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    Another couple, not quite as good, from the same copse this morning:
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    Dragonfly Flying Through The Reeds by Keith M, on Flickr
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    For sale is a my Audiolab 8200CDQ. OLED. Very good condition with no visible imperfections. Included in sale is a remote control but sadly no box. Reason for sale: upgrade to ATC CDA2 £400 Collection in person preferred but I am happy to post it at buyers expense. http://s50.photobucket.com/user/Lukasz_Debowski/slideshow/Audiolab 8200CDQ
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    VERY good advice or get ready for a wall of spam Randolph
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    The great thing about this show is .. parking is a doddle, the venue is fab (great bar with real ale and they do a BBQ in the quadrangle with a hog roast and or burgers all with side salad and baked spud in its jacket for about a tenner .. and you can take it into the bar to eat with a lovely pint .. oh yes and there is the exhibition itself .. ok so can you tell much from a hotel room but I still love attending (having started attending shows at Earls Court in the 70s and then at Cunard International Hotel in Hammersmith, I even did Harrogate in 1980 and that was the dogs b... everyone used to exhibit then .. they then moved to some hotel in Heathrow ... and then well we know the scene now. Mike Valentine did a great exhibit last year, he is an enthusiast who also makes wonderful recordings (Chasing the Dragon). His show compared his recordings on all medias (Nagra tape, CD and direct cut LPs) the majority agreed it was the best sound at the show. If he is there again this year it is worth going to see and hear what he does. I wish everyone went to exhibit but unfortunately they do not but more fool them .. I will be there for one day or maybe both but I live in Northampton and its an easy trip. Oh final thing - Whittlebury Hall is a fabulous spa hotel and has a golf course too .. so if you want some real brownie points and are feeling flush go and stay for the weekend and book the wife into the Spa ...
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    I have no idea what you're referring to. My reason for editing is that the forum software drops in quotes from previous posts seemingly at random, and from people who haven't even contributed to the thread I'm responding to. As for better players having better measurements, yes some do,,but not in any way that would be audible, whilst some pretty expensive players have dire measurements. Anything with NOS DACs and poornor no filtering for example. S
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    Just had a listen. Its not my cup of Earl Gray. Hope they do well tho.
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    Lovely photos Keith, Tillman, Amar. Got my Metabones adapter this afternoon and went for a quick play this evening. It fits ok, but there is some play between the adapter and the E-M1 body which is annoying. Will have to see if that's always the case, or if it needs to go back. Focusing generally works, but can struggle at times. Only works in single mode focusing. Quite a few of my photos have blurring around the edges, but this could be down to narrow DOF (need to play more on this and close the aperture down. Here's the best shot I got today of a hot airballoon. It was far enough away that the basket was more of a blur under the balloon with the naked eye. There was no way of seeing any detail in it without an optical aid. I'll hopefully get to play with it more over the next couple of weeks. EDIT: I've cropped a little bit of sky off the left as it was impossible to get dead centre being hand held. Other than that, it's how the JPG came out of the camera. Hot Air Balloon. by Rick Francis, on Flickr
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    Mealt falls, Skye. Mealt falls by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2*, on Flickr Canon 5D2 +24-105L, 1/20s @ f14, ISO50 jpg. PP in Adobe CC.
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    Thanks for your comments guys. I did go for it, and all i can say is wow!:) My big IMF's plus KW 500 is really perfect match for me at least. The bass is just sick. I love it. My speakers never sounded that good. And phono stage is good too. Happy days.
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    Not only Serge's opinion at all. Serge, like myself, isn't brainwashed by the marketing hype. Yes, I have spent plenty more than I needed too on gear, but I do believe the only real difference between one rig and another is the speakers and how well/badly they behave in the room they live in. The rest, including cd players, are either functional, eye candy, or both. Hard to say whether a £30 player sounds worse than a £3000. Especially when the technology in both is essentially the same.
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    my partner told me to go and snap these , strangely, flowering poppies in our local park, just shows she's always right. Poppies by geraint evans, on Flickr
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    The Home Media Centre in Maidstone were selling an ex dem pair recently. They were listed at £800.00 I think, they looked liked they'd just come out of the box TBH. Cheers BB