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    34 St.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr
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    'Cool to be a Collie' 'Cool to be a Collie' by APM Photography, on Flickr Fuji XF56
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    And up in Scotland a little club night named Slam expanded into a label, Soma Quality Recordings and started releasing crackers like this.. Slam - Positive Education 1993
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    Here is one from the new (to me) OMD EM-1. Thanks Martin
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    As usual, no guarantee is given with this tosh, it's just something I dun today (less that one hour). Procede at your own risk!!! First catch yer pi (rpi3B) and slap on yer actual pi-dac board (what does the sounds, man!). Download https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian_lite_latest Burn the image to a sd card Whilst still in the computer navigate to the "boot" section of the card (on Windows, right click 'open', and add a text file called "ssh" without an extension). Open the read me file in the "boot" and determine the overlay for your pi-dac board, copy this to the "config" file and save. Close the files and disconnect your sd card. Put the card into the pi, connect everything up and switch it on. Find The IP address for the pi, DHCP setting page on the router, or 'fing'. Use Putty to log into the pi, follow the instructions for a new password, remember the password (it's like a test for Dementia! ) Run the config tool sudo raspi-config Expand the sd card/change the name of the pi. Update the pi sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get -y dist-upgrade Or update first and then run the config tool. At the command line paste cat /proc/asound/cards to find out the number of the card (0) or (1). Remember the number (another test! ). When everything is finished go here and follow the instructions http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pc-based/271811-moode-audio-player-raspberry-pi-756.html#post5066758 There are couple of thing to be aware of: The latest file to download at the wget stage is here https://github.com/herrernst/librespot/releases When you create the service definition file you may want to change the name and card # When you have finished restart the pi, if still root shutdown -r now Open a Premium Spotify account and start to play some music, at the bottom of the page click/tap on "devices available" and select the name you gave the pi. I use an old copy of "Raspi SSH" to switch the pi off, If anyone can tell me how to port this from the Android phone it is installed on to a tablet, I would be grateful, or recommend a new, just as simple app. I think that it would also be possible to follow Gerrelt's guide to install Squeezelite http://www.gerrelt.nl/RaspberryPi/wordpress/tutorial-installing-squeezelite-player-on-raspbian/ and then use the pi as a LMS player and also a Spotify Connect end point (maybe add a command to Squeezelite [-C 10] I think) to allow time for Squeezelite to drop the player for Spotify to connect. I'll try that at another time. Ronnie Acknowledgements: Martin (pinkdot), Gerrelt, the guy who did the "Roon" Guide, another guy who did the "Volumio" Guide, Michael Herger ( Babelfish's Best Boy) If I have missed anything, try and figure it out yerself before moanin .
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    SAw this lot a few times as well....including a DJ set at the Legendary Orb Gig in Bangor N.I.
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    The Chair by Amar Sood, on Flickr Nikon F80 / Nikkor 50mm f1.8D / Kodak Portra 400 Lefty
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    Just a great track to dance to.. Outrage - That Piano Track 1992
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    Haven't heard this is years, my god.. very evocative. A Man Called Adam - Barefoot in the Head 1990
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    And here... the first UK House Super Group... Bocca Juniors - Raise 1990
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    I made a set of bi-wire speaker cables from 5m of 3-phase flex I found in the skip at work. Been used at two Scalfords!
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    OK been doing some testing tonight (Fenwicks, John Lewis) up to now it's between the Bose QC 35's and the B&W P7, still yet to try the OPPO PM3's.
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    Screaming Trees 'Dust' (1996- LP)
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    Yes he was Steve. Speedy J aka Jochem Paap. Got carried away & totally forgot the threads title...My bad! Fantastic album though.
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    [1967] The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [2009 24-Bit Stereo Remaster]
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    I'd never got a decent photo of Wren until a couple of weeks ago. Now I seem to be finding them every time I go out Wren by Keith M, on Flickr
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    Another classic from '93. From the superb album 'Ginger' by Speedy J.
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    Joie & Merv from Ozric Tentacles techno side project. Blew me away when I witnessed their awesome live show at Glastonbury Festival's proto Dance Tent, which itself was initiated / organised by Steve Hillage. Thankfully, for safety reasons & punter demand, the following year the massive Dance Tent was established. "We're not dropping out. We're infiltrating & taking over" 👽 (1993)
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    Bubbling around at this time was a little known outfit who produced long Prog House 12" that obscurity wouldn't last though.. Leftfield - Song of Life 1992
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    To the team at Linn, (I'm happy to say this in public) Seriously, well done on an absolutely awesome system. I've only got around to setting-up space optimisation this evening, it's pulled it all together and taken it to a completely new level. I was already impressed with the crossovers, even without the positioning and time of flight correction. I completely under-estimated how much difference the space optimisation set-up was going to make because the mid and tweeter are in a bookshelf speaker; the time of flight correction is only going to be based on millimeters of difference. I'm sure it's not just the time of flight correction on the bookshelf mid and tweeter that's doing it, but the precision of the correction on all of the drivers on top of the linear phase crossovers. Being used to paramteric crossovers and parametric crossovers with FIR applied, I simply haven't known such clarity in my room, even with Dirac. I'm currently listening to a 192Khz recording of 'Meet me in London' and it's simply sublime (sorry it's a Naim Records recording but it is sounding like utter quality). I can't believe this sound is coming from a pair of 20 year old, 2-way bookshelf speakers (probably worth £75 second hand) and 4 x 15" open baffle bass drivers. Due to the improved imaging; I'd go so far as to say this set-up rivals my DIY speakers for overall enjoyment. I simply can not wait to get my DIY speakers set-up, I can't even imagine how good they are going to sound. At least I've got some quality sounds to listen to until I can get them set-up. I really can't get over how well this system has integrated open baffle bass and sealed box speakers. I'm certainly going to compare setting up my DIY open baffle speakers with manual correction against boxing off the mid and tweeters so I can work off an impedance measurement for the sealed box driver correction. It's working that well now, I've got to try it. Up until now I was impressed and I was looking forward to trying it on my DIY speakers, now I'm blown away by what is possible, even with a very modest set of speakers. I've not compared the impedance measurement method again simply entering in the manufacturers specifications and making tweaks, but I can confirm, the impedance method works like magic. Phil kindly pointed me in the right direction with the measurement conversions. These changes were applied at the same time as space optimisation was set-up so I can't be sure what difference the corrections made but obviously, the real magic happens when everything is working together. Finally, thank you for all the help and sticking with me while I muddled through a set-up. I don't think I'd have achieved this clarity if I hadn't received the spreadsheet for calculating the figures. It makes the whole thing easy to do. I can hear the difference it is making now that all the parts are working together, it's obvious through the clarity and imaging. When I get time I'll take and post up some measurements to see how linear phase the response is. Sorry I've not been able to give you any technical type feedback that may help you improve it, but hopefully I've shown you areas that a novice is likely to need help with. That's something I guess.
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    I'm afraid for wireless headphones I'm not the best informed, as I would never consider them for home use, nor would I consider closed back cans for home use. I prefer wired and open back cans. As said earlier, I will probably get a pair of Sennheiser Momentums for travelling. I also have the Senn PXC450 for travelling which I preferred to the Bose at the time (this was about 8 or 9 years ago), but both of these are noise cancelling and I believe excessive for your needs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi, I use the Audeze EL8 Closed Back. Very good sound quality, and I listen in the same room as wife watching TV. I cant hear her/tv and she cant hear my music either.Not cheap at £599. I also use the Lehman headphone amp £735. Normally I would not spend this much on "cans" but to sound similar to my Musical Fidelity Amp and Tannoy Speakers This was what I needed without a compromise in sound. Alan
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    B&O H6 - closed back and really very good. Only have a short lead though, but you can get a longer one.
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    And then came the boys from Rochdale, little did we know where they would take Electronic music in the 90's but its was somewhere very very different from what came before... Autechre - Eggshell 1993
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    Well, a beer, a bottle of white wine later and I find out that deleting the overlay for the dac-hat makes no difference, so ignore that bollox and just determine if your card is [0] or [1] hallo usb. Actually, include Mahler's #9 Edit: Sat 27th. I just swapped the card into a 2B+ with an Audiophonics ES 9023 dac and had to add the overlay to get the card recognised.
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    Low angle Cormorant close-up. Cormorant by Keith M, on Flickr
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    Crossing by Ben Bolton, on Flickr
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    rainy NYC W25th.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr waiting.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr
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    I was lucky enough to get a very good deal on a couple of lenses as a friend of a friend was changing from Oly to Fuji. It meant I was able to get the 12-40 Pro F2.8 & 40-150 pro F2.8 including the 1.4x converter. 360i, Brighton by Rick Francis, on Flickr Not to tight rope walker. by Rick Francis, on Flickr Vision by Rick Francis, on Flickr
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    First shot from my new Pen F... Sunlit by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Olympus Pen F/Sigma 30-1.4 DC
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    Say 'cheese'... Smile for the camera by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Olympus OM-D E-M1/M.Zuiko 60-2.8 Macro
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    Not done much new photography recently, as we're having an extension built and I've been working on that. Been catching up with some of the pics from Cuba. Street life by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE2*, on Flickr Canon 5D3 + 24-105L, 1/500s @ f6.3, ISO320 raw.
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    Serenity by APM Photography, on Flickr