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    Ten years ago I decided to build my own turntable. I had always wanted a Nottingham analogue Hyperspace, but back then funds would not allow. So I decided on a heavy Aluminium platter which I turned in 2 pieces and then bolted together from underneath around the outside edge to give extra weight and momentum, the total weight is 9kg. I also turned a phosphorus bronze bearing, which the platter would sit upon, a ball-bearing was placed in the sleeve for the spindle to turn on. I had decided to buy a separate motor pod and controller in kit form, which really just involved some soldering for the control board and putting together, I had also decide to use fishing line as the belt. All good so far, and now the plinth. I decided to use a dense hardwood, and was recommended lroko, so I bought some that was55mm thick, and the appropriate size to fit the platter, and arm, on. After blunting a couple of drill bits, drilling the holes (it really is a dense and hard wood) for bearing sleeve, and arm board. I had an Origin Live Illustrious for arm duties, so I was now ready to assemble all the parts and see if we had a working TT. I used 50mm sorbothane hemispheres for feet. Well to my amazement it all worked as it should, and just like the Nottingham decks, you had to push start the platter before switching on the motor, due to the weight of platter! How did it sound? Well suffice to say, soundwise the best deck I have ever owned. I ran this for 5 years, and then it just stopped running properly, I have a few TT's, so I put a Technics 1210 into service, and put this on a shelf, where it has stayed for the last few years, till yesterday. I had always assumed the motor had given up the ghost, due to the weight of the platter, and that I would need to source a better one. So yesterday I dismantled the motor pod, to familiarise myself with the motor specifications. Anyway I tested the motor and found it to be fine, but it would not run up to speed or keep a constant speed when In circuit. Well a pleasant surprise ensued ,when I replaced the 2 trim pots in the controller, and all was well again, result £4 for parts! I decided to change the oil in the bearing, and treat the old girl, to some new fishing line, 2lb breaking strain if you are interested 😊. Set her up with a Goldring1006 cartridge, well all can say is wow she is as good, if not better then I remember.
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    I spoke with DavidHB just now, and he has been recovering from Covid for the last month or so, since around Christmas. He asked me to post something on the forum and let people know. ‘Fortunately, he did not have any respiratory symptoms ‘He has little energy to write on the forum at the moment, but sends his regards to everyone and let them know he is on the mend, and wishes he could participate. Perhaps we could send him well wishes and a quick recovery. ‘All the best, stay safe and healthy everyone.
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    I always find the term high end misleading .To some one earning 20 grand a year with rent or a mortgage high end is a system of 2 grand If your earning 50 grand plus and your mortgage is paid then a 10 grand system is high end If your'e a premier league footballer ,who knows youv'e just got to love music at the end of the day to justify any outlay And it also comes down to what you've heard before , I've always believed that what was termed high end in the 60s and 70s is still high end today . I grew up listening to the likes of quad ,Luxman and Tannoy when my contemparies were listing to their dansettes .The tannoy Buckinghams take some beating even with the esoteric stuff of today but at a fraction of the cost , Just because its in a nice looking package of machined billets of aluminium and zebra wood which is a large part of costs doesn't neccesarily mean you get a better sound in relation to costs Chosen wisely even moderate equipment can sound fabulous , its the sum of the parts that produces the music not individual components.
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    Yazoo - Upstairs at Erics Vinyl
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    Update New A21a sig and PA-4 phonostage. All I can say is wow with the PA-4 utterly amazing, I cannot stop smiling. You really do not have to spend loads more on amps to get a really satisfying sound. I’ve done that and invested again in the A21a, get the balance right in your system and be prepared to be rewarded
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    [1970] Simon and Garfunkel ‎– Bridge Over Troubled Water [flac]
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    The search is over! 😬 There is currently a spanking new pair of walnut Harbeth Super HL5 Plus 40th Anniversary making its way to me. I also went crazy and bought ex-display Tontraeger Reference stands. 🥴
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    [1995] Paul Weller ‎– Stanley Road [flac]
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    Apologies, I had to do jobs! Cue lots of comments about the sloping ceiling 😉
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    Led Zeppelin - 1V Original Vinyl
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    \o/ We're having our first jab tomorrow. More accurately, Mrs. P is but because I'm her carer and have carer's details they should do me as well. Never felt more happy to have an injection.
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    [1977] The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot [flac]
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    Original vinyl another excellent recording on A&M .
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    Neighbours out... so volume up... [1971] The Who ‎– Who's Next [2015 remastered/reissued 180g LP]
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    [1977] Electric Light Orchestra ‎– Out Of The Blue [2007 remastered/reissued CD]
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    Without doubt one of my favourite 90s albums. Fantastic tracks from two gifted brothers.
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    Can't be listening to 80s music without Kate! MQA
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    I find it astonishing how we differ in how we perceive the sound of equipment. I had a pair of headphones that were unbearably bright. Someone else on here described them as "lush". I recently did a DAC px with Ric Tuga. I've deliberately avoided posting on his "I love my new DAC" thread because we have totally opposite views of what each DAC sounded like! I've no idea what Tim's ARC monos sound like - I feel sure they are very good - but I'm sitting here now listening to a Quad 306 power amp, even humbler than a 606 - and I think it sounds wonderfully realistic. Honestly, it's all totally subjective and personal. You just have to hear stuff for yourself and make up your own mind.
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    John Martyn - Solid air (Abbey Road half speed master) Vinyl
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    Dire Straits - Dire Straits Vinyl
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    Been waiting for the bearing oil to reach optimum audiophilia temperature
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    Hawkwind - Doremi Fasol Latido CD over headphones
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    Hi Everyone, who are still interested in IAS speakers. I can confirm that I am back designing new models and Carl Beckwith and I are re-launching the Beaulieu 40 R as a 40th anniversary version. I am refining the special loaded horn that I developed way back in 1979 with my late Partner Alan Willis and we launched the Beaulieu in 1980 at the Cunard HiFi show in London. We have spent the past year obtaining original Volt Bass units, now made exclusively for our specs. They are better finished and have tweaks, that make them sound even better in our special loading. We are using the newer version of the SEAS midrange and our top model will feature the Acuton Ceramic tweeter and all Duelund crossover components and are being housed in a specially made stand, so that the crossover cannot add any micro-phony to the music. Another version will use a Scanspeak Soft Dome HF unit and Mundorf crossover components. It was a difficult year getting all this sorted because of lock-down, with Carl living in Essex and me living in Shropshire. However my conservatory is now like a shed and is being used for testing my latest designs, whilst Carl gets on improving the Beulieu, keeping me informed of every move he makes by endless phone calls and of course emails. I have also found an amazing couple of Paper cone drive units with the right resonant frequency for my cabinet designs and one is a 5" and the other is 6" and I am using a ceramic dome in one of them. As I was out of the HiFi loop for so long, it took a while to find my HiFi legs again. However with Carl's help I have now discovered Sonus Connect and an amazing Vintage Amplifier that Carl recommended the Kenwood KA-801, which as he says is incredible. He uses a Benchmark himself, but I have a lot of catching up to do . Many thanks to Heathcliff 2 by the way, seeing those drawings has brought all that designing back to me I would be so grateful to hear from you via my zappertek dot com site. Fortunately I have the design in my head and I have done some recent drawings and am able to modify for various sizes and Drive units. Heathcliff 2, you may like to know, that your Dad's name will appear on the Aluminium back panel that is fixed to the Crossover box on the very latest design. It would be good if you had any photo's of him, as Carl is going to do a write up on the History of IAS. This is part of the information that is going on the back of the Cabinets: High resolution loudspeaker system realised and elaborated by Carl Beckwith in collaboration with David Hall, co-founder of Integrated Audio Systems, Southampton, England, to an original design concept between David Hall and fellow IAS partner and co-design engineer, Alan Willis (late) in 1980 Many regards and take Care David
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    Cockney Rebel - The Psychomodo LP
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    After a year of lockdown I couldn't wait any longer, and a pair of these turned up today. Very happy so far! Distressed oak, look awesome, and sound superb connected to the sugden ia4. Currently sat about 10 inches from my back wall very slightly toed in. Even the other half is happy becaude they aren't taking up the whole room and "look very nice"
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    All of this falls into the trap of assuming that because something costs more then it must be better, and the only discussion is how much better. I've heard plenty of very expensive stuff that I wouldn't buy even if I could justify it, and plenty of relatively lower cost stuff that I think easily betters it. On the other hand, the best speakers and amplifiers I have ever heard cost more than a small Caribbean island.
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    Well it’s hardly a comparison with ARC Mono amps is it? Anyway it’s all about system synergy when reviews are done, they are based on what your paying for at the given price. Many £200 can overlap say a £400 amp. What made you think your £200 amp was as good as a £2000 well sorted amp? I can think of many on this forum who have vast experience of many amps including the Quad and I’m sure they wouldn’t make it up
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    Just received my big bottle mk3 today in felixstowe. It was securely double boxed. And arrived unscathed. When I opened the 2nd box, I just went wow This thing is big and beautiful. The brushed aluminium panels are beautifully and meticulously finished. Most main stream hifi companies, don't make stuff that looks half as beautiful. The build is immaculate. It will certainly not feel embarrassed sitting next to my esoteric CD player It is that beautiful to grace upon. Very happy in the end. A big thanks to @radiant redand @Bigman80 for making this happen
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    Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? This is a great album, competing up there in my preferences with "Tales of The Inexpressible" Somehow, after these two it seemed to go downhill. Not badly, but noticeably so. IMO YMMV etc. Got them all anyway.
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    Loving 1.8 so far. Very different from 1.7, but a joy to use
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    From postman's hands via anti bacterial wipes to turntable in less than 5 minutes . That's a record
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    It would be all too easy for the money spend to get seriously out of control, so I have an annual nett spend budget agreed with the Mrs that I don't exceed without prior agreement. ... although, bless her, she's never been known to say No. But it does provide a useful pause-for-thought mechanism for high cost stuff.
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    As a slightly off topic point, forget any of the online 'hearing tests', because computer sound cards and the like are uttery useless at higher frequencies. In the link in the first post, the test tone at over 17KHz using headphones directly from either my PC or a netbook actually produces a complex tone that is a lower frequency than the 12KHz tone. Most inbuilt sound cards and motherboard sound processors fall to bits at much over 10KHz and produce a load of harmonics at odd frequencies. If you want to check your hearing (and you should), book an appointment with a proper hearing centre. WRT frequencies, I've been lucky with my genes and at 65 years I can still manage a shade over 13KHz in one ear and nearly 15KHz in the other. However, it's dropped notably over the last few years. I suspect a lot of the 'atmosphere' and perceived space in recordings is down to the higher frequencies, but as James suggests, I reckon most of the actual difference is caused by interractions that have a direct effect at lower frequencies. None of it is going to make much difference to the enjoyment of music mind you. Only violins and the human voice have higher-order harmonics that go above 15KHz and even a piccolo doesn't go above around 4KHz in fundamental frequencies.
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    Lockdown box swapping/buying madness continues. Plugged direct into Node 2i. Tried crossover in Node and on subwoofer, not sure what's best yet. Will go in final position tomorrow once spikes and shoes added. Seriously considering some SVS soundpath feet as well. Gone from old Naim Uniti via Naim pre power and Linn Majik DSM with Focal speakers to Node 2i direct to XTZ class d power amp with Wharfedale Evo 4.3 and BK sub in less than a year!
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    Talking Heads - Speaking In Tongues Just felt the urge