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  2. Yes, it might cause both problems. The best thing would to see if it can be tried first. If not and it is an attractive price then all is not lost if you buy it and have problems because you could use some in line volume attenuators which are quite cheap.
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  4. I'd like to know if the Karousel will work with the Tiger Paw Tranquility?
  5. The Dark Knight - Live Bucharest Symphony Orchestra (J. Newton Howard & Hans Zimmer)
  6. Thinking of buying a 2Qute, and output of 3V exceeds the input sensitivity of my pre-amp(max 2V). Will this cause a problem like having only around 10 degrees of rotation of the volume control from zero volume to max ? Could it cause clipping? Guidance appreciated.
  7. Thanks for your replies, I am not sure I will go for the Linn. I don’t want to spend the price of the new one and the offered one seems not so great deal. I am also considering buying rega or clearaudio that offers cheaper solutions. In the end, if you are not ready to follow the upgradable path of the Linn, the Majik sounds an expensive solution for the sound quality it offers. I listened the clearaudio concept and the Majik and the Majik sounded richer, concept audio MM a bit too cold. But also, I had the impression that Linn sound was somehow incontrolable. Also, and to be honest, I am a bit worried about setting it up. It looks that is like winning the lottery, if it’s perfectly set up sounds good otherwise; people gets upset with it. That uncertain doesn’t give me much comfort - even if I have a dealer next door.
  8. You have an impressive system but on a diminishing returns curve hence the small but still noticeable by you difference between the Naim and your gear. Don't get sucked into spending even more money ... it seems as if you are quite happy with your lot, but just a bit cheesed off that the Naim was nearly but still not quite as good as your setup. Don't fret over it. As well as your intent to cut out some components and cables form your setup, you could loan (not buy) a £500 Bluesound Node 2i to plug into your amp and speakers. The sound of that will vindicate your purchases or give you proof that blowing big bucks on an expensive digital front end isn't worth it because, and I quote, "they all sound the same". Good luck!
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  10. The only problem I have with the concept of euthanasia, is the nag factor. You know what I mean - when your kids are young, you drag them round the supermarket and they are always on at you to buy them stuff. 'Dad, please buy some Frosties. Pleeease'. Well, when they get older, that becomes 'Dad, you're a terrible burden on the family. Please hurry up and die so we can have your house. Pleeeease'. The next thing you know, you're dribbling into your soup, telling some nurse that you're old and useless and don't want to carry on any more. I am only half joking. Edit: My kids would never do that to me - because I will have spent their inheritance on hookers and Werther's Originals long before then.
  11. Issue: Intermittently loosing right channel only when playing LP12. Symptoms: For instance, plays fine on Monday then on Tuesday the right channel does not work from the get go Swapped cables from left to right - both channels have audio - swap back everything is good until the problem materializes again. Can go several days at a time without the issue coming back Recently, the issue started happening more and now it seems here to stay. What I have tried: Swapping cables no longer works Dealer sent me a replacement phono stage for my SDSM - swapped it out but it did not help - problem persists Next steps: What would you do next? Spoke with dealer who is out of town. Might just try to do current promo and tackle problem at same time.
  12. It’s nearly midnight and I’ve been awake since 3.30am. Not a betting man, but as my lovely wife and I have been feeling unwell for the last 2 weeks and with all the associated symptoms, I’m sure we have the Virus. Naturally, our deepest thoughts go out to all those in a worse situation than we are in! On a slightly brighter note, we received our second hand amplifier today. I have been looking out (and saving up) for one of these for many years and sure enough, a mint example appears at the right time. Looking at the serial number on the box, this may well have been the very first Audio Note Japan KSL KONDO Overture imported into the U.K. I’m no reviewer, though may pluck up the courage sometime soon to post my thoughts on this truly AMAZING amplifier. Phew!! Tonight, having listened for 8 hours, I’m completely lost for words!! Here’s a pic. Keep well everyone.
  13. Yes, it’s certainly a ‘tech corner’ sort of subject! The three polar response graphs in the paper make it easy to see what’s happening, without needing to understand the rest of the article too much. The labels say whether or not the diffuser type is phase coherent and I wonder when you would want one that was phase coherent and when not.
  14. Yep really complicated, . Lol ... all as expected then thanks for posting
  15. Now that was a lot more serious paper than I was expecting.
  16. Many thanks Martin! Y’up, lovely amplifier and I’m sure it will find a very Happy new owner.
  17. Save the money and put it towards better drivers, caps or components or whatever. Personally think it's a bad idea wiring them internally with external speaker cable. Literally just throwing money into the wind.
  18. Hi Pete, I had some problems when setting up my new laptop with Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge but changing to the Microsoft Edge Beta version of the browser plus using LMS 7.7.6 got me up and running. Chris
  19. I wasn't meaning to sound like I was dismissing the views in that Spectator article by the way, with the doctor obviously raising important considerations. But there is a big jump from the clinical concerns to the lockdown being pointless, or indeed concluding putting any patients on ventilators is pointless. This is off-topic but I am in favour of euthanasia in general terms in that I'd like to have the right to be able to choose when to end my own life.
  20. What cable did you go for in the end Mike ?
  21. As Rab said, would start with -10db
  22. There is I suppose the possibility though that a vauxhall one might burst into flames when nobody is looking. A Tesla one would be environmentally friendly, but would probably run out of power at an unfortunate moment. I think I'd probably prefer Volvo or SAAB. A touch ugly, but would keep going no matter what. Kia ones might depend on their satnav, which experience suggests would be a bad idea because they'd end up at the wrong bedside.
  23. Well, I have an Aqua DAC and it came with a USB cable. And it is free, simply because some happy Aqua owners (I won't point the finger here) OBVIOUSLY didn't get one . And I don't want "to know about cables", I just asked a simple question and if it makes you locked in a meaningless circular debate, well, this is not my problem. I just thought this was a friendly little Aqua Owners Club , my mistake.
  24. I thought this was an interesting article about measuring acoustic diffusers: I’m a fan of diffusers and I use Vicoustic DC2s and GIK Gothams in both the listening rooms I’ve treated. When I was first starting to try out acoustic treatments I had never heard diffusers before and was surprised how much difference even a single DC2 on the back wall could make. Without any absorbers in place they increased the attack of instruments like acoustic guitars at the expense of sounding a bit too bright. I think you need to listen in order to get the right balance between absorption and diffusion. REW is a great program for measuring rooms but as far as I know it can’t tell you much about the effect of diffusers, which is why I found the article the first one I’ve found on the subject.
  25. Look I appreciate that this may not be any help and for that I am sorry . I use LMS loaded on Raspberry Pi so there may be differences . Currently my version is 7.9.3 which seems to be quite a long way from the version you have . I would suggest that you try and do a really good delete of your current LMS from your PC . Then do a new clean install of the most current version you can find . Go through the complete set up . When it comes to plug ins load Material Skin . Next time you try to access your LMS use 192.168.1....(your LMS IIP last three figures):9000 and you will get the material skin GUI . This is not only easier it has lots of extra features that are great to use.
  26. The earliest one yet to be/cancelled is scheduled for then... How much would you be prepared to bet on it happening? I guess Wuhan opening up again is encouraging but it will be interesting to see how that works out.
  27. Personally, I'd choose a Kia ventilator every time. Average performance, but a great warranty. Also avoids the ignominy of being identified as a 'BMW breather'. Or maybe a Vauxhall - a bit shit, but you can get a one year old used one for about 60% of new price. And you get to pretend you 'bought British'.
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