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    Nice to see misogyny is alive and well
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    The linn lp12 was a decent deck but was never and is certainly not now, in the top bracket. I suppose it should be celebrated, as should Linn, for being a great audio success story but their treatment of Ariston and their shameless support by the British hifi press leaves somewhat of a sour taste. I wish that the hi end Japanese gear, around at the same time, would have received honest coverage. Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
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    Are you always such a cocksure, opinionated twat? Or do you take the occasional day off? Keep listening to the fruitbox and deluding yourself. You deserve each other.
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    Very nice, like the look of the Pioneer Reference, with the Rosewood Skovby dresser?
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    I have one magnificent bicep... sigh... Its like the bloomin' Love Boat on here these days, and I'm Captain Stubing "spokesman for the American male impotence society" ...somewhat ironically in real life.
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    I didn't attend Scalford . So what, you may well wonder, am I posting on this thread for? Well ... My reason for not turning up is that I'd only just signed up a few days before the event, c'est la vie. Being the way I am I've been spending time wandering around the forum trying to get a feel of things. Perhaps sussing out the 'Spirit of the Wam', to put it another way. I guess it'll take me a while to do that . The main thing that has struck me so far is how well such a large group of peeps, with different opinions, manage to get along without too much drama. The fact that so many people have given freely of their time (and wonga), to make Scalford work, is remarkable in itself. Unlike a trade show, the only reason behind it all is to allow enthusiasts to see, listen to, and discuss a huge variety of equipment. That and the opportunity to hit the bar . The reward for all this? Nada ... other than the satisfaction of having helped to make someone's day. It's a rare thing these days for me to have a little bit of my faith in human nature restored, but that's he way it is. For that guys, you have my thanks .
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    I have been lucky to see Johan play at Anfield and see him bemuse the defenders around him ,then much later on when I worked as Steward at Anfield met him twice and showed him to his seat as noted above probably the best footballer I have ever seen and a gentleman . My thoughts and condolences to his family .
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    Again a late writeup, but some of the things I enjoyed/found interesting: The social aspect. Having met a few more people helps, but catching up with people makes the day a lot more enjoyable. Serge/bi-amp2 - definitely more than adequate sound. The Lenco people, for the effort to get that lot over here and for the sheer wow factor of the kit as much as anything else. Lodgesound - again, nowhere else are you going to find stuff like that at a show. Mentioned already, but the Aleph clones in Ed and Ian's rooms were very impressive. Sharif's (Audioflyer) setup was very good for the outlay. The big horn setup in Colman, the best integration of a multiway horn I have heard (although that isn't a lot), given how the settings need to evolve over time for that sort of setup it shows what can be done. Shame I missed the classical that other people have referred to. Dom's Snells were sounding very good with Leftfield, the ancilliaries were given a chance to shine. The IPL speakers seemed very good value (if they were overdriving the room at the volume set), but I think make even more sense as a kit rather than ready built. Another one mentioned before was the PiAmp setup, but for what it cost the results were very enjoyable. It makes me think about bringing my mancave Pi based system along one year. The Salient/Chevron room - remarkable results given what the speakers started out as. Steve 57's setup - showed what that sort of setup can do with good design. There seems to be an overall theme that the rooms that stick in my mind are the ones where people have got more involved than just buying something, which is probably what sets the show apart from the other trade shows. Oh yes, the pavillion was a good idea and the park and ride worked. Edit: should mention the Impulse Ta'us as well, very natural sounding.