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  2. In that case: listening is better than reading. In these days it‘s a little bit complicate to go to your dealer. But you could order one switch for testing. The only problem is that switch and LPS needs 200 h burn in time (but only for people who believe in burn in time 😜). @DB1328: maybe you can share your experience with different switches?
  3. Vancouver has had an interesting history with Linn dealers. ‘We had Sound Plus as our Linn dealer for maybe 25 years, then HiFi Centre for many years, until they lost the Linn contract several years ago. So for a while we had no Linn dealer. Then the Sound Room became the Linn dealer for a couple of years. Then Linn decided we should have 2 Linn dealers, and reinstated HiFi Centre became a Linn dealer again. ‘In the meantime, I had built up a great relationship with HiFi centre, doing Space Optimisation for many of their clients, and then had to start a working relationship with the Sound Room. ‘If I am considering purchasing a new piece of Linn, I usually talk to both companies and then make a decision, based in cost, possible trade-in, consignment and other factors. They have both been very fair to me.
  4. You are discussing something where someone here has said that the statements of the companies are not true. But since all tweaker switches use a similar technique, I can imagine that they are more likely to be right than the statements of one person here in the forum. "Why does it sound better with a switch than without a switch?" Well, that's logical: 1. a switch is always present, whether as a single device or in a router. 2. almost all devices produce interference that goes into the network, mostly the power supplies. That is the purpose of a switch, to keep this interference away from the audio devices. - We also hear differences when we use medical power supplies. Does the issue of noise suddenly no longer apply? 3. Improving the internal clock in the switch - I understand that this stabilises the signals in the network. This in turn reduces the noise of the circuits. 4. an interconnected switch should simply decouple the connected devices and their interference signals better from each other. 5. the switch itself should not produce additional interference signals. Interesting is this statement that reminds me of the Klimax enclosure: "In contrast to the Bonn N8, the Omnia SW-8 has a completely closed aluminium housing without ventilation for better shielding against interference." Now it's not that I'm saying that the sound will be better but I'm willing to test it because some of the reasons I read make sense to me.
  5. Hi Alan,


    I have read you post regarding using a Croft OTL amp with you 63s. I have a friend who has used OTL mono block amps with his 63s and they sound excellent.

    The reason I have contacted you is that I may have some Croft 7R monoblocks for sale which  are his more modern OTL amps and will certainly drive the 63s which do dip to lower impeadance.

    I believe Glenn uses these amps to drive stacked Quad 63s!






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  7. I appreciate your input James , thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The Tucanas don't have on-board Dac or phono stage. The MKIII Pulse, along with the MKIV and the Quasar have the on-board Dacs. Also when I heard Dynaudio Audience with an Arcam A80 the combo sounded mismatched... quite flat and uninteresting.
  9. TBH there are nowhere close to well driven with the AVR400. I’m just using them for a bit of YouTube electronica DJ mix music in the background. I know you’ve been plugging the Tucana so I’m going to keep an eye out for one at a good price. Did the mk1 or 2 have an onboard DAC? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. If you're looking for a amp with grunt to get the best out of the Contours, neither Arcams will achieve this. The A85 is the choice for cohesive sound over the A90. IIRC the A90 was meant to have the P90 power amp which could be upgraded with a multi-channel module. Both these amps will be okay but I don't think they have the balls to really achieve what you're looking for. These Contour S1.4 are so demanding. Are they around 4 ohms with something like 84 or 85 dbs? I know I sound like a stuck record but a Tucana would be my choice. You can pick MK1 versions up for around £1000. How does the AVR 400 drive the Contours? This should be a good indicator given the 400 is around 130 watts with 2-channel. Hope this has helped a little.
  11. "enhances sound quality" over what? Over no switch? Then it would have to improve the signal coming from whatever device is upstream. I don't see how this is possible. One cannot say "enhances sound quality" in a meaningful way without saying over what it enhances. In my example, the switch would be added where nothing existed before, and it would have to sound better. This is the point where I would like someone to explain how a switch can be put into a network and sound better at the hifi vs. the switch simply not being there, and instead, just some cable with two fewer connections. If switch A sounds better than switch B, it would be because switch A degrades the sound less than switch B. If switch A sounds better than no switch, then switch A degrades the signal less than no switch. But this isn't possible, so, in order for switch A to sound better than no switch, then it would have to enhance the signal. This doesn't seem possible to me.
  12. That does sound like excellent service from Cyrus. Coincidentally, I've just bought my 2nd ever piece of Cyrus gear, a preamp/DAC not yet arrived. I was surprised how much I enjoyed my first piece, a CD8x CD player, quite a few years ago.
  13. I don't know which particular website you are referring to, but I am totally with you on this. What you describe is a problem that is by no means confined to the audiophile world. We get it from all sorts of companies, internet forums, newspapers and politicians. Critical thinking is something we need to use constantly.
  14. The hypothesis to be tested is whether an "audiophile" switch enhances sound quality. The best way to test that is to listen.with it in the network against some other switch as a control. The potential benefit of a different power suppy could be tested by the same method. The indirect method you propose of listening without any switch at all and attemptimg to make logical deductions from that has implicit assumptions that are likely to introduce confounding factors.
  15. If I go to a product's website, they make a lot of claims, then provide no verification for those claims, then proceed to spew pseudoscience, then my confidence in them to provide a product that lives up to the claims just wouldn't be sufficient for me to give them my money.
  16. That is your right, but I can't follow your logic in tarring all with the same brush. It's like saying I'm never going to buy another car because there are dodgy salespeople who tell lies.
  17. If a switch is no worse than no switch, then how can the switch be improved to be better than no switch? It would have to enhance the signal to sound better.
  18. But they lose me with their marketing copy. I just can't take them seriously after reading some of what they write. Like I said, they wrote the marketing copy with an audience in mind. I am clearly not that audience.
  19. That criticism can be levelled at promotional material from all sorts of companies. As I said before, they are best taken with a pinch of salt. The proof of the pudding is the eating - we need to listen before rushing to judgement.
  20. Coincidentally, I was listening to this very same cartridge model a few months back, friend uses this model with his Basis 2800 Signature and Vector 4 arm. It is a very musical combo and I think very impressive. The Titanium V2 is apparently not that popular, i think due to its reasonably close pricing to the Goldfinger model. I was offered a new Titanium V2 a few years back at a great price, passed it up...probably should not have!
  21. Clearance/Special Offers List (PAGE 1) - Parasound Halo Hint 6 Integrated amplifier (demo/display unit) RRP £3799_____Now £2249 ***** Please call before travelling ***** ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list ***** ***** ***** Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
  22. When I read the unverified claims and dubious science on these Audiophile product websites I think to myself "I am not their target market."
  23. As I've said, I've done this and could hear no difference. It is an extremely easy test to do.
  24. Hi guys. I’ve just got an AVR400 set up for movies and am looking at a good value 2nd 2 channel integrated that can shove some welly up my contour S1.4s. I have found a mint condition A85 or an A90 for $400 & $600 respectively. How would one of these fair in the short to mid term where I could add some Powers/monos later on? Thanks is for thoughts! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Tindersticks - Distractions Great new album, my favourite track being the Television Personalities cover „You‘ll have to scream louder“
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