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    Let me guess, taking things off topic is now against the AUP?
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    Graeme and Chris make good points. Knowledge can take lot of effort to acquire, some stuff just is hard, and Graeme is right that there is no editor looking over the internet to check facts and make sure the explanations are correct and understandable. I would also like to add that in Britain and the US in particular there seems to be almost pride in knowing nothing about science. How often do we read 'I can't do maths' or 'science bores me' and yet, in this hobby particularly, working knowledge of maths and science would help overcome many of the utter nonsenses spouted about a lot of stuff, like cables, biwiring, biamping etc etc. In the outside world, it would also help get rid of the fruitloopery around energy healing, diet, the harmful effects of mobile 'phone masts, microwave ovens and any number of other nonsenses like 'chemical free'...hint....everything is a 'chemical'. Getting back to our narrow world of audio, one of the great benefits of this forum, probably more than most others, is the breadth of knowledge available, and the willingness both to impart that knowledge, and to bring down the common fallacies. I would say this to any new member, don't be afraid to ask questions, either on the open forum or by PM. S
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    Hi, Don't knock yourself out. Plenty of people don't know alot of things. People shouldn't always assume that people know, what they consider to be, basic things. One of the things I have learnt in teaching is you can't automatically assume everyone has basic knowledge. Some times no one has taught it them. SCIDB
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    The weather is spectacularly shitty here too 6th cup of tea since getting back in from my son's rugby class about an hour ago, steak and haggis pie, baked beans and a pretty much an entire pack of potato scones (it's been that kind of week) and...
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    I do no expect any audible difference, indeed. But the net is full of reports like these examples "All I can say is that I have heard MQA and was very impressed with it. ", " I feel the launch of Meridian's MQA is as important to the quality of sound recording and playback as digital was 40 years ago.", "As compelling as the untreated hi-res file sounded, I literally laughed at the difference when the MQA version began.". So apparently people should not hear any audible difference when compared to the hi-res original, and at the same time people should be amazed by the audible benefits of MQA.
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    I'm a professional photographer and shoot street around the world (love it!). It's hard not to look incredibly suspicious at the best of times. 1) Carry a business card on you, hand it to anyone who is suspicious or you have offended for some reason or another (even if it points to flickr or an alternative). 2) Have images of your work on your phone to show people for the same reason. 3) Take the shot first, apologise later. 4) SMILE (it can disarm aggression). Apologise, tell them you understand, didn't mean offence and then walk away. Never underestimate social ability (emotional intelligence) when working the street, it's equally important as to shooting ability.
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    Don't be silly! Data isn't sound, data is just numbers. A converter just changes volts to light or light to volts. It CAN'T change the sound as it's not sound it's converting. S