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  2. They are big, heavy and awkward. They will have to box up Mac's pair and unbox the new pair. Even putting them on the SS stands is awkward due to the small contact points.
  3. The great thing about a forum is for people to share their opinions - the problems arise when people take umbrage over what is a shared opinion not a declaration of war
  4. Err, no, it's just a DAC, which is what you asked for in your first post and the thread title. You should edit your first post and thread title if what you actually want is an amplifier with a built in USB DAC .
  5. FWIW I demoed the A19 and Elex-r in the same session and the Rega was far more lively to my ears.
  6. Great book (P. K. Dick!), great series (despite being Amazon production...), great soundtrack, great retro album cover, great artists (Michael Kiwanuka, Beck, Sam Cohen ....)
  7. Aldi has closed near me, but their espresso beans were always good when I had them. Not the 'dark roast' though, it's bitter and horrible. All beans over-roasted make terrible coffee. Aldi generally carry particular lines per country (I'm not in UK) so it's possible they're better there. I go for milder roasts these days and use a cafetière.
  8. Thanks, Im not familiar with this unit. Is it more than a headphone amplifier? I need an amplifier stage to drive some speakers. Thanks so far, Paul
  9. FFS. You seem to have accidentally wandered into a hifi forum instead of PS. Please don’t further divert the thread by responding here, start a chat in the Wam Arms.
  10. Why does Mr. Shaw need a colleague? Is he not capable of setting up speakers by himself?
  11. If you want to listen to my Leema I'm more than happy to bring it up. PM me if it tugs your rug.
  12. I don't think the Altair G1 is anywhere near the same level as the options we are discussing, although I do think it's excellent for the money and that's what my SCM40A demo used. The Linn does seem to be getting some votes.
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  14. don't recall those on the lp sleeve or is it not what it looks like, Roxy music lp? I know what you've done. Mixed what sleeve pic with what you're watching, sorry listening to!
  15. Well if it was a modern appraisal of England it would be written on bog paper.
  16. SteveH1960

    Linn LP12

    I got some oak to make a new plinth, but now I’ve cleaned everything up, I think it looks great. This is the first time I’ve owned an LP12!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Thanks, it is suprisingly good.
  18. As Mrs Cno would say - That is what was meant to be. Polite determination often wins the day.
  19. I suppose she figured there would be scratch paper in Letters on England.
  20. Re Bigfool's comments - initially the LH channel required +2db to achieve the same output as the RH channel. (To explain: the full signal goes from the pre to the Marchand xover where it is split between the supertweeters (15KHz and above) and the mains (2 way Jantzens).) The Xover has balance controls.That was how we listened in that session. Subsequent solo listening meant halving that to 1db - where it will be for Jessica tomorrow. Also we increased the supertweeters' level to +1db, where, again, it will remain. Jack
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