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    This one of the Bull Ring in Birmingham - reason, it makes my eyes go funny LOL Fuji X-E2, 35mm F1.4 Lens at F5.6 1/4000 ISO 100
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    [2015] Roger Waters - Amused to Death [24/192 flac]
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    Its very difficult to muster any appetite for music when one is feeling down and depressed. But one piece that always restores me is Beethoven's Eroica. It has plenty of life and bounce, and profound bits too, especially the slow movement which might provide some catharsis. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Beethoven-Gewandhausorchester-Leipzig-Riccardo-Chailly/dp/B005ULF7IO/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1483533031&sr=8-6&keywords=chailly+beethoven The 4th symphony is good fun, kind of like a knees-up on Mt Olympus.
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    Before buying anything, check your contents insurance.
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    Llangennith evening by -DaveBailey1-
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    I always said I'd build another, simpler, bike at some point. Something more down to earth and usable than the last one. I didn't plan on it being quite so soon, as I've got quite a few other projects on the go as it is. But, life's for living and all that. What's in a name? Black Rose - this is inspired by Sophie Lancaster (http://www.sophielancasterfoundation.com/) something close to my heart in many ways. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of her death and I really want to get it finished this spring. Unlike the last bike, I'll be doing my own paint on this one. I've got a head full of designs and ideas for this one. Subtle all the way... So when having a chat with my mate Briz one day turned to talking about projects it was almost inevitable something would happen. The Buell engine is from a 2003 XB9 and it was originally intended (back in 2012/13) to use it as the basis of the next Bonneville race bike with a supercharger fitted. But that Buell engine sat there, just waiting for something to be done with it. Briz made a softail frame for it to complement the Sportster engined one he already offers, seemed like the sensible thing to do. The Buell engine shares a lot with the sportster, but it's actually also quite different in the way it mounts in the frame. I like it, subtly different. To the untrained eye it's another sportster, but look a bit closer and there's a few Buell logos, giving away the fact this is a bit more potent than it's HD cousin... So, here it is: 30 deg rake CCD Buell Softail frame, 2003 XB9 lump, 49mm Dyna forks and CCD billet yokes. Buell rear wheel, Honda Blackbird front wheel. Suzuki Hyabusa 6 pot up front should provide enough stopping power. Large sportster tank. First thing was to get that gas tank sitting nicely, needed dropping about 1" at the back. The plan: A simple, functional bike on a sensible budget. Something you can jump on and ride. Something that gets a move on, goes round corners and stops properly. First job was chopping up that gas tank to get it to sit right on the frame. I cut the original tunnel out and made a new one to fit in allowing the back of the tank to drop down just over 1". To be honest most people probably wouldn't even notice, but it looks much better to me. It doesn't look like it's perched on top of the frame now and the top of the tank is at the same angle as the top tube of the frame, which helps too. Spoiled the paint on the tank.... The oil cooler is from an old race bike and fits nicely between the front cylinder and the frame. The Buell reg/rec is considerably different to the usual HD one - mounts differently and it's a bit bigger. I borrowed a 136t belt to finish the set up of the rear fender. Made up mounting bosses and spacers for the rear fender then strengthened it up. After that started making the housing for the rear light. It's going to be a combined brake, tail and indicator unit, that I'll fashion from acrylic and LED's. More on that later... Back to the footpeg and pulley cover. Cut one from a piece of plate, machined up a pivot/peg mount. The master cylinder will mount on the lower section behind the peg. I'll also be added some more protection for the belt as well. Finished front pulley cover.... Finished the structure of the rear fender as well - welded some round bar along the edges to both stiffen it up and make it look nicer. Next thing is finish beating the rear light aperture into the final shape and then make the rear light. Thought I'd have a look and see what of the original Buell loom I could use. The fuel injection section came out fairly easily... And the rats nest of what was left The relay mounting, on the back of the battery box. Spent a whole day messing around making a poxy headlight bracket.... Not sure why it took so long, other than I didn't seem to be able to engage my brain. I ended up making a jig to build it on, and then transferred it to the bike. It's part of the reason being fussy means everything takes 5x longer than it should. Anyway, pics. Painted a few bits up first before refitting them. Rear shock, front caliper and rear pulley all needed a bit of attention. I also gave the centre of the rear disc a polish (cos I'm sad like that). I had always intended to strip and paint the engine. It was a bit of an unknown, so I thought it would be a good idea to give it an internal inspection... I got it stripped down and masked up only to find the paint I was planning to use wouldn't spray properly... So the plan to have the engine black changed... it's staying silver and black. Anyway, mechanically it all checked out, no measurable wear on anything. I took the opportunity to drill and tap the holes in the head for the breathers as well. The Buell normally uses breathers in the rocker box covers, which I'll block off. So I put it all back together. Next up, the exhaust....some collars for the ends first. I used an offcut of 1 1/2" SCH40 stainless pipe (which is actually 1 7/8" OD and 1 1/2" bore) and just bored it out to take the 1 3/4" OD tube for the exhaust. Then I welded that to 2 short stubs so I could put it back up in the lathe and machine the end up so I will seal on the gasket. The result is something that looked like this After that I spent a day cutting and tacking bends together to make something resembling an exhaust. The lowest section runs parallel to the frame and the intention is to make a 2-1 collector just under the footpeg and then a short 2 1/2" section with a turn out on the end. Probably work a bit of a baffle in there as well just to keep it somewhat sociable... I was also mindful of loosing too much ground clearance, hence why the pipes sit offset to each other. It took 2 full days to make the exhaust but I am really pleased with how it's turned out. I really ought to consider polishing it up now, but I really hate that job. First job was fully weld the pipes, thankfully minimal distortion and filler wire needed. So worth getting all of the joints really tight. Refitted it all then set about making the collector from two 45deg bends. Chopped through and welded together. Then worked out where the end bend needed to be, flattened the end, marked round it and cut the end off the collector so it matched up. Once the end was cut off I could get inside to just fuse the 2 pieces together where it's impossible to weld them from the outside. I made a sleeve from another offcut of 1 1/2" SCH40 pipe so that I didn't have to try and manhandle the whole exhaust on and off in one piece. That means I can have a clamped joint on the front pipe, which is pretty much hidden anyway. So here's the end result. Just a support bracket to make for the rear of it and it can be polished. At this stage the wiring is done, and mechanically it's more or less finished. Made the front brake line and the mount for the fluid reservoir and filled it up with fluid. Fitted the mirrors - no use for SVA, but they'll do for after. Made the push rod for the rear brake. Fitted the carb and air filter. Swapped the engine cover bolts out for stainless. Made all of the oil lines up. Fitted the rear brake switch and filled it with fluid. Mounted the speedo. Just need to mount the idiot lights, and come up with a solution for a sidelight telltale for SVA... Spent most of a day filling and sanding all of the tin work for the bike. Rear fender took the most work, and there's still a bit more to do, but I find it easier to work off the epoxy primer as a base. I also re-shaped the front fender so that fits much better now. Gave everything a couple of liberal coats of Lechler 2k epoxy... I also finally got around to making the brake/tail light lens which fits in the rear edge of the back fender. Still need to fit the LED's in it, but it's shaped and polished up. The first panel is painted, flatted, polished and fitted....It's really dark, almost black in the shade, but shines purple in the sun. All of the other panels have some graphics to do so they will be going to the painters at some point (arty stuff isn't my strong point!) I also made the instrument bracket and fitted some new throttle cables (GSXR ones were just the right length) Next thing is getting the other tins painted so I can finish the assembly off. Shouldn't take too long....
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    Worth a look. Not mine, wish it was .
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    Gobind's honesty is what I like about our photography threads. We're not here to boast, or one-upmanship. It's just enjoying our hobby and appreciating fellow members enjoyment of it as well. BTW, it really is a damn good image Gobind.
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    Quote, thanks Ben - funny thing is I don't even know why it works so I'd love to say it was my photography skill but it really was a case of right place right time etc.
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    Holy Crap Batman... have you seen these ? https://www.aliexpress.com/item-img/Mistral-SAG-350-180W-x-2-Hifi-Floorstanding-Tower-Speaker-Pair/32502205394.html?spm=2114.10010108.1000017.1.cG5tMH Billy Bargain !
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    Wanted one of these for years when I was younger - now very rare in working condition. These were £70 000 new in 1989.
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    My thoughts too. Never, ever managed to get any weld to look like that. I can solder good though, so I'll just live with it.
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    Came across this 'old' image when trawling through my files. Made in the USA by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2*, on Flickr Olympus E-10 @ 36mm (non interchangeable zoom lens), 1/15s @ f4, ISO80 jpeg. PP in PS. Taken at ISO80 as the noise was awful at the next available ISO, which was 160!
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    if AE contacted local trading standards it would be more effective This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing.
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    I used to use one of these myself and found it way better than the M2Tech versions (Ive had both). I no longer use the Beresford as Im USB to USB, if anyone is interested drop me a PM
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    My dream garage: Car for cruising down to the south of France and parking in front of the casino in Monte Carlo: Rolls-Royce Camargue (£50k max). Or possibly a Bentley Continental R (not one of the shite Volkswagen ones ) Car for hooning around the back lanes with the roof down: Vauxhall VX220 turbo (£15-20k approx) Car for shitty weather/snow/trips to the shops: I'd keep the Jimny (£0) Want to go on holiday? Hotels exist. Why would I shit in my car then empty a chemical toilet? Need to carry stuff? I'd hire a van. Sorted.
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    Hi Wammers! I'm new here, my previous Marantz stuff were:PM66KI Sig,CD6000OSE, ST6000, ST48. Now I use a CD72mkIISE and it's tuner brother ST72.
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    Genesis 'The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway' (1974- 2LP) Speaking as a 35/40 years Genesis & Peter Gabriel devotee, this has to be ( both ) their finest moment.
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    Mark as you say this is a brilliant forum and I'd also recommend, if you haven't already, signing up for Nikonians - there are some really expert people in there and a whole forum area devoted to your new camera. I've found it invaluable as a resource. https://www.nikonians.org/
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    Great thread Ben, each time I had decided on an image I immediately said to myself "....but what about...". It made me seriously look at and think about my photos from last year. Hence the delay in submitting an image. Settled on this one as it is one of a few that I would actually put up on my wall, Marj really likes it and it's done well in competitions. Wet feather on fern by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2*, on Flickr Canon 5D2 + 100 f2.8L macro, 1/125s @ f5.6, ISO400 raw. PP in ACR.
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    Specifically this car And an RS6 Avant for everyday Although, to be fair, if was a million I'd need a good size garage to fit in all the choices - such as an Integrale, 6R4, V12 Vantage S.....
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    Jensen Interceptor or Bristol Bullet, weather depending!
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    Well Cloth Ears not so much a million but this car has been on my must own list since I first went to watch a rally love it why god knows
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    The list of cars and bikes I'd want to try if I had a million is very long. I love the B7 though, so I've always fancied the RS4 as a daily.
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    Rear violation parks Erm Google maps anyone.....
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    Clothy, you should probably stay out of the car forum. You own a Skoda Stupid and your dream vehicle is Jimmy Savile's molest-a-van.
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    Lindisfarne causeway. Couldn't believe it, not a sole there The Way by Geraint Evans, on Flickr
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    Just 1 ! Birch by Geraint Evans, on Flickr probably this as taken with the mamiya rz67 pro11, which slowly I am getting to grips with. This was a miserable day constant rain and I only took the mamiya leaving the digital behind always a dilemma but I got this and a couple more I was please with.
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    Difficult choice but I've gone for this one. Non-Viewing Point by Les, on Flickr Fuji X-T1 with XF18-55mm f2.8-4 R LM OIS A small crop in Lightroom 6 and a couple of blemishes removed caused by rain on the lens, Mono conversion in Silver FX Pro 2 We felt unlucky as the mist descended as we rose towards the top of Storsteinen in the Cable Car from Tromso. A fairly clear and moderately sunny day had given us hope that we would have enjoy the superb view from this platform which is suspended over a very significant sheer drop. Unfortunately the majority of time we spent at the peak we were enveloped in wet mist. The advantage of course is that other visitors confined themselves to the small teamroom and shop leaving me to get a shot which thankfully turned out almost exactly as I envisaged it at the time.
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    I've been on the Wam for a while now so a bit overdue for Bits 'n Bobs. So here is a snapshot of my system as at January 2017. Note that on the PC to the right the power supply is sitting on top of the chassis. This was because the CPU cooling fan was so large that there was no room for the power supply. The dude on the left is to frighten away EMI & RFI. Underneath is the TT power supply made by Nick Gorham of Longdog Audio. Speakers are probably the weak link at the moment. They have a good midrange and are well suited to singer songwriter material. The rear panels are my own attempt at diffusion/absorption. They are 1200 x 600 mm, lined with dynamat at the rear and drilled with 2700 holes. They really do work. As you can see - lots of mods to the TT. I will add more detail later in a TT thread. The PC was custom built to be an audio source. It has zero add-ons such as sound or video cards. As such the power draw is minimal. The CPU is factory underclocked to minimise power draw. An ultimate audio PC would be fanless. There are only two chassis fans (by Noctua) and cannot be heard at 1 meter even with the door open. Current plans? I will rewire my Jelco 750 Arm with silver litz. Also I am considering changing my phono-stage. The Fosgate Signature phono-stage is fabulous but likely a well designed Solid-State will be quieter. When I bought it, it was at a time when I has all solid-state amplification so it just hit the spot. Now I have a valve based Pre-Amp based on 6H30 valves and that is all the tubiness I require. About 90% of my listening is via PC and the TV is used as a monitor for the software. When friends are around it is always the vinyl rig (and the Cabernet) that gets a workout. Some comments on components: Oppo 105 disc spinner: Surely the best bargain in all Hi-Fi. I use it for the occasional movie but mainly for playing SACDs. Wyred4Sound Dac: Very happy with this. Some firms have a signature product, eg Slee for phono stages. Wyred do great Dacs. Ayon Eris: This is a bare bones pre-amp. Five (unbalanced) line-level inputs and pretty much no other features. No phono stage, no inbuilt dac, no balanced inputs, no tone controls. It does have a remote for volume and mute only. Balanced outputs (XLR) and I use those to connect with the power amp. This was a significant upgrade over my ATC pre-amp. Pass Labs X150.8: This is one of the babies in the Pass lineup but it is an enfant terrible. The attack and dynamic range are awesome to behold. In terms of sound quality it is as good as I will ever need. My speakers have an impedance dip but you would never know. It does have some downsides, but these are not sound-quality related. The main issue is the heat it puts out. It is biased to about 13 watts in Class A and it gets really hot. We do have air-conditioning so that ameliorates the problem in summer. Cables: I am a believer that cables can make a modest difference. I try to have silver where I can. Marantz Tuner: As the 4 Yorkshiremen would say: 'Very Passable'! Triangle Speakers: Tweeters are decent. The sweet spot for listening is large (actually the whole rook is ok) and I put that down to the horn loading in the tweeters. Midrange is fabulous. Human voices, woodwind, and brass are well portrayed. Strings, and full orchestra for that matter, are beyond what they can do with great accuracy. Bass is totally amplifier dependent. When I upgraded from an Anthem 225 Intergrated to an ATC I was able to get rid of my sub-woofer.
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    Taxi driver by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2*, on Flickr Canon 5D2 + 16-35 f4L, 1/250s @ f8, ISO400 raw PP in ACR & SFX.
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    Water slide trio by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2*, on Flickr Scanned slide from a school trip to Bad Salzig, Germany.