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    The Gallery, Monticute House, Somerset. by Rick Francis, on Flickr Lady at Monticute House, Somerset. by Rick Francis, on Flickr
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    Professor. My room cost was £134 for a sleeping room and syndicate to exhibit Food and drink over the weekend for myself and my good lady £90 plus £50 babysitting fee Fuel there and back with half a ton of kit £60 Time spent on prep, deconstructing my kit, lugging it upstairs in a hotel room for your benefit, lugging it all back down again and repeating the process at home £errr I'm not trade. I can't write it off. I did it to be part of the best hifi show on the planet and look forward to doing it all again. As the show goes, I'm a local and several exhibitors brought far more kit a lot further than I did! The trade presence have voiced their opinions of the show. Positively. And they mucked in with everyone else to make sure it worked, humping kit for others etc. Now I'm not trying to imply that your stated figures for entry are wrong, but I feel you need to have a quiet word with yourself if you think £20 is excessive.
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    I didn't get much time to go around taking photos, but I've uploaded what I did take (including the very blurred ones of the Sony museum in Max' room...) https://www.flickr.com/photos/92189939@N07/albums/72157679273688132
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    No its just the rest of the flickr account. Apologies if that offended anyone, you can do your own drawings of your crappy setups next time.*
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    Things are moving on well. First spring cauliflower looking good. Tomato and chilli pepper seedlings growing well. General vegetable seedlings ready for pricking out and transplanting.
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    Cellar beneath Dunster Castle by Rick Francis, on Flickr Wild goat near the Valley of the rocks, Lynmouth. by Rick Francis, on Flickr
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    I've just about recovered now. That was my first Scalford show as either visitor or exhibitor and I've already signed up for next year. Just... wow. Peter & Rachel: you should be incredibly proud of what you've just achieved - you were warm and welcoming from the outset and even though on arrival I knew a grand total of TWO people in the whole building, by the time I left, I felt genuinely accepted as part of the show as a whole. I struggle to put names to faces at the best of times but a huge thank you to everyone (especially Craig who I nearly killed!) who helped me move some gear after my car accident left me struggling with the really heavy stuff. As a show, my only regret was not getting around more rooms on the Saturday as I was of course tied to my room for the whole day on Sunday. Next year, I think I may arrive on the Friday... simply to allow myself a whole day to soak up the atmosphere on the Saturday. The wife has also expressed an interest in coming along - but on the condition that it's the same weekend as Cake International at the NEC again so that she can split her weekend! Pfffft... cake. The hotel staff were absolutely great! It seems that Wammers can drink a bar dry as on three separate occasions I was stood waiting for the Doombar to be changed!! The running of the whole weekend was very slick indeed. Arriving to find such a professional (and personalised) pack waiting for me set the tone for the whole event. The complimentary coffee and sausage sandwich were much needed and very welcome! I appreciate that as systems go, I probably featured toward to bottom end of what was on offer to see, but I did not receive a single negative comment from exhibitors or visitors alike (excluding a couple of visitors who just opened the door and scoffed the word "Sony" in a semi disgusted tone before walking off down the corridor!). The wealth of knowledge on hand was humbling; I became involved in some conversations that went so far over my head that in all honesty, all I could do was smile and nod. To each and every one of you that took the time to say hello, thank you. Roll on 2018!
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    Having had a day to recover, and reflect on what was a great show, I would like firstly, to thank Peter and Rachel for taking on the Wam, when it was probably at its lowest, and for continuing with the best show in the country. The way it was this year, blew me away. Polished, professional, yet still kept all the great camaraderie that James started out, with all those years ago. We arrived Friday and were greeted Peter, Rachel, Danny and Caroline, and were Royally entertained along with the Linn team, and a few other early birds. It was unexpected and thoroughly appreciated, thank-you. Now onto the show. There was as always loads of enthusiasm, and excitement on the Saturday morning as people started to arrive, all to be offered a coffee/tea and a bacon/sausage Bap. all exhibitors were also given a welcome pack (nice touch). Music started as early as Midday from some rooms and by the evening, most of us were ready for our evening meal, followed by live entertainment, courtesy of Barneys Dad (Steve), and the Happy Meldrews, and then Dean spinning some great tunes after. The rooms had there usual Saturday night feel, relaxed and fun, with plenty to drink too, as I know only to well from the way I felt Sunday morning! The show itself started off with a bang, the first 2 coaches arriving full, and my room having people in it from 10am, it continued like that for the rest of the day. I would like to thank everybody who took the time to come in and listen, and for the many compliments, on what was a very modest system. The only downside to the day, I did not win anything in the raffle . But congratulations to everyone who did, and what star prizes they were. Thanks to Steve (Barneys Dad) for arranging the curry on Sunday night, great as always, and Steve (that shipbroker bloke ) for driving us there and back. Lastly but not least, my Cornish buddy Ken for helping carry, setup, and putting up with me for 3 days. See you all next year.
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    Hi folks, just wanted to thank everyone who attended our sessions, and of course the organisers for putting on a fantastic show. We all had a thoroughly good time and enjoyed meeting you all. If anyone has any feedback we'd love to hear it. We are currently processing all the questionnaires and hope to send out the invites in due course to those of you who signed up. Look out for an email from hello@exakt.design. We will make an announcement here once they are all sent out.
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    Well, having Linn's two software guys, the Head of Speaker Design and the Engineering Director all sat in my room for over an hour on Saturday night listening to my system using Exakt filter designs I'd modified myself was initially nerve-wracking, but they loved it. A great experience! I don't suppose that could happen anywhere else
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    He has a Canon 500D with a standard 18-55mm lens. A nice camera but nothing special. He did photography as one of his GCSE exams and got an A*. Glad you liked them.
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    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01EH5MS9Y/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Yes, thank God. If I had lighter stuff, I'd want more than 1 show in a year.
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    Unfortunately Hi-Fi suffers from too much of this 'closed mind' snobbery. I really enjoyed your room Rob and hope to chat with you again. (did you ever get round to checking those Apple TV4 specs.?)
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    Part of my new 'everyday things' series of photography; 'Smile' 'Smile' by APM Photography, on Flickr
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    Where to begin? Whilst you are certainly entitled to your opinion, do you realise that each and every exhibitor paid easily 8 to 10 times what you did.. for YOUR benefit. Personally, my costs amounted to £75 in accommodation, £85 for car hire (hot hatches don't swallow hifi so I needed an estate), £70 in fuel (that was driving VERY economically Devon and back!), £75 in food and drink, £30 for assorted items to tart up the look of my room. I could go on, but I can't be bothered. Now I could have stayed at home and enjoyed my system from the comfort of my sofa, but I CHOSE to bring it and exhibit so that it added to the overall magnitude of the show that you attended. Does your £20 seem a little inconsequential now? I find it a shade insulting that your first post on the Wam is in this tone. If you were contributing to the community that this show is designed to benefit then I think more people would stand and pay attention, but as you haven't actually given any though about what goes into creating such a spectacle, it almost feels like you've only come here to moan. You discuss the "vision of the Wam" and yet with the exception of paying a pittance to attend the show, have done nothing else to help it reach that vision. Please also consider the fact that this show was bankrolled by ONE couple. They've not profited from the success of the show - they've covered their costs and the rest will go to Cancer Research! If you'd care to personally fill the financial void that excluding traders from 2018's show would create, please raise your hand! Anyway, I'm out. I'll be interested to see if you attend in 2018.
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    The ears that know good sound are not changed by marque so please accept those that positively stayed a track as the real deal. I look forward to hearing you again in 2018 - good luck with your application . The show values ' young blood' . Rock on!
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    Great demo guys, and like others have said, refreshingly free from marketing. I must also add that it was great of you to get into the whole spirit of the show - DIY speakers, problems with the room acoustics, carrying other people's gear, loads of time consuming beer and curry. Honorary Wammers I'd say
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    Still working my way through the Cuba images. Taken in Trinidad, on a day trip. Cigar man by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2*, on Flickr Canon 5D2 + 24-105L, 1/320s @ f8, ISO320 raw
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    As late as that? I thought I identified a lack of enthusiasm early doors Having almost recovered, I can now thank everyone for such a great show, starting with Pete, Rach', Danny, Caroline, fellow exhibitors & hangers on helpers, and of course the visitors without whom the show is (almost) pointless. A fortnight ago I was wondering why am I the spending time and money and facing all the upheaval of relocating my equipment? On arrival Friday afternoon it didn't take long to remember why I do it - because it's great fun. By 9am Saturday the Lenco room was playing music and already it was a good show. By bacon roll and coffee time it was becoming a great show. On Sunday it was a fantastic show, so good that I lost track of time and wondered why people were packing up early! I am already looking forward to next year, and have some ideas which may mean I will (for the first time) look to exhibit as a Wammer, and not part of the Lenco Heaven room. Roll on 2018!
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    My first show and what a great spirit I found. It was not only very high end systems on display as I thought before I came along- some of you achieved a great sounding system for little. My ears were delighted by the following ( and I'm sorry if I've left anyone out)- Greybeard in 205- very detailed Oppo DAC . I heard subtitles in my CD that surprised me. Harv's Focal 927 Infra bass in Syn 21. Deep, deep clean bass (I hope that the neighbouring rooms didn't complain!) Linn's Exakt's demo was revealing- I think its the way forward with programmable crossovers Sunbeamgls had a similar system. Very sweet sounding. Looper in 232 had a similar home made set of filters driving the rebuilt Concords. Better sounding than they were in 1975 I'm sure. It was great talking to him about his thoughts and design ideas, and he managed it on a very tight budget. It was also good to heard old school speakers; Spendor BC1 in Nav's and The new Graham LS5/9 in ijrussell's. It shows that the old BBC design still holds up so many years later Finally, Pearl Acoustics Sibelius single unit speakers. Very clean and natural sounding system. Simplicity works A great community- it was great meeting you all. I've been inspired to exhibit myself next year, I see the rooms are filling up quickly tho. . . Lastly thanks for the great welcome given to me, a big round of applause to the smooth organisation of the show and to Barneys dad for arranging the excellent curry afterwards. Looking forward to Scalford 2018!
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    If you do, make sure it's not just any old bubble. I'm pretty sure Russ Andrews sells some really special ones.
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    Very nice promo shot but can we have a true photo of the system, rather than in the show home? For a true Wammer system, the it needs a 'Pub' carpet, Dog or Cat laying on the floor with some LPs placed flat on top of the speakers with a reflection of you in your pants from the corner window......
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    we always had dealers i.e stamford audio selling records , missing link selling cables . and others . makes it so intersting to have a mix . it was great to see elite audio and others there and it added to the tremendous atmosphere and flavour of the show . its good also for them to meet many of their customers who they talk to on the wam face to face
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    You could at least buy me a drink first!! It's 24-25mm
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    I think rega old style arms are 223mm, so sounds like one of them might fit.
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    I've been away post show so this is a very late thank you to all who exhibited and all who made it possible. I did room sit with Eddie (Naim/Epos) so I didn't get round all the rooms, and even missed some I had down to not miss - the show end came all too suddenly. Memorable sounds I took away in my head were: Eddies Naim/Epos system - this had no right to sound as good as it did, and flagged up once again how important system synergy is... JBLs...both...luverly jubberly...they never sound less than great do they? Mf1000 Kieth's infra-bass system...huge soundstage, smooth and detailed. And a really pleasant listen. And he played my Rob Wasserman cd! The room 222 Audio Note system...I'd never heard an entire Audio Note rig, and had kind of mentally written the whole Audio Note thing off as being a bit niche...after all no vintage stuff, nothing with a studio heritage, reasonable WAF - how could this stuff be any good? Beautiful and even handed system which handled all genres of music beautifully and without favour. I was constantly inner-commenting as listening, "well, it did that really well"....An eye opener. And of the trade exhibits, which I went back to on several occasions, the Elite Audio room sounded great, really good, and they pulled off this trick with both sets of speakers. Huge, present and smooth, detailed, yet with a beguiling absence of edge to the sound. Even with those weeny physics-defying Boenick w8s... And, finally, proving you didn't have to spend telephone numbers to be up in the first class, Greybeards home brew active setup. Do we really have to wait a year for the next one?
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    Awesome effort again, pal. It's the best example of open baffle I've heard.
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    ..and before anyone mentions it, yes the wife was very understanding when I told her that I'd gone to the show and come home with an STD!!
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    As a first time exhibitor and visitor I was made extremely welcome, and everyone who spoke with me was friendly and helpful (and in varying states of inebriation) I didn't get around many of the other rooms, but those I did see were all very impressive. Mine was probably one of the rooms people complained that was loud (it was) although no one actually mentioned it to my face. Had a few snarky comments about some of the tracks I played too, but it didn't stop people coming in for a listen throughout the weekend, and I played every request I had. Had a few people question my choice of cabling, and criticism of my laptop sitting of a plastic crate which would obviously destroy the sound quality (considering it was being played from a NAS sat on the floor...) But overall the positive comments received far outweighed the negative which made it a worthwhile experience. I'll be back again next year with a slightly different selection of kit and some big active speakers.
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    A couple of great/outstanding/interesting experiences in room 239 that I can recall are as follows: When I asked a visitor/s for any requests music wise on 2 separate occasions they asked "got any Jazz ?" To which I had to reply "sorry afraid not, I didn't bring any " ! 10 minutes later, when I asked the same question of another visitor he replied "anything, as long as its NOT Jazz " ! When I apologised to a room full of visitors for the boomy bass in my small bedroom one chap replied, "this isn't boomy bass , if you want to hear boomy bass you ought to go into room *** " ! On more than one occasion a visitor commented to me that in a lot of the rooms the music was being played at too high a volume level, at which point I grabbed the remote control to turn the volume control down on my amp. Now't so queer as folk. The greatest thing for me though as an exhibitor was when at least 5 separate visitors earnestly and very kindly told me on leaving the room that my system was the best sound they had heard at the show . Of course , there is always the chance that they had said this in every room that they had visited .
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    I'm hoping you exhibit for the 2018 show, because you will see a really different side to the show. I say this purely because in your criticism you mentioned the 2 systems which were not on show, as I mentioned before, one of them is seriously ill and wasn't able to make it. Once you are aware of the true problems the show organisers face and equally, the problems the exhibitors face, I think you'd have an entirely different opinion of how wonderful the weekend is. If you think there is a void, fill it yourself. The large impressive equipment doesn't spawn spontaneously and start playing, they're average Joes who want the punters to see something different.
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    One of my favourite memories is standing with Rick by the bar, then him looking past my shoulder with a progressively larger grin, before I turned round to see rabski clutching the banister and grinning massively to himself as well. I love booze.
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    Great photos pal! Even made my room look semi professional!
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    You should've heard it before I changed the cartridge!! 😂😂😂
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    What a family team you have Tim! Enjoyed your room a lot as well ! Thankyou all.
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    3 taken by my wife: 20170319_144129 by uh_simon, on Flickr 20170319_130504 by uh_simon, on Flickr 20170319_130459 by uh_simon, on Flickr
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    Great photos, Craig. I think Max should have been given some kind of award for his passion and dedication to the cause. I loved the way he gave my friend and I a verbal tour of his collection, beginning with 'this was the first prerecorded cassette I bought and this is how it sounded (then playing it for us on the original system that he had at that time). I have to say again just what a lovely job you did on the cabinets of your Yammie's, Craig. I saw them last year, but they still impressed me this time around. Much better than the standard black finish.
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    Just to my 2p worth.... Big pat on the back to organising crew, the welcoming pack is a nice touch and my brother and I just wanted to say thanks to all who came to chat and listen to some tunes... Was nice to catch up with plenty of peeps though I didn't get to hear many systems over the weekend... I really enjoyed my time let loose with the wilsons & plinius setup of battered haggis and rabski on sat night, whether anyone else did whilst i was there is a different question Sunbeamgls system sounded nice and taut and flak monkey who stayed up a little later to impress us with another fab sounding system... Whilst I couldn't quite get it sounding right... I didn't blow anything up this year But next year can I have a room that doesn't rattle please
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    Before I got my ProAc 125s, my first "real" speakers, I diverted from one of my regular trips up north to visit Castle HQ. Can't remember which model I auditioned but when I was shown round the factory, I was told they made the cabinets for ProAcs. I did email to tell them I'd decided to buy the 125's so would be buying their lovely cabinets but not their speakers; funnily enough they didn't reply. Does anyone know who makes the ProAc cabinets today? Anyway, true audiophiles use beeswax not Mr Sheen which can make some systems sound bright. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    My therapist says spending less is going forwards not backwards. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I liked the setup, sounded really good. Record player was much better than Rob's standard one, too..:P
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    Yeah, me too. I like what Stewart does with his speakers a lot, they might look pretty basic but they can sound phenomenal. Funnily enough though I'm not that keen on his choices of amplifiers or music.
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    A bit of experimental photography from me for a change. CHANEL - Chance CHANEL - Chance by Macvisual Photography, on Flickr XT1 - XF55-200 - @ f/6.3 - handheld
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    Hi All, My first visit to Scalford and a very enjoyable occasion in many ways. I went with a couple of clients and met another potential one there which made it fun, but of course the best bit was poking around many rooms. At risk of missing praise to many I'll pick a few that did the biz for me. Brumjam's system with DDDac etc sounded great to me both form the source, amplification and speakers point of view. I loved Ross's speakers. Great sound and amazing walkaround imaging. If tehy were waterproof I'd have a pair for the garden! I didn't expect that at all. I enjoyed the Mastersound 845 integrated, cause I've got the monoblocks, the small JBL speakers which I think use the same drivers as the much more pricey Zingali version, Ian's system, a room full of Audio Note stuff sounding like a room full of Audio Note stuff, and others I can't remember. I'll definitely think about exhibiting my wares next year, but with a Wammer's system or parts thereof, so it's not just about my gear. Most of all it was great putting faces to names etc and meeting some friendly competition over a fast moving half day Sunday. If I missed anything it was hearing some mega horn set ups with tiny SE amplification. I don't come across those so often so it's always a joy to behold. David
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    I don't agree with that Jack. New exhibitors have always been treated like everyone else. Of course everyone wants to be liked and not one of you buggers has mentioned our conjoined lunacy. However, it's impossible to mention everyone, plus most of us didn't get to see half the rooms. As an exhibitor, I hate looking at the pics, because they make me realise what I've missed. There is this idea that some of us who have been here a long time are some sort of clique who don't like new members. Sorry, but that's simply not true. Everyone is welcome and I think that this year's show made that more evident than ever. For me, the real joy of it was seeing people exhibiting who have never done it before,
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    I think this needs to be writ large. I too would love for a friendly Fairy to pick up all the costs and we needn't have all those nasty trade people...yuck! paying for their rooms, or have to charge for the P&R (by the way, ours charges per passenger plus per car). However, until that happens, the Trade rooms are necessary so that we as enthusiasts can have our playground. Anyway, there's nothing wrong with Trade rooms, showing what they sell, (Done in the best possible taste, of course) or the excellent Linn sessions, where they sent three people from Glasgow, at their own expense, to tell us of some interesting developments, and NOT to sell Linn product. The value of sessions like Linn put on is very high indeed. Bear in mind also that Peter underwrote all the costs, he was the one taking the risk, so if the show failed to cover its costs, he, not us as visitors or exhibitors would be out of pocket. Inevitably, the show has changed somewhat in character since the early days. It's a bit less 'amateur' in the true sense of the word, and a bit more 'corporate', (or for 'corporate, read well organised) but the alternative is either no show at all, or visitors paying a LOT more for entry, and/or the exhibitors paying for their demo rooms as well as overnight stays. One mustn't forget that for some, their Bar Bill will probably exceed their monthly mortgage. Paying for a demo room might be the last straw. But somebody has to pay! I exhibit for the fun of it, to meet interested and interesting people, and frankly, to show off a bit. I didn't exhibit this year both because I didn't have anything new to show, and also to give new exhibitors a chance, as I've exhibited 7 times before. Next year, I may be back! Scalford has by now become something of an institution, but has managed to reinvent itself this year, and I look forward to 2018 with great anticipation. S.
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    In order to put on a show for hobbyists at such a venue costs need to be covered. The park & ride is not our doing and is a rule of the hotel due to parking issue in previous years. (However, if you get on a bus do you pay for 1 or 4 people)? The cost was reduced from £7 to £5 and included a Show Guide which was used as the ticket home. A simple and convenient way to solve each issue, but again if it was a trade show with 80 exhibitors all paying for professional rooms then I too could put on a free park & Ride and show guide. If you had joined up to the forum £20 a year, you would have got a ticket for £10, if you had bought your ticket online you would have got it for £12. The majority of people congratulated us on the organisation and naturally our aim is to make sure 2018 is even better and I will strive to increase standards and services even more but make sure we try and reduce costs for exhibitors and visitors. I don't feel your explanation of expressing everything as a whole problem is a fair one. However I hope I have explained reasonably the issues faced.