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    An interesting article from the Grauniad:- http://gu.com/p/44jft k
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    There's 2 auto modes on the Mk1 model, with the ability to fiddle with some settings in auto so it's reasonably flexible.. I.e. You can select depth of field in auto.. Here's the user manual if you want an idea of what it can do.. http://pdf.crse.com/manuals/4432943121/EN/index.html And the images are great in auto btw!
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    I agree with this. Might have to have a lie down.
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    I'd be guessing I'm somewhat more informed than you Paul, but then that won't come as a surprise to anyone who reads your contributions. Of course you could always point out where my post is wrong? Or then again maybe you couldn't. The level of hostility here to anyone pointing out simple facts is quite remarkable. It's like a school playground with little gangs where someone pretends to fart and all their mates snigger.
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    Interesting article as you say. Unfortunately, you only have to read the second comment to see where the problem lies: "As popular as vinyl is right now, it's surprisingly hard to find a record player. I tried to buy one as a Crimbo gift this year and found my options very limited. They are very expensive too, considering its 150 year old technology. For what I wanted (a self-contained, attractive-looking player with optional outputs) Crosley seemed to be the only brand on offer, and they started at £70. You could buy a whole stereo system (minus the turntable) for half that price." I'm sure this is a person who has spent hundreds on phones/laptops/tablets like most of us, and probably spent a lot more on mp3 downloads but they begrudge £70 for a TT? How would they react to £15, 20, 30 for an LP? I hope that new presses become available, otherwise, when vinyl dies this time, it will really go. I suppose 3D printing may offer an alternative but I doubt it will be accurate enough or cost effective.