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    Will there be clipboards and paper for us to make notes on the equipment during the bake off, Ian?
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    I'm pretty disgusted at the OP having been to yesterday's bake off at Ian's.Yes, it's true quite a few of us knew each other but I thought everyone was made to feel very welcome, and Ian's hospitality was over and above. I'm grateful to go to bake offs partly for the socialising and partly to hear new music, new kit and to hear a system I already know well, perhaps with one or two changes made over the day for comparison purposes. I don't go particularly looking for answers as to which kit I should buy, I'm happy to do that on my ownsome. I'm a classical music guy maybe 50% of the time with wide-ranging tastes otherwise. I hardly ever hear classical music at bake offs and very rarely ask to play mine as I know it's not much appreciated amongst my friends. But it doesn't stop me enjoying a huge variety of music I would otherwise miss (thanks Harv for last night!) I was frankly astonished when I came out of one room yesterday to find you sitting on the stairs with your head in your hands, shaking it as if you were in pain. I asked what was the matter and it was obvious you intensely disliked the music, and hinted at something more. Thanks to your post above I now know. Yes, it was certainly pleasant to arrive to the sound of Beethoven coming out of the house, but I'm no more able to dictate tastes than you, nor would I want to. I was also a little surprised to arrive and find another system already in place than the one we'd all been discussing prior to the bake off but actually that was just fine. Yes, too much kit but as Graham has said, it was an unusual occurance to be able to set up a second system at all. Sorry if it didn't all meet your expectations but we did as best we could and I think most of us had fun in the process. It's not like this is an organised hifi show, nor IMO should it be. If you are happy to entertain two to three at your place for 10 terabytes of cerebral rumination, it seems your expectations of Ian's bake with 10+ people and a bit of mild chaos were way too exacting. If it offended your sensibilities that much, I can think of several other folk who could have taken your place and had they felt dissatisfied in any way would not have had the gall to display it. You said you were heading back to the States soon. I'm sure bake offs in New York are different. Ruder, maybe?
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    Never having been to a bake off I've been a bit reluctant to host one but I gather that it just involves inviting folk round with some kit to play about with, listening to music, talking bollocks, eating things that are bad for your health and drinking. I've seen some discussions from the North http://www.hifiwigwam.com/showthread.php?127696-North-of-Scotland&highlight=scotland but no definites. So...Mrs W is away on hols at the end of the month and I could host a bake-off on the 30th April, 1pm till whenever. Unfortunately I have some commitments on the Sunday so can't really have people overnight but there are local Travelodges, Premier Inn etc for the die-hards. Kit wise I could cope with phono stages, CDT/CDP, DACs, pre-amps if anyone wants to bring them. Speakers at a push. And cables/wires of course if you're that way inclined. About 2 miles west of Dundee. Up to 8-12 people perhaps? We now have the following attendees: Enbee23 Rockhopper Irb Mondie Ericb ajdwatson Lazy Gun John.Stone DCS (poss) slammed56 More than two weeks to go. Could probably accommodate some more folk. Just want to make sure everyone has their fair share of time in the best listening positions. Interesting that the offerings have been mainly vinyl-orientated, though streamers dacs and cables (including some foo!) are also on the cards. The plan will be for every piece of kit brought along to get a run out in the system. Will PM with location once the final grouping is clearer.
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    Well please stop crushing the fun out of this forum. Why can't you let people have an opinion in peace without doggedly whipping out your oscilloscope every five minutes...
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    I have a broken laptop with a windows 7 starter edition license that I'm not using. I've even got a win 7 starter iso that I can burn to disk. If that's any good drop me a pm.
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    New beginnings on our campsite. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1639/26610443165_463faa4f4a_b.jpg' alt='26610443165_463faa4f4a_b.jpg'>New beginnings by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB, on Flickr[/img] Canon 1D4 + 70-200L f2.8 IS, 1/1250s @ f8, ISO200 jpg.