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  1. Well the golden age of pop and rock is coming to an end killed off by the digital age , teenagers today do not live for their music as previous generations have. This has all happened before , there was the golden age of music hall variety as the popular culture of choice from about 1890 until the 1920's . Technology killed this off in the shape of cinema which then heralded the golden age of cinema from the 1930 until the 1950s which was killed off by technology in the form of television bringing the pop and rock n' roll stars into our front rooms introducing from the 1950's until about 2000 the golden of pop and rock killed off by 'digital' entertainment. No golden age is completely replaced by another they all continue to exist ie variety entertainment does, cinema does, pop does but none of these are what teenagers and twentysomething, with their cash, primarily 'live for' anymore. The prioirities for their disposable income is spent on mobile phones and related software, computer games and internet activities, they are the new rock n' roll, just look at the sales figures. Record companies in the past, found and discovered the artists and even nurtured them , acting as a filter, presenting the artists to us for our consumption. It's harder now you have to discover the artists yourselves by word of mouth and trawling the web. 'Cream' should and hopefully will always rise to the top though.
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