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  2. I have been using the Linn app of late. I never had the issues many have had with Kinsky, however imperfect it may be. For the most part, I know how I have tagged my music and which files it is to be found in. I never did take much to Kazoo; however I do prefer its album view to the Linn app. I did like PlugPlayer and have it on an older iPhone to stream music from my NAS to a Bluetooth speaker. I have installed Lumin, but am not fond of it.
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  4. When I last sold a house i owned , a prospective buyer positively ( gushed really) commented on my Linn system through his agent. I think he was appealing to my audio ego to gain an edge in the bidding war that came. He didn’t win and I knew my ego was in check.
  5. i just had the best apartment showing today. I’m a real estate salesperson in the nyc area and I was out showing apartments to a client/friend in park slope. (Prospect park west) We walk in and the living room has a pair of Wilson audio speakers. They look familiar but I’m not aware of the models but recently a dealer posted his pictures and they look Exaktly like his signed pair. Meridian CD player, spectral (power supply???) and all Naim amps. I was explaining to my client the weird arguments between Naim and linn when we walk into the master bedroom and there’s a beautiful pair of akurate 212 on the study desk with a NAD amp. I told the friend that if he buys the apartment we’re gonna have to ask the seller to include the bookshelves for me. I think he could tell that I was more interested in the audio than selling him the $1.5m apartment. Wonder if the seller is on the wam or this page. I mean no offense to the owner just compliments galore. the pictures are online from the listing so its no infringement to add them here since they are already public. Once again no offense.
  6. Bigman80

    Phono Stage

    Hi Steve, Looking good! Can't see the MultiFETs on your pics? Have you decided against fitting them?
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  8. If you have some and selling, met me know. LS1, LS2 or even LS3 are fine. About 3m lengths (speaker cable). Not looking for high end (LS5 etc) Cheers Marlin
  9. Wow, that's something to own. That's excellent. There was a good documentary about Lee Miller on Sky Arts recently. I have two books, one that I bought in the trade 20 years back, and then last year I found "Lee Miller's War" in a local charity shop - £2. My house is so swamped with books, LPs and CDs I haven't seen the older title for about 10 years now, by memory I think it's Thames and Hudson. If my health holds together I'm going to try and move within the year. Then I hope to shelve everything so I can enjoy my books a bit more. I'm approaching retirement.
  10. The Onkyo is a goody. I have heard it driving Triangle speakers. My only concern is the amount of power. So you will need to know the sensitivity of your speakers.
  11. @DavidHB Thanks for the feedback. We used all the parts supplied in the Karousel kit sans two of the springs. I have them on stored away with the original box so if we ever need to go to them we can. Also, the original install with the Kore/Cirkus was just over a year old. Currently about five complete albums in and happy so far. Good to read you stuck with defaults as well. I suppose most folks will I was just surprised at the values. BTW, Kandid will be next years LP12 update. More to come next week..
  12. A bit more before bedtime.
  13. Now definitely for sale, having equivocated... and come up with another cunning plan, and that's no reflection on its stunning performance, believe me. If you're reading this then you don't need me to point you to these reviews: I waited for ages to find a Classic V2 or Baby Ref with remote control and it does everything I expected: absolute transparency being the most obvious attribute. It's a real cracker. Stomped all over a couple of tube pre's, and we're not talking merely analytical detail here (no-one who enjoys that could possibly be disappointed); we're talking music, impact, drive. Quite extraordinary. Only when you hear this will you realise how much your current pre is taking away. The remote option added £1,000 onto the £6,000 retail price . This 2013 unit was bought from Jonathan himself a year ago (though not by me) and got a clean bill of health. It has 3 balanced XLR inputs and 3 unbalanced RCA inputs, and one pair each balanced and unbalanced outputs. It comes with spare brass controls, 4 XLR blanking plugs and a pair of XLR-RCA adaptors. See updated pics. PM me if you are genuinely interested please. Leicestershire collection but now triple-boxed so can ship (UK only).
  14. I'm sat listening to a £100 t-amp... my 300b power amp and valve pre are parked for the mo. Gets too hot in the lounge otherwise. I still stream via the same bridge and DAC just switched amps earlier today. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  15. I am still somewhat of a novice in many ways where valve amps are concerned, so my question may be stupid. In view of the heatwave we are experiencing (34c here near Heathrow and currently 25.8c in my living room) would it be the acme of folly to use my valve amps (pre and 2 monoblocs) at the moment or is it of no real consequence. I understand my room will get somewhat warmer, but is there risk of overheating the amps?
  16. Hi, I'm a fan of the Beyer sound and would like these please. PM me your details, Norman Sent from my SM-G390F using Tapatalk
  17. Just to ask what are you using in place of this ?
  18. t1no

    What do I buy?

    Just a further note ... there may be (don't know for sure) some audile latency if using these to play the same music simultaneously in two rooms.
  19. Hi Graham Arm is fitted and sounds glorious just need to take a picture. More fun listening tho
  20. Please take a look at our website for the FULL LIST of our products on Clearance/Special Offers - ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list ***** ***** ***** ***** Please call before travelling ***** Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
  21. Beyerdynamic T 90 Tesla headphones Superb detail, dynamics and spaciousness - a real high end sound. Over-ear / circumaural and very comfortable. Open back. Excellent condition and full working order. They come with a Beyerdynamic padded carry case but no outer box or additional accessories. £130 inc UK delivery.
  22. Another big thanks, James. I spent a few hours yesterday and today stripping parts and “gettin busy” with a body hammer and clamps to straighten the chassis. Its not perfect but it looks pretty straight and sits nicely. I also spent some time cleaning and checking over all the parts and solder joints before hooking it up to some old speakers and testing it........ working perfectly! After soak testing it for 3 or 4 hours last night I hooked it up to my La Scala’s today and its sound sublime!
  23. Lets say i take your advice and look at a modern amp, if i sold my sony i could prob raise another £100-150. Would that change anything? Stewart
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