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    The misses wants some space cleared so in order to accommodate her I have got a few bits to give to needy wammers. 1, Ortofon VMS with a 20 mkII stylus in vg nick, Now claimed . 2, same as above, Now claimed 3, ortofon ff15 4, nagaoka mp11,Now Claimed 5, Quad esl 57 pair, were serviced by one thing about 10 years ago but have been in storage for the last five years. These must be collected and taken on the understanding that they could be dangerous and must be checked by someone of competence before being used . Should they turn out to be working ok a £100 charitable donation to Macmillan would be greatly appreciated. Now Claimed Item 3 still available
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    It would seem that Jerry had cotton wool in his ears when he had his Knowing that this is supposedly one of THE amps for stats, I'm very envious, but also very happy for you. Congratulations on a wise purchase!
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    The point is that the expensive ones are also variations on the same, not at all rewriting the book. A bit like amps. A better one is better but by how much? Unlike amps thee is little to flavour the choice. Amps can be muscle, flea, s/s or tube, topology, implementation, PSU, etc. Dacs are essentially a digital input, a DAC chip, and an output stage, and there's many who will argue it all comes down to the latter, and the way it interfaces with the chip. I am one, others will disagree, but my £10k tube output, transformer coupled NOS, silver wired DAC and my £300 kit built, endlessly oversampled/ filtered DAC with op-amp output stage sound 95% the same. Spend it on speakers or room treatment.
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    Every time I listen to anything on it. It has been an awful couple of years financially and it's unlikely to change until a few things mature in a year or two. I keep looking at the system and seeing pound notes. However, I turn it on, let it warm for ten minutes then put on a treasured bit of vinyl and I am instantly in a different world. Sometimes I imagine it could be better, but always I know how much worse it could be.