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    West Bromwich Albion Fourth generation supporter, after Dad, grandad and Great Grandad and born and bred local to the area. First season ticket in the late seventies when we were one of the most exciting attacking teams in Europe, then followed 16 years of utter misery, but never stopped going. i'm most proud of the fact that we are the only club (that I'm aware of) in the top flight and most of the chump, that has NEVER received a single penny of investment from anybody. Just over 12 years ago we were losing £30,000 per week had no training ground or youth system and we have clawed our way out of debt into the superbly run club we are today, with - what the FA rate as- one of the best 3 academies and training grounds in the country. From 2000 to 2010 Albion were involved in either promotion or relegation battles every season, add an FA cup semi final and it was an exciting time to be a Baggie. I love them dearly.
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    Ok, here they are. So far I have kept everyone off the 2nd floor. However, last year was very busy and we needed more exhibitors, so please, do put your hand up if you want any of those rooms! They are nice sized rooms, so if you can hack the stairs, go for it. If I have missed you, then I am sorry, please post here and I will endevour to rectify it. If you requested a large ground floor room, and didn't get one, you are not alone. Sorry, but there are only so many available. Some people have either been stitched up in previous years and therefore been given better rooms this year, or have put in a lot of work on the show and therefore been bumped as a thankyou. The rest is down to luck. It's impossible to please all. If you didn't get what you wanted, sorry. If I've made a crazy mistake, please do post here and let me know. Oh and OB, yes, I know mate. But it's one flight of stairs, your room at the top, and it's a good room acoustically. We'll all lend a hand to get you into the room mate. EDITED![ATTACH]7793[/ATTACH] Room allocations 27Nov.pdf
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    Hi I am doing a deal with stewart (stewartwen) with swaping my IAS Cadnams for a smaller pair of Ashursts. The problem is we're 200 miles apart and i am asking the wam for help. What we need is any one willing between st annes (lancashire) and bournemouth to possibly courier one pair down to bournemouth and take my cadnams up to stewart. If anyone can help please PM me or stewart. Thanks Guys Dan Mods please move if not in the correct place
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    Season ticket holder at Home Park ( Plymouth argyle ) In the last 5 years or so we've plummeted from mid table in the championship to narrowly escaping relegation to the conference . Add into that administration , culminating in us almost being liquidated and it's been pretty shit being green lately . Was up to pub today watching us on espn and we managed to get knocked out by non league opposition for the second season running . They may be shit but they're my shit ! How a grown man who's born in bred in Plymouth can go to the pub wearing a Liverpool or man utd shirt is beyond me . But there was a few up there . I really don't get it . But then I rarely watch an footy on tv either .
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    mentioning "your mate", "communal horn" and "need a room" in the same post, deserves rep !!!
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    Mix? What are you, twelve? Listen to Unknown Pleasures and Closer. The Heart and Soul box set is the way to go if you're buying.
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    Myself plus 1 helper (Martin Ware). We are involved in the Communal Horn system so need a room. Jack
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    To return to the Alan/Mibby argument here, the difficulty is in trying to establish a scientifically sound basis for measuring something that is perception in the first place. 'A sounds better than B' is simple in its essence, and we've all done it I'm sure. Trying to prove it and justify it is, however, a nightmare. DBT falls foul of the 'repeated listening' syndrome. If you've heard the same piece of music three times, then it becomes difficult to differentiate any changes. Different pieces of music mean that you're hearing the differences between the music, rather than the differences between the actual reproduction. No matter how golden your ears are, once you've heard the same piece of music three or four times, your brain gets pissed off with the repetition, and any subtle changes are totally subsumed by the desire to get the composer into a small space together with a baseball bat. Possibly this is a riddle that may never be solved. Measurement might hold the answers, but only once it has been refined enough to know what needs to be measured and to measure all the interfaces between all the measurements. Even a Kray would stuggle. - - - Updated - - - Buy a used Opus 21 for about £1500 or less. It has a co-ax digital in. If that's all you need, you're at least £500 up. If you need more flexibility, the £500 will buy quite a few D to D units to take USB or other sources.
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    Football has always been a secondary interest to me but when I lived in Mile End it became expedient to have at least a passing understanding and interest in West Ham. I've been once or twice but really the extent of my "support" extends to being pleased when they win.
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    Wow, obnoxius as well as opinionated.
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    Taken this afternoon. Only work on the image was to convert to JPG and reduce size to 1024 wide. This is with the 180mm f2.8. From looking at some of the other pics I took today, I think it has a huge amount of potential, but it is also waaay too long for normal walking around use. The other thing is the depth of field. I have one shot of one of the horses, taken from at least 30', and the bridle is in focus, but the hair on the horse's neck, about 3" away, is not. Or maybe it needs someone who knows what they are doing to hold it!
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    Stoke City, born here and live here, dad and grandad used to take me when I was younger, season ticket as teenager with my mates, dropped off a bit when my friends got in with the wrong 'away match' crew and got into fighting. Been going again now for a few years and trying to change season ticket to the family stand so I can take Maisie who is also a Stoke fan. She has seen a few games with me already. My wife is a Port Vale fan.
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    I don't think the Techie would be an upgrade but you can fit an SME 3009 to it. You can buy an armboard here http://www.soundsupports.com/userimages/procart22.htm
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    What i mean't was this FR for the S2 driver(transducer) on its own, as its covering quite a few octaves, with a couple of notch filters you could go back to a 4 way with them!!! ps - do you need my driver any longer? You haven't been tempted to try the concentric HF unit yet?
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    i believe throat reactance is more critical with bigger horns than here - simply the air mass is much bigger for a huge bass horn than here. it's hard to say without test but i doubt there would be a serious gain in LF performance of audax with a back chamber considering you are getting it down to 250hz.... this is exactly similar what we measured here, even in a 4" throat horn, without a back chamber.
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    Stealing SHeep - Into the Diamond Sun Deerhoof - Breakup Song Xiu Xiu - The Air Force
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    Not opinion - he is stating facts. Please leave personal insults out, AUP etc. Back on Topic...... What a race! Really never expected Abu Dhabi to give us such an exciting race, right from the start and all the way to the end. Some hilarious team radio clips with Kimi, but good to see him get back on the top step. Also great to see Vettal racing rather than just scampering off from the front. Weber, perhaps a little hot-headed in his overtakes partly contributed by having to wear a No.2 hat? Disappointing accident caused by Perez - he needs to sort his head! Also I was hopeful that Button would have showed a bit more pace to close on Alonso - the car was clearly capable given Hami's pace. As for Hami - big shame, he had it in the bag..... must be gutting to have it whipped away through car failure. Great race though.