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  4. How dare you???!!! And the Chinese got blamed 😳 😂🤣😂🤣
  5. Capacitance and inductance are opposite sides of the same coin in a cable. If one increases then the other decreases. In this case, even with the best test equipment, there are so many uncontrolled variables, that measurement differences would be impossible.
  6. I guess the problem is that surround is seen as an AV thing rather than HiFi. That might change if there is ever more surround available to be streamed. Quboz have a few classical titles available in 5.1 and broadband speeds are increasing so there is some hope. Just yesterday I was listening to Deep Purple's Machine Head in 4.1 with a friend. We were saying that it gave a different perspective on the music. Bruce Soord tries to make his music availble in 5.1 FLAC for pre-orders of CDs. That's a good sign so I'm cautiously optimistic. Given that Linn were in early with the DS playing stereo FLAC files some 13 years ago, it's strange they are dragging their feet with surround files. It must be possible to implement because Oppo and Roon have done it. It would compliment Exakt surround perfectly and give it another raison d'etre. I think Linn are missing a trick here.
  7. Nice to see a mention of Serge who I much enjoyed meeting at the 2016 Wam Show. Yes, he did take quite an extremely objective view and he could get a bit frustrated but mostly he was polite in his answers. That was the point, he didn't just troll his views with statements, questions and links, but backed up his views with a wealth of knowledge which informed his views and answers, and was an invaluable resource for anyone with a technical question. Oh that some of his imitators could, let alone do the same thing.
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  9. It's disappointing how many hi-fidelity speakers there are with low fidelity bass because they have small drivers in slimline ported boxes.
  10. I gave up on Brit speakers 10 year ago. Couldn't find any that I'd want to keep and listen to in my home, at a price I'd be happy to pay. One man's meat is another man's poison . One thing about American speakers, is that they don't make them like they used to. Or if they do - eg Great Plains Audio - they don't make them at a price that's competitive with used off ebay.
  11. Final decision reached - the P3ESR's are definitely keepers. The PMC DB1's were excellent speakers but to my ears the P3's add something very special on the end of the Ruby's. I wish I was on furlough or retired as all I want to do with every waking hour is listen to music
  12. The thicker the cable the more electrons that can flow through ..
  13. I don't really know about the setup abilities of anybody in that area. I would check with Basil Audio as they seem to support Linn pretty well (they only cary Linn, Rega and McIntosh turntables so they don't appear to be flavor of the month people). I have seen them at Hi-Fi shows and they seem like nice and well meaning people, I just haven't seen their work.
  14. Yes, when I changed to active speakers, it was the biggest improvement in SQ, that I have ever had, in this mad/wonderful, hobby of ours. I have not heard a pair of your speakers, but I have always enjoyed the Adam speakers I have. Building my own speakers, I have always found sealed cabinets easier, and more forgiving to design, and put together, and the bass, although not necessarily the deepest, always sounds right to my ears.
  15. Thought I would post the end result of this thread. It may seem an unlikely match between an all singing dancing modern pre and the firmly 20th century Sugden power amp. But the two complement each other perfectly. The rich airy Sugden sound is given some real scale and drive by the Parasound P5. The healthy 7v max voltage gives plenty of gain for the A21 and it has really woken up the Ls 3/5a. And the connectivity has all sources covered. Onboard Burr Brown DAC via Toslink, coax and USB. A switchable MM/MC phono stage, defeatable tone controls and a balance pot which is essential for the very off-centre listening location in my office. The DAC and MM phono stage are both excellent so no extra boxes needed to accommodate all the sources. The Pioneer 904 has been transformed using it as a transport via coax digital coax output using a decent Supra Trico cable I bought years ago. At last, CD sounds involving 😃. I have been using the trusty SBT via an analogue input but will be trying the onboard DAC via the Toslink shortly. It even looks the part, despite being superseded in 2018, it has a real 90s aesthetic so fits right in. Who said 'black and boring'..... 😎 A disclosure, this is no ordinary P5 as it has had many of the key caps and resistors replaced with good quality components, in place of the usual cents worth items found in a typical mass produced product. So it sounds sublime, revealing but not forward and much more transparent and open.
  16. There were actually electrical reasons for the original design that you will have altered by the change you've made there (capacitance and inductance will probably both have increased I think). I doubt you'll notice a difference but I think it's worth pointing out in case others think of copying you.
  17. Been a while since I have watched it but it highlighted how certain low levels of distortion are objectionable while other, much higher levels, are reasonable benign. It does tie in nicely with other recent threads where measurements have been introduced to the equation. It highlights that just because distortion measurements are minuscule, we should not always discount them while also saying that just because distortion measurements are extremely high we can’t always hear them.
  18. I would suggest that the important part is the 'active' bit. The control that active drive brings to the bass driver is, for me crucial. My own active speakers are very simple, two small chassis 5 inch drivers, 4 inch cones, each driven by 50 watt amplifiers. The drivers are in the same enclosure which has two rear facing ports, no idea what Adam have done but the integration of driver, enclosure and tuning is spot on. For what is a pretty small speaker the bass is good down to 50hz, more importantly it is totally under control. On a lot of material, adding a sub is marginal at best.
  19. That’s odd so did mine same reply I emailed LUMIN to see if they were developing one I currently use an oppo it can read files from the melco
  20. I remember seeing a rather devine looking wooden faced CD player by Holfi many years ago. I think it was called a Xaurus or something similar? There was also matching amplification. Did anyone ever buy one of these devices? Where are Holfi now?Hands up Holfi owners.
  21. With regard to the speed of the rip then if as you do with DbPoweramp you compare the digital data with other digtal rips already stored and they signify it is a digital accurate rip then the speed is irrelavant accept for the time taken . It used to be stated that the only way to seriously rip a CD was to rip it in real time as anything faster lost information . If you seriously want to make a CD rip that lasts 37 - 76 minutes then please feel free . However the reality is that the file you rip when checked data bit for data bit is exactly the same as the one ripped at 32 times speed then you afre just wasting your own time. This is yours to waste so feel free to continue. As regards streamers if you feel and believe that an expensive streamer sounds better and makes your music match your CD then go ahead and buy one . My view is that every streamer I have listened to to date (and I freely admit this is nothing like all of them) has been identical in sound to both an SBT and Raspberry Pi 4 used as server only . You may hear things differently I have tried and I do not so I will continue is ignorant bliss and buy more music.
  22. Err... Isn't this the dac thread?
  23. *looks at camera* I swear 99% of hifi is how it looks
  24. Does anyone know a good LP12 expert in northern CA (SF, Palo Alto, Mountain View, San Jose)?
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