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    My trusty taxi, I mean Merc C270 CDI has been with me way longer than I expected so time for a change. It was only meant to be a stopgap but so impressed have I been with its frugal fuel consumption that it has stayed with me. Yet every time I have a Merc I say that I won’t buy another one and look forward to getting another BMW so I have always had it in my mind that when the time came I would be straight back to a 5 series or maybe a 3 for a change, an Alpina D3 was also very high on my wish list. But saying that I quite like the look of the newer Mercs and something like a C or E250 Coupe looked like a nice option so off the main dealer I went to look at some used models and left away quite fancying a C250 AMG Coupe auto with the Panoramic roof option My heart was still saying get a BMW though. I have only had the E39 5 series before including an Alpina B10 but the new 5 just looks huge to me and a 3 series seemed a much better option and as I don’t really have to have 4 doors anymore the coupes became more appealing. So that’s the 320D or maybe even a 330D M sport on the list. I hadn’t really considered Audi, the A5s look nice but tbh my son recently bought an 09 A3 and the gearbox just disintegrated on him and I have spent all my free time over the last few weeks trying to source a decent recon to save paying Audi £2400 for a new one. It seems that this is not an isolated incident with the A3 and the specific gearbox we needed is like rocking horse poo. The car is sorted now but it has been 3 weeks of aggravation I never want to go through again. Audi is not my favourite brand at the moment Nothing else I could think of appealed but then I wandered past my local Jaguar main dealer and took a look at a used XF. I have always quite liked the exterior but never considered buying one. Well as soon as they unlocked the door and I sat inside I was smitten, it’s such a lovely place to be. It was over budget but hey I was just looking. I couldn’t refuse a test drive now could I and off we went in a rather nice 2013 Lunar Grey metallic 2.2 diesel Luxury Auto with just 16k miles on the clock And here are my thoughts: It’s a very attractive car externally It’s an even more attractive car internally The ride is smooth, thanks in part to the 17” alloys on this model. I am truly sick to death of the state of UK roads. The engine is quiet, smooth and doesn’t feel underpowered. I didn’t feel the need to try the 3.0 V6 It returns over 50mpg Main dealer cars come with a 2 year warranty (after my recent experience with said Audi gearbox this is very appealing) It would only cost me £44 a year more to insure than my 13 year old Merc Plenty of lease and finance options available. In addition I can find very little in the way of negative comments from owners which is comforting. So after a bit of a browse at the prices on the used market and finding that my local dealer was not asking much more than I would pay from a private seller a bit of civilised haggling was done and a deal was struck on said vehicle taking mine in P/X. I even got them to convert the rear seats to the split/fold down option in with the price, normally a £350 option I pick it up in a week or two. I’m quite excited
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    Only an old kettle-style thing here, but we did a standard BBQ at the weekend. Next day, it was still hot, so I chucked some charcoal in, left it for an hour and then tried the steak on the coals. Sorry, no pics. Because we all were on it in ten seconds flat. Fucking brilliant. I would never have thought of it if it weren't for this thread, but it's fantastic. Burns the shit off the outside, but the inside is still pink. ACE!
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    The output impedance without feedback is largely from the transformed impedance of the valves anodes themselves - the most severe case being pure pentode mode, which will roughly approximate a current source output (in reality this tends to be on the order of of 100s of ohms viewed from the secondary side). The voltage isn't "lost" as such, it's just the amplifier is more of a transconductance type rather than a voltage source. A pentode amplifier with enough feedback can make a very low impedance voltage source. Matching the output stage to 2 ohms isn't too difficult - most good output transformers will have a highly sectioned secondary, much of the time each of these sections happen to be around 1 to 2 ohms anyway, so depending on how these sections are brought out to terminals it can often be a case of wiring them in parallel. One has to be mindful and check HF performance when trying different arrangements of secondaries as different configurations can work better than others despite arriving at the same impedance.
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    I use rothwell attenuator between my pre and power. Again to my surprise I found it extremely useful without loss in dynamic. In fact I now like it with rather than without, a sweeter smoother sound for some reason I was once dead against it. Worth a try really
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    Well personally I wouldn't want want an amp like that. The output impedance would be too high, as Serge mentioned, and so would the distortion coming from the valves' inherently nonlinear characteristic. It would be a bit like using solid tyres on my car or doing my laundry by beating my clothes against rocks at the edge of a nearby stream, which is how things were before pneumatic tyres and washing machines and negative feedback were invented. Here you have hit the nail on the head. One of the things about hi-fi, as originally defined (i.e. that the output signal from the amp should be as close as possible to the input signal, only larger) is that it can be objectively verified. It's been easy enough for 50 years or more to measure the difference between the input and the output and to state, categorically, which amps deliver a better copy of the input signal and which deliver a worse one, even if the differences between them are pretty small. But if we actually prefer the sound of one of the 'worse' ones then it becomes very hard indeed to agree about which kind of 'worse' is better than which other kind of 'worse'. I spent a happy half hour round at my brother's this morning listening to his latest amp, with which he's absolutely delighted. It was one of the last few (perhaps) built by Mike Ameson http://www.majelectronic.co.uk/ and it was custom tweaked by Mike to give my bro exactly the sound he wanted. It's a solid-state guitar amp so its sound is not meant to be clean. And it isn't, of course. But the nature of its unclean-ness is different from that of, say, a Marshall or a Fender. Once we get away from hi-fi, asking me about the potential of using KT120's without NFB is much the same as asking me whether you should by a Marshall or a Fender or an MAJ. I'm afraid I can't say. It will depend on which kind of colouration sounds better to you personally. VB
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    I had a a21ap for a decade and it is a great power amp and I wish I has kept it! I used it with an a21a to biamp which was under using this amp on reflection. I cant remember the input sensitivity but if it 0.5v you will find that some valve amps have too high an output. I have a similar problem with quad amps which have a 0.5v volt input sensitivity. I have heard croft make a modified lower gain preamp to suit quad power amps so may be worth investigating as it could also the sugden. Else another option is to use attenuators between the preamp and the power amp (as in the case it is not the the cd output causing the problem it is the overly sensitive power amp input used with a less sensitive preamp output) To my ears this worked well without the noticeable dynamic loss I always heard when using them between cd and preamp.