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    1. KJF audio Ltd

      We are a small business supplying flat pack speaker cabinet kits and custom speaker design. We are the official UK/EU Mark Audio full range speaker driver distributor. We can supply range of loud speaker kits using these Mark Audio point source speaker drivers, along side more traditional multi way speaker kits.

      We are particularly pleased to be able to offer an alternative to commercial speakers that genuinely compete on sound quality at a fraction of the cost whilst maintaining the manufacture of these kits in the United Kingdom.

    2. Ampregen Ltd

      AmpRegen Ltd is a UK-based restorer and repairer of valve (vacuum tube) audio equipment. We specialise in the regeneration of vintage hi-fi amplifiers but we have significant experience with modern valve equipment too. We use a range of high-quality diagnostic instruments to verify performance and we can provide technical reports documenting this. Our aim is to deliver equipment which works at least as well as it did the day it left the factory.

      Test equipment masked.jpg

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