicks, pops and the rest of it. Distortion or not it doesn't really matter if tonally it sounds closer to what our simple/complex brains tell us is real why would anyone stamp their feet and say its clearly not as good. What I have come across though since we all went digital back in the 80s or whenever, much of the listening to it can become sometimes tiresome. Perhaps that's why valves and vinyl are still around. People tend to change their digital bits a lot more than when things were analog as I remember it.
  19. that's not up for debate. The debate was set out in the video.
  20. Been playing around with volumio and it's crap. What's the best playback software for raspberry pi? Ability to shuffle or random is a must.
  21. I looked up Rhiannon Giddens which will be on my list and the Taylor Swift album also as I had read good reviews about it. Not sure about Paul Weller as I never got into him when growing up but never say never. Regards SBM
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