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  1. ...we get v-formations of Canada Geese at dawn and dusk late summer/early Autumn here. They fly over our house making a right racket: like a bunch of gaggling teenagers. One day it corresponded with a rainbow. There's also an isolated crow flying fast out of their way. SP
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  2. That's almost certainly an impression, rather than reality. Somewhat like using a subwoofer and finding that the whole frequency range seems to be "better". In the case of the subwoofer, it's because of the greater LF ambiance. In the case of the bung, it changes the bass balance, so in a similar way, appears to affect the higher frequencies. In reality, the bung only affects bass frequencies around the resonance point. As soon as you get above resonance, the mass of the air in the port acts like a solid wall, so above resonance there's no difference in the way a bass-reflex or sealed box behaves. S.
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