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  2. SHL5+ with 282/250DR here. I upgraded from 202/200 which I had for 7 years (with SHL5) to 282/250DR with now SHL5+. As you said, the 282 is very good. I tried 6 to 7 amp combinations with the Harbeth about 12 years ago and the Naim sounded best to my ears and preferences.
  3. I've not seen anything like this before. Personally I wouldn't consider something that looks like this unless it's heavily discounted.
  4. Some pics of mine in cherry.
  5. Got a phone call from an old school chum today - Chris is a Man U. season ticket holder and he cant make the 12th Febuary home game and he has offered me the ticket. Checked with the daughter and that w/e is OK with her, so I'm putting the Wam Taxi back a week. Hope nobody is too inconvenienced and this does give others a chance. So travelling up the Friday (11th) taking in the game 12th, and back down Monday 14th. Jack
  6. I had noise and vibration issues with an LP 12/Lingo 1. The culprit was the motor not the Lingo 1 and I had the motor replaced. Problem of the noise on start up was gone as were the vibrations that I saw in the tonearm (another problem was the oscillation I saw in the anti-skate weight of the Aro.) This is early 2012 and all was well until I updated 2 yrs ago to a Lingo 4. So my advice, replace the motor.
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  9. I wouldn't use a WE for it, but actually a 300B makes a really good HT pass regulator for various reasons. See the rather lovely Puresound L300 preamp for an example.
  10. Thought it was time I posted in here. I had a CA 851N streamer for a while and enjoyed it, an excellent ‘mature’ sound, but it was just missing out on that bite on leading edges which I missed from my time with certain CD players. So, obvious choice was Naim (!). An NDX to be precise which I picked up for a reasonable price. It actually showed how good the 851N was with the Cambridge streamer losing out on very little to be honest. The addition of a TP XPS PSU to the NDX widened the gap a little between the two so the 851N was sold (to a wammer who still has it). Two years later an NDS appears for sale for around a quarter of the original rrp (£8300 when finally phased out for ND555). I’d never heard one but had read about them when looking into the NDX and liked what I’d read. The seller of the NDX had upgraded to an ND555 and it sounded stunning on his system. Apparently the NDS was very similar using the same DACs and analogue section, only the streaming module showing it’s age. So,A blind buy but at a price which meant I could easily move it on so I sent the seller a message. A few days later it turns up and what a beast it is - it’s heavier than a lot of amps I’ve owned over the years, sprung brass internal plates with floating circuit boards = around 15Kg in a non-assuming, rather plain box that looks exactly like the NDX. The NDS doesn’t have an internal power supply - the 55PS is recommended but have you seen the price of those?!! I already had the TP XPS I used with the NDX so was simply a case of swapping the over, inserting the blanking plug and pressing play…. Nope. The NDS powered up and ‘played’ files but no analogue output. I managed to get it to output a digital signal into a sound bar. I then spend days emailing people, texting the seller, having posts removed from the Naim forum (I’m a naughty boy mentioning Teddy Pardo on a Naim run forum….). I even got in touch with Teddy Pardo for help (excellent company - a long email chain at 2am between Durham and Israel - above and beyond !!). Finally, a remedy - I had three Burndy cables to choose from, the first two showed the same fault, the third wouldn’t even fit. So, back to basics - count the number of pins and select the correct lead. The third selection that would not fit days earlier actually did fit if I took the time to actually try it correctly. I love the sound of this thing - wonderful and exactly what I hoped it would be. Detail, bass, impact, dynamics. Unreal with well recorded live albums but fairly even handed across the board. I should have stopped there but I spotted an old post on PFM from someone selling the second TP XPS+ which meant I could split the power supplies for digital and analogue. So obviously I bought this too. I’ll be honest, it’s difficult to tell what the second supply adds to the sound. I suppose it would be easier to take it back out and compare it with running just the one PSU but I’m not too worried - the money is already spent and I’ve got the best sounding source I’ve ever had so I’m sorted now. To say I’m happy is an understatement - I work long shifts sometimes getting home in the early hours and the first thing I’ve been doing is get the hifi switched on. Not watched TV in over 10 days and onto my 50th album since the NDS arrived. Im sure there are better streamers/DACS out there, perhaps a few that would suit me better but I’m struggling to think of anything available on the used market for under £3000 that would match what I’m listening to now. Apparently, the next step is better mains fuses in the TP psu’s. I think not…. Thanks for reading.
  11. Musicraft's Naim Audio Offers List - Nait 5si Integrated Amplifier (demo/display unit) in Black finish RRP £1399_____Now £975 ***** Please call before travelling ***** ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list http://www.musicraft.co.uk/special-offers/ ***** ***** https://www.facebook.com/MusicraftUK ***** Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
  12. On a more mundane note, what about the World Audio Designed D'Appolilito (sp?) floorstander DIY jobbie. Use to advertise in the mags along with their valve amps (HFW?). Can't remember what they called it - some letters and numbers?* If my ailing memory serves, it was a Peter (?) Comeau design that was reportedly around 94 db/w. I once did a complete review (in my head, not on paper) of all such speakers that were suitable for my favourite type of amp -SETs. The LV Auditoriums ( e.g., Avatar, OBX) always figured in the list but there weren't many. Snells were ok because, though not particularly sensitive (90/91 db/w, they had well designed crossovers and were an easy load. AN having been the Snell importers, have since developed the brand and put their own name to them, as we all know. But there werent many of this type this side of the pond. The next step was a horn (mid/top) and direct radiator bass/mid hybrid and an external crossover, with valves on top and ss below. I still reckon that's a viable configuration for your typical UK listening room - best of both worlds. (google Volvotreter). Jack *WD25a
  13. Taken delivery of the CR-V today (thankyou Brook for the lift over there). The sellers were a GP and her husband - lovely couple, and they have kept this car well serviced (oodles of documentation) and it shows in the tight steering and handling. There's plenty of clutch left and the road noise (of which I had heard < positive reports) was really ok to my undemanding ears. Really happy with it. I know its just a jeepy thing but I like the looks.. The real test to come is our late Joolz's drive: I have the clearance which is undeniably a boon and we shall see if the 4WD system is any help in getting up the incline and coping with the terrain. (Joolz house is remote and the drive/hill climb was deliberately difficult as a security measure. Not only that, but you have mud to contend with in the winter.) Maybe I'll take a tip from one of the above contributors, and get some proper front rubber for it. What contributed to a fun buying experience - (OMG I love buying stuff - it was the same when I was in Retail and buying at the NEC Trade Fairs. I went bonkers, but I WAS a 'judge' haha.) - was that Brook and I quickly discovered that the couple were jivers, like moi. What followed was a run through of the terrific south hants modern jive venues over the last twenty years between 3 animated dancers, whilst Brook quietly and slowly supped on his milky coffee. We promised to keep in touch and meet up soon at a nearby venue. (And that goes for Brook too..) Good day. Jack NSM
  14. Be even better if someone can bring along a pair of the original KEF Ref 101 to make up a threesome comparison .. wishing you many hours of happy listening with your new purchase ..
  15. Well that is the way I work - but if you love single ended amps and single driver systems then all logic goes out of the window in my books. I totally agree find the speakers that take your breath away then match the amp (which is what I did with my Gales many years go but the amp has stayed through every speaker I have had since). But to chase a holy grail of single driver speaker that does it all is restricting choice to start with and I often wonder what is the logic driving the pursuit - but I guess it would be a boring world if we all felt the same
  16. You're welcome to come and visit, I used it with Tannoy Mansfields to very good effect and as coincidence would have it, I used to have a Luxman L550 aii before switching to Perreaux.
  17. True dat! tubes sing so different
  18. Very tempted to try on my tannoys since I am G12.... I'm sure will be quite different to my 20w luxman
  19. PLAY OFFS Absolute stormer of a 4th quarter between the Bills and the home side, the Chiefs. WoW! The Chiefs won in the dying seconds in a topsy turvey game that must have made nailbiting viewing for those playing on Betfair in running. Fine advertisement for the game. cant wait to see what Jason and Ose make of it on the Beeb - they are the best sports broadcasters available on tele, bar none! Jack NSM
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