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    I went along to my local camera club for a couple of weeks last year, one of those weeks it was a competition eve judged by someone from another club. He was supposedly qualified to do said judging but imho he was very biased and critique given didn't coincide with the scores given? There were some really great images, technically and artistically, but in the end he awarded 1,2,3rd to images which were, (imo), not up to the same standard as some of the other work shown. Now I'm fully aware that it is always going to be subjective but in the end it turned out the 1st place award went to someone the judge had been good friends with for years!! 2nd went to the club chairman it kind of left a bitter sweet taste in my mouth.. I never went back. Matt Ps my images weren't entered Pps this one I had printed A3...Top of the world by onform1, on Flickr
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    Just out of interest.... do you live with Barbara Cartland, Ian? Like your speaker stands by the way. Are they just solid wood?
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    Serge, if you get the chance to drop into my room at Scalfird please do. I will be running a SET AN amp into high efficiency speakers. Nothing about it sounds distorted, coloured, limited in frequencey extremes or screechy to me so maybe I can change your mind...
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    What am I being reprimanded for?
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    http://www.amazon.co.uk/Led-Zeppelin-2/dp/B0010XU84O/ref=sr_1_10?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1329415554&sr=1-10 Vinyl
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    A classic case of expectation bias.
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    If it is anything like the books that will be total bollocks!
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    Apologies for the delay in getting some of these sent out - some of you know what else I have going on! I have found I can get 75 flyers into an A5-sized envelope, so those who have asked for 200 have got 225 instead. No pressure, guys! Any more for any more? Time is pressing on...
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    I took the opportunity to visit the dealers I know of in Oxford - from east to west: Sevenoaks, A-Spires, Oxford Audio, Richer Sounds and, oop north, B&O. They were, to a man, pleasant and welcoming and most seemed genuinely interested. They all took flyers. It didn't hurt a bit. Go on - give it a go ! Valvebloke
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    A musical genius. Loved his debut album. Much better than that Fever Ray...
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    Pebble seascape. Durdle Door, Dorset. Cumbria