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    Professor, you have obviously been to Scalford before, and enjoyed it. Why did you not post positive comments then, why only negative comments now, and as a first post. I was an exhibitor who had a modest system, and I know I was not alone, so that argument is not valid. I find it sad that some people are so negative about the show, that was so obviously enjoyed by the majority of visitors, and I think I can safely say all the exhibitors. Please come and exhibit next year, and find out what it is really about.
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    The Gallery, Monticute House, Somerset. by Rick Francis, on Flickr Lady at Monticute House, Somerset. by Rick Francis, on Flickr
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    Can I ask if this dog is a ' Rent-a-dog ' or a stuffed one that you carry about with you!!
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    Part of my new 'everyday things' series of photography; Strike the pose Strike the pose by APM Photography, on Flickr
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    Started the ball rolling and drove to pick up Umik-1 from IdealAV just outside Wakefield. Now to order earplugs from Amazon.
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    The stars above Oare. by Rick Francis, on Flickr For the first time this winter I was lucky enough to be somewhere with a clear night and some spare time to play. This is my first attempt at a long exposure, around 50 minutes. I can't wait to try again when I get the chance. Will hopefully be able to improve on composition!
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    Part of my new 'everyday things' series of personal photography; Fly the flag Fly the flag by APM Photography, on Flickr
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    http://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-officially-announces-new-firmware-x-t2-x-pro2-33-improvements-full-list/ Some nice improvements including some interesting ones for focussing. The X-Pro 2 gets the customisable focussing first seen in the XT2 and face detection now uses phase detection. A big list, major update.
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    I'll be shot down in flames here, but synergy is the word. I've experienced this so many times. Things that should work just don't, and at the other end of the scale, like using huge amps with highly sensitive speakers, have been some of the best by a mile. Not everything is black and white in this hobby.
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    Broke the hundred track barrier now and more followers too. If you liked Scalford, this is a lovely memory of the event.
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    On a par with Keith's Kites
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    Very nice Tim , I wish I'd taken another photo of the arm with a different aperture setting Spider (3) by Baz, on Flickr
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    Find the track you want to add, click the 3 dots on the right hand side, click add to playlist and choose the WAM one. You will need to follow the WAM playlist first, otherwise it won't be in your list. Go to it and just click 'Follow'
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    Lovely looking speakers, Castle do good woodwork. My 401 is now working and is the new addition to my system. Some of you may have seen it at Scalford on its first outing. I'm pleased with it.
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    This was one of the first things I see regarding Rammstein and it made me go looking for more.
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    As promised photo's of working turntable and plinth. I was able to feature it in my room at Scalford and it got a lot of nice comments. Thank you to everyone who came to take a look at it. I am very pleased with the sound and look. I will be starting another one soon. My plan is the recess the 401 into the top and fit two arms. Anyway for the time being I hope you like the pictures.
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    Great stuff, Les - looking forward to seeing how you get on with the '2'
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    I'm constantly surprised by what any given person will buy next on here and that's part of the fun of it I'm sure you'll really enjoy the X-T2 Les - seems you're not alone... http://www.fujirumors.com/fujifilm-managerx-t2-x100f-worldwide-sales-remarkable-canon-nikon-stronghold-starting-mixed-zone/
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    if you really want radio in your pocket then - set a budget and https://www.amazon.co.uk/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=pocket+radio&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Apocket+radio
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    Thanks, I will check that one out. The first 5 mins of this concert from 1996 are just epic, I can watch it over and over and over. Of course, the rest of the clip is great but their performance and theatrics performing Rammstein are just fantastic. Of
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    Time for a little stroll to the top of the pile. Don't be shy about making an offer.
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    With you on that Simon. I've managed to catch them live at Glasgow, Manchester & Newcastle but I'm desperate to see them again. A phenomenal live act. This is an excellent DVD / CD package featuring a full live show in France & live footage from London & Japanese shows. Playing the CD at the moment... Rammstein 'Volkerball' (2006- DVD/CD)
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    He's put it in the oven that's under the telly.
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    If I have found the right machine, the DV8300 has a coax out. You could try a few different flavours of DAC on the end of the Marantz digital out. That way you may be able to pick a flavour of DAC that suits you better than the Marantz. I do mean flavour of, rather than better than.
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    Steve Rothery 'The Ghosts Of Pripyat' (2015- 2LP)
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    John Martyn 'Foundations' (1987- LP)
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    My outstanding memory of the weekend was of you, after totally selfless assembly of countless racks, placement of heavy amps, unpacking of speakers and all the rest - just grabbing a chair, plonking it down smack in the middle of the room and leaning back, ready to rock. Cheers mate! If you've seen Gromit's photo it absolutely nailed the moment. I didn't even realise he was taking pictures. Smells Like Teen Spirit sounded pretty good!
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    Im pretty sure what Jamie is saying there exactly and gesturing is that "I've not felt that much air come out of the back of those cabinets before, each driver is a million quid and there's four of them" Then he told me to turn it down
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    What an extremely pleasant room.
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    Well, having Linn's two software guys, the Head of Speaker Design and the Engineering Director all sat in my room for over an hour on Saturday night listening to my system using Exakt filter designs I'd modified myself was initially nerve-wracking, but they loved it. A great experience! I don't suppose that could happen anywhere else
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    Still working my way through the Cuba images. Taken in Trinidad, on a day trip. Cigar man by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2*, on Flickr Canon 5D2 + 24-105L, 1/320s @ f8, ISO320 raw
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    Monitor Audio RS6 were the first floorstanders I owned when I purchased my first house. Upgraded those to the GS20s, then the GX200s and now currently enjoying the PL200s. Centre speaker: RSLCR, then GSLCR, then GXC350 and now PLC350. Surround speakers: RSFX, GSFX and now two pairs of GXFX. Ceiling speakers: CT265 Two SVS PC2000 subs just to even things out.
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    Had some studio 6,very clear highs ,and with a nice bit of power,so good.
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    Now building nicely with some great entries by Flak monkey and Dean plus yours truly of course!
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    Anni has a new arm. Having read Andy's thread about whether to put an AN arm on his Gyro and the results a couple of months ago, I had to have a go myself. Sounding good... and absolutely no zing..😎
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    we always had dealers i.e stamford audio selling records , missing link selling cables . and others . makes it so intersting to have a mix . it was great to see elite audio and others there and it added to the tremendous atmosphere and flavour of the show . its good also for them to meet many of their customers who they talk to on the wam face to face
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    Played around all morning with my existing speakers and the Castles I got at the weekend , settled on the Castles for now , 8ft apart and toe-in quite a bit , listening position is about 7+ft away. Castle Severn 2
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    NCP by APM Photography, on Flickr
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    Ive a pair of pl 100s listed for sale on the wam, and the bay, Selling as i want pl200/300s Love the platium range
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    I'm in the process of selling a pair of Silver RX 8, so of course they had to be "tested" as I'd only ever heard them run as rears before this.... I like them, for what they are they are a lot of speaker for the money. I think there's an argument that they lean more towards being an AV front end speaker though they are surprisingly musical when given good amplification. markedly less so when just fed from the speaker terminals of a cheap Yamaha though.... wont be doing that again haha. They can deliver a heck of a lot of sound pressure for a mid size floor stander too...
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    Cellar beneath Dunster Castle by Rick Francis, on Flickr Wild goat near the Valley of the rocks, Lynmouth. by Rick Francis, on Flickr