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  4. I’m keen on the pair of 5692, can post to Malaysia? I got x3 pieces, hard to get a single piece 🙄
  5. Wow, this thread got full on pretty quick. My Linn history: Majik-I (LK version)+Rega Planar 3 > Majik-I/LK275+P3 > Kairn/LK275+P3 > Kairn/LK275/LK280+80's LP12 (w/ Cirkus) > Kairn/2xKlout+LP12 > Exotik/2xKlout+LP12 > Exotik/2x2250/D+LP12 > AEDSM/Exaktbox/2x2250/D+LP12 The 80's LP12 already had Trampolin II and Cirkus; I went from Majik PSU > Lingo 2 PSU and added Kore subchassis at different times, currently have Adikt MM cart. You don't say a lot about your LP12, but given you have a better arm, same PSU and probably a better cart than me and given my expereince as noted above, I concur with those that have suggested look at the amps rather than deck for $ value, 'source first' philosophy not withstanding. If the amp chain can't reproduce what the source is already capable of, then improving the source is never going to be the best value. If you like the LK sound, a second hand Kairn/Klout in good condition would be cheaper than most LP12 upgrades (new) and absolutely smash them for improvement in overall sound. I loved my Kairn/2xKlout (aktiv) sound and still miss it in some ways, but the detail and ease with which my current set-up plays is far better. The current Majik DSM would be the next step cost wise and I'm sure the pre-amp stage would be significantly better + you would get access to SO which is the equivalent to an amp upgrade in itself. I don't know how it would compare with the LK2, it is sure going to sound different though. If you listen to 'difficult' music, maybe the lower power of the integrated amps would be frustrating? Anyway, hope my experience helps navigate the other comments on this thread as well.
  6. It’s a Long Road (Dan Hill & Jerry Goldsmith)
  7. Clearance/Special Offers List (PAGE 1) - Monitor Audio Gold (5G) 300 loudspeakers (demo/display pair) RRP £4000_____Now £2700 ***** Please call before travelling ***** ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list ***** ***** ***** Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
  8. So has anyone plugged an LP12 into the new Selekt and is this a real improvement ? P
  9. It could certainly come across like that, couldn't it. The problem is, that this kind of mindset has led to a situation where those who are most exposed to danger are undervalued and dehumanised. I hope this changes. I cannot change the world, however I've been campaigning for positive change where I work. I'll keep you guys posted... 👍😉
  10. So why ever buy an new Krystal once mine wears out? Still think it too good to be true. Anyone partake as of yet?
  11. This site is useful, if you filter on UK in expired and sort by price you can see the dreamers at £750+ and some more realistic prices. (There's a couple of integrateds with a similar name in there to ignore).
  12. The second movement to the second concerto is particularly good, both in terms of playing and recording.
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  14. Like I said, selecting both sets will mean the amp sees less than 4 ohms in your 6 + 8 ohm case.
  15. Some idiot journalist writing in The Times recently said that 'most' people can work from home. A naive, insulting and belittling statement. Caring, nursing, shopkeeping, manufacturing can't be done at home.
  16. When this shit was first reported, I realised it had a different feel. Not like Hn51 of 2001, SARS of 2003 or the Swine Flu of 2008 or 2009. I started to buy a little extra, often. Tinned stuff, cleaning products and water mainly. And maybe wine... I work shifts and so when the Panic Buying started, I was largely ok. Except for the things I need to work safely; Hand Sanitiser disappeared overnight! Thankfully, I've found stuff I forgotten about... Flour. I felt emotional when I saw that for the first time in two weeks... Problem was finding basic bits like milk and bread. My colleagues and I would come back from work- having driven Vulnerable Groups, Carers, Nurses and Police to where they needed to be. And find fuck all useful on the shelves... To see items discarded; items that we'd collectively "Struggled like fuck" to find- if at all- discarded in litter bins days later was somewhat disappointing. Apologies for the rant. We're working long days at the moment...
  17. It's no big deal - I'm sure an electrician will chip in and say that nothing too bad would have happened to me.
  18. The Family Man, an Indian series tackling the serious matter of terrorism yet the main protagonist has two kids who are hilarious. It has been dubbed into English but you may need to also use the English subtitles. Stick with it for 20 minutes and you may enjoy it.
  19. I plead guilty to the purchase of my 4th Suggie amp in a couple of years 🤐🥴 ..... In my admittedly weak defence I have sold one and given another to family. Nige, was it you who suggested the obvious answer for a suitable preamp with balance control to front an A21ap poweramp was an A21 integrated? If so then consider your advice taken....The clincher was the onboard phono stage, which is very good on these amps. Now just have to decide what to do with the A21ap power amp. I have no use for it now but I always regretted selling the 2001 model I bought new.......
  20. Each to their own Dom - what kind of cake do you like? Without soundstaging or imaging music sounds - unsurprisingly - flat, like early digital. Unmusical. Boring. The latest MF Nu Vista is warm but has great attack.
  21. Certainly, the Mundorf really burns!
  22. Easier said than done is shopping just once a week. It takes at least two visits just to get the bare necessities due to the morons who buy up all the perishable goods then probably have to bin most of it. The amount of food getting chucked in the garden waste/food recycling bin must have rocketed. Before this malarkey one shop a week or even 10 days was sufficient. God knows what will happen with Easter coming.
  23. Are those the yellow or blue Musicaps? I have a bunch of the blue ones; I think Simon gave them to me. And I always use a high value multiturn pot as a voltage divider for LEDs. I've taken a liking to violet LEDs in recent years, so I pop them into stuff I'm molesting. At the moment I'm in the middle of adding a balance control to my type 26, as my room pulls to the left. Separate left and right switched attenuators, a la John Broskie.
  24. Lee M

    Time for another preamp

    No idea what that means. It looks shiny, hot and has thinks sticking out of it! Its got to sound good. 😁
  25. Hey, where can you buy 'spray pain'? I want some of that!
  26. Elevated section of the A8 autovia in Asturias. A8 skyway by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/s DPAGB BPE4* Hon LCPU, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 16-35L f4, 1/125s @ f11, ISO200 raw.
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