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    That's what discovering new music is all about - spreading the hatred!
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    I was just going to poke at it with screwdrivers and cross my fingers. And maybe switch it off and back on again. That sometimes works. Got some fixing to do anyway this weekend so no problem to have a dick about with summat else.
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    My favourites: [video=youtube;3ahg7Fr2aMc]
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    Dont worry I have placed a bid high enough so no innocent ebayer will win and be scammed.
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    No worries hopefully will do... might save a bundle on deodorant at this rate ( or is that people are realising that I have focals ) There are spaces for anyone interested... Peeps: Baggawire Tel GJO Whizzkid ChelseaDave JVS Berk59 Kit so far, Sources: AcousticPlan Vadi. cdp, Audionet Art v2 cdp Amps: Advantage Pre x2, AN M2 Signature pre Advantage Mono's, Krell FPB 300c MF A300 int Speakers Focal 927be's, Spendor BC1's, Yamaha Ns1000m (and Kef Q7's, Mission M53 and subs)
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    Half the stuff on this thread isn't C&W For those that don't know the difference between C&W, Americana and American Folk need educating! Billy Connolly reckoned there were a number of ingredients needed in a C&W song, a tragic death, a train whistle, some yodelling among them. Here is his take on a C&W song [video=youtube;t4ilEIypWbo]