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  2. I appreciate Agatha Christie's writing of these novel, but having watched a number of these dramatized versions, starring David Suchet (who's very good actor BTW) I just don't understand how a basic 'whodunit' story can be so popular. No matter where Poirot is in the world, cruising on the Nile, in Rhodes, London, including his apartment block... there's always a murder. If anyone was going to commit such as crime would you do it in close proximity to one of the best private detectives? Nah. The last 15 minutes of every bloody episode he always gathers the prospective suspects in one room. God, it's so predictable. Why does he walk like he's just s###e himself? What these stories need is a Colonel Mustard to crash through the door, as Poirot reveals the murderer and shout, "it was me, you dumb crud!" in a sort of Flashheart style.
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  4. The Ecstasy Of Gold (Ennio Morricone) R.I.P Ennio
  5. Clearance/Special Offers List (PAGE 1) - Tron Antares Signature high current class A headphone amplifier (demo/display unit) RRP £5000_____Now £3601.27 ***** Please call before travelling ***** ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list ***** ***** ***** Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
  6. I checked out Overland Express, and insurance is now 3% of the insured sum, i.e. £90 for £3,000 cover which seems high.
  7. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction of a wiring guide for balanced conversion? The connections will be 4pin xlr (amp side) to mini 4pin xlr at phones. The connectors I have are marked 1 - 4 on both the full size and mini connections, so I assume this will be consistent... It's more to identify which of these numbers from the amp will then become left + / ground / right+ / ground. I have a continuity tester to hand so should be able to do a final check but I assume there's a logical / standard convention for doing this.
  8. So definitely a cleaner sound then
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  10. Quick update, I realised I didn't need to do the measurements again to tweak the response curve so I just went back to the calibration stage and changed it from the default setting which was a rather steep falling line from 20hz to 20khz to a flat line all the way along (except one speaker falls much lower in the very low bass than the other, it seems to somehow base the target curve loosely on the measured response of the two speakers as there may be a hump in one corner due to the location). Now sounding very neutral as you'd expect, I've probably gone a bit too far but it shows that once I've got a good set of measurements I can tweak the curves and save to the amp in less than 5 mins, so I can see I'm going to have lots of fun when I've got more time [emoji3] It's sounding pretty good now I've got to say. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
  11. I thought about this and laid some copper pipe down underneath the kitchen units but the buggers still managed to get in. Copper tube outside underneath the air bricks but there are 17 of them, bricks that is. This last weekend I sourced some stainless steel mesh and today a few tubes of Gripfill. After a dry day I applied the mesh and Gripfill to 10 of the air bricks. Well this was completed at 21:00 and by 22:30 I found one climbing up the kitchen wall. Most likely stoned as the fumes from the Gripfill have stank the kitchen out.
  12. Ok your EAR 834 has the following spec (the original) Specifications: • Maximum output: 30V • Noise (un weighted): -80 dB (1HF) • Tubes: ECC83 x 3 • MM Input sensitivity: 2.2 mV for 1 V @ 1kHz (53dB) • MC Input sensitivity: 0.22 mV for 1 V @ 1kHz (73dB) Your cartridge is pushing out 0.4 mv which is twice as much, so logic would suggest that the 834 is delivering 2 volts to your preamp (same as a CD) .. if I have got that wrong I am hoping @rabski will step in and tell us the real answer. So most modern preamps would be happy with this on a line stage .. older ones not so much. As the EAR is such a good phono stage if i was in your shoes I would stick an attenuator in the circuit rather than take any other action .. now the question is do you put it between tonearm interconnect and 834 or after the 834 .. I am hoping Rabski will help us out with that one but a little voice inside my head (probably wrong) is saying use it in front to deliver half the output (0.2mv) to the 834 as that is virtually on spec for optimum. @rabski your expertise please to put this one to bed.
  13. You’ll need to include a pic, please Phil.
  14. I found it just made my system gel!
  15. I think it is generally accepted that our hearing is incapable of detecting sound direction with frequencies below about 80Hz. This will explain the effect you experienced. In 1990 or thereabouts, I bought a speaker set consisting of a pair of LS3/5As and a sub-woofer from Thomas Heinitz in Bayswater. My wife went to the shop with me for the demonstration (she was more interested in domestic acceptability than sound quality). Tom H. demonstrated the sound quality difference with the sub turned on and off, then challenged my wife to identify where the sub was located. She could only hear the bass apparently coming from the LS3/5As, and couldn't see the sub at all - because Tom was sitting on it! David
  16. I've an Audiophile Visor. The trebles are slightly veiled.
  17. If Linn 4.2.9 crashes, but Kazoo 4.13.65 doesn’t, it’s most likely not related to the regression mentioned in the release notes. Thanks to what Willem mentioned, my educated guess what the really vague term "certain nonlinn devices" actually means is "certain" non-Linn streamers. Obviously both apps are affected by the presence of his non-Linn streamer. Only Linn could tell if their cryptic release notes actually refers to streamers only, although saying "devices". Besides that, it would be much better to explicitly name affected devices known to cause the issue instead of writing "certain". In the context of release release notes "certain" actually means "uncertain"… Personally I can’t remember when I’ve seen the last crash of Kazoo on my iPad mini 4, but I’m seeing crashes quite frequently if using the Linn app.
  18. Isn’t there also some connection between Audio Emotion and Elite Audio? They are both in Fife, within a few miles of each other. Companies House shows Mark Cargill is a director of both, though it’s not cross-referenced as different addresses are in use.
  19. Do I just match the output impedance of the cart to to input impedance setting on the sut? I.e 4 to 4. Edit: everywhere says that's bad advice. I wish I listened more in electronics class in school.
  20. Another old Gal still doing it and before you ask yes has plans to tour later this year and next Siouxsie Sioux
  21. Thinking about this another way. Maybe the default 1:10 SUT ratio on the internal setting is providing too much gain for my cart. I could reduce it there instead maybe but I don't know what it would do to sound quality. I'll try my DAC when the XLR cables arrive and see what that's like. I wish I could actually find out correct step up ratio for my cart. It's done my tits in for years, the 1:10 from the hashimoto hm3s was ridiculously high. I could definitely reduce it internally. Hmm Even direct into the 834p's SUT I had to use -15db rothwells coming out of it. Surely someone can help me work the correct ratio out?
  22. Just my tuppence: I’ve owned quite a few stand mounts, both small (ProAc Response, Dynaudio Contours) and large (Yamaha NS1000M) and the P3ESRs are right up there with the very best. Just after selling my Usher Be-718s, I bought these by chance(!) from Ian (thanks! Nice easy sale) as I was about to buy Kef R3s but thought, why not, let’s give the Harbeth’s a go. They’re not perfect by any stretch, they lack deep bass, the treble is obviously rolled off, there’s a certain character about the sound but that midrange is a standout - it’s incredible. Imaging and speed is fantastic beyond what I thought was possible from a 5” plastic cone. Must be that sealed box. The speakers are placed, slightly toed-in, well into the room - 2ft from the wall and 5ft from me...
  23. You really do not want to start this but here goes , rather than albums lets just do a list of artists and you can then find those and see what it is available . I bought a CD today for 00.03 p and £1.26 postage so do not give up looking . Salif Keita , Fela Kuti , Femi Kuti , Wasa Diop , Baba Maal , Ali Faka Toure , Tinarawen , Radio Tarifa , Idan Rachiel , Ofra Haza , Osibisa , Ruben Gonzalez , Compay Segundo , Mano Chao , Les Negresse Vertes , Gogol Bordello , Denge Fever , Dennis Bouvell (AKA Blackbeard) , Mighty Diamonds , Toots and the Maytals , Mouth Music , Ethiopiques (compilation of Ethiopian Jazz from 70/80's ) , 9 Bach , Achanak , Afel Bocum , Africando,Afrodizz , Augustus Pablo . This could go on for pages but will stop here and let you work through some of these and see if you like any of them.
  24. Nice one they really are good speakers. Incidentally mine are on eBay now as I've got the Amphions in the main system. But if they don't sell they'll be going in the second system. Sent from my HRY-LX1 using Tapatalk
  25. Yes yada yada yada but what does it sound like ?
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