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    Paris 'Type' by HectorHughMunro, on Flickr
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    Not far off finishing this I think now. Waiting for some paint to fully harden before I can mask off a bit, and gloss coat a couple of bits, then the final assembly should only take a few hours. Got most of the engine itself now glued up- hence the elastic bands keeping the head down while it sets. Airfix engine p16 by dik_dolan, on Flickr Here's the view from a bit further out, showing a few of the bits I'm watching dry=) Airfix engine p15 by dik_dolan, on Flickr
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    There are some very salient points in this thread, for once. The principle of caveat emptor implies an even playing field. You buy something at your own risk based on available (verifiable) facts. As I understand it, in law caveat emptor is not an applicable defense if a seller has been fradulent in their claims. In quite a number of instances, this does appear to be the case. Unfortunately, most adverts for this sort of rubbish make qualitative rather than quantative claims. 'It sounds so much better' rather than 'response at 100Hz is 20% higher', etc. Basically, when I see anything that mentions 'inky blacks' or 'even he/she/they noticed', it goes straight in the pile of things to be treated with contempt.
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    The point is that the 'consenting adult' choosing to make the purchase is doing so on the basis of the information they are given by the seller. If this information is inaccurate/fraudulent I think it is reasonable for the customer to have some legal protection. And I suspect they probably do actually.
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    my reading is that the conference rooms will go to trade (but I've been wrong before, many times according to the SWMBO), and IMHO several wammers will be much safer with the pool out of bounds
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    As I have posted elsewhere, I really don't think most of the manufacturers and dealers are lying - ie. intentionally misleading the potential customer by saying stuff they know to be untrue. I suspect that in the majority of cases they have convinced themselves that a difference is there to be heard by the discerning. "Is this latest CD player by your favourite manufacturer better than its predecessor, you ask, sir? Yes it really is, sit down and listen and we think you'll be impressed". Is that lying? Not, it's sales. Given that as well as magic boxes, Serge would put any speaker cable over £1, any interconnect over £20, all CD players and DACS under the ASA's spotlight, it's pretty clear we all have different foo filters. I think the percentage of products being sold by cynical manufacturers to exploit the ignorance and naivety of their customers is low. That doesn't stop there being a lot of ridiculously overpriced and spuriously differentiated kit out there; but I don't presume this to be exploitative wickedness of the highest order. Some do. I've worked mainly in leading large scale business transformation programmes but latterly in business development for the big systems integrators - both rely on being able to find common ground between what an organisation wants to achieve and what it customer are looking for. I have prided myself on being able to shape £10-100m deals based on clear differentiation where it exists and honest me-too stuff where it doesn't. I've seen colleagues convince themselves that our server or desktop was the best, based on energy consumption, form factor or whatever and sell on that basis but I couldn't really do that. And I also came across the odd completely cynical bastard who would say anything to get the deal, truth or lie: a very small percentage of such loathsome individuals. I suspect the same applies across most sectors. To believe that all sales and marketing activity which is not rooted in genuine, demonstrable and measurable differentiation equates to cynical exploitation of the gullible suggests a rather jaded and world-weary perspective on modern life.
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    We must all have an adequate beer or three at Kegworth!
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    That's exactly what I see my job to be. Everybody needs a hobby. To cat-litter filled boxes you can add CD and LP demagnetisers, where there is no magnetic material that could become magnetised and audiophile mains fuses, as well as any interconnect cable that costs more than about £20 or loudspeaker cable at more than £1/m. S.
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    How much room do you need to raise a glass ? In my youth I was at sea one cabin once held twelve + (memory fades sorry) over a rather good bottle (sorry that memory again 4 bottles of malt) and I sure we can find a way to gather .
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    Sadly he died in 2006, so the testing he can do is strictly limited. What a life he had though. S
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    No, they all stayed behind the plane of the loudspeakers, but I'll have to check for guano behind my racks. Just as well it wasn't the Quadraphonic version, that might have been different. S
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    CAMRA Pub within walking distance I know that the mods will stop at nothing to ensure that Wammers are pampered and that exhaustive research will have been undertaken. But even they - yes, I know, such temerity - might not have spotted this little gem... he says, not having been there for over 30 years! http://www.redlionkegworth.co.uk/ I visited a couple of times while a student at Loughborough and once since. Back then they served the beer not at the bar but in jugs at the table. It was glorious stuff to consume and the atmosphere was fabulous. It would appear that the Red Lion has survived the modernisation that has killed many pubs and the non-modernisation which has secured the demise of many others. I will be definitely be checking this place out. 5-6 mins walk from hotel? Join me. Head down the high street (A6) and just before the road bends right take a left down a small mainly residential road - pub on the right. All from memory so treat with caution.
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    Yes - Fragile 24/192 original master, flat transfer, ripped from BD Have to say, I'm starting to really appreciate these flat transfers.
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    Where can I gt my hands on these? I know there are plenty of well made wooden stands about, typically I'm not a fan, I find them a bit fussy looking and often out of place, certainly with my Opals. However I just chanced upon these and am in love with them. They are a DI project and even commissioned I realise not all are equal, these are just so fit for purpose and look beautiful to me. Low profile, what a need as I'm in a loft room and solid looking which very imperfect, yet well made and organic looking. The website has no contact details.
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    As Nick says, yes they're a bit like each other. A smart phone is not really much of a phone and a Smart car is not really much of a car.
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    Was listening to it on Amazon Music, but will most likely get the HiRes version from their shop for a tenner Gone a bit psychedelic now with Øresund Space Collective's The Black Tomato
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    Here you go. The proportions look odd on the second because of the angle I took the photo at but you get the gist. A bit off point though as I'm really sorry, I just can't recall where I got these from. It was done by phone call to a woodyard somewhere in Northants, and these are just sections of oak beam that just happen to match the Harbs in cross section to a treat. They'd probable look nicer oiled with some sort of treatment.
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    For me its a bit like buying an expensive and lovely smart phone and then putting it in a dumpy case. All the tactile enjoyment has gone. Sure it is kept pristine but at the end of the day it is a phone and I want to see it and enjoy it and not hide it away for someone else to buy a pristine item off me that I have not been able to enjoy.
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    Which clears things up! And don't forget to add any CD player claimed to sound better than the previous model. Ditto any DAC. And most amps. Just leaves loudspeakers then. And all of these are fraudulent so if the government had more time, resources or just the damned inclination then they should shut them down, fine the directors, etc. It's a view.
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    I would imagine any decent sawmill or timber yard/woodworking shop should be able to sort that for you, especially if you give them dims + show the above photo to them.
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    This is what I use, the satin finish. It's not the floor varnish, and as far as I can tell it's not polyurethane, which I have never liked. I've used this stuff for years, and it works for doors, tables, speakers, etc.
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    Do stop digging Nigel, there's a good chap
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    Just because there are indeed nastier forms of Foo in the world doesn't excuse this form of Foo. Whether misrepresented holidays, mis sold investments, faulty cars, useless cosmetics or indeed HiFi foo, they are all fraudulent, and should be prohibited from sale. That some are and others aren't is, I think, a fact of life. Governments don't have the time or inclination to pursue every single transgression, so they go after those that are considered the more serious, dangerous to public health or more easily quantified. I fully accept that in the global scheme of things, selling a wooden box filled with cat-litter for £6000 is trivial, but as this is a HiFi forum, and I have had a professional interest in audio engineering al my working life, this sort of thing just makes me very cross. S.
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    As an aside and I know from reading threads that this show is much more loose than Trade ones. Is there an unofficial whisky group forming and should those interested bring along a bottle ? I do not bother with anything over 10 years in the same barrel so maybe going against the trend but would be happy to pick something out and join in .
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    In what way does it make you unhappy, Mirek? Are you able to use the usb out of the ID? If you have problems, have you tried asking for help on the JRiver forum? Is it the ID hardware you bought, or the Raspberry Pi version? I know the pi will take the hifiberry digi+ which has I2S output, but I haven't got mine set up yet. I have to sort out the logistics of connectivity in my room. The pi really needs lan connection rather than wireless, So I'm having to use ethernet over power and then a cable connection. I don't want wires stretching all over my living room!
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    That's where an active setup has huge advantages - you can select xover points for each driver (or in my case speaker array) to start to roll off before the 'natural' roll off and bring in the next driver on a similar xover to eliminate any dip in the response curve or at least with such a small dip between them that it's not detectable when 'shock horror' ......playing music
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    I'm interested to know more about these. Perhaps you could message me direct when you've a moment. I gather there's a link between these and my IAS speakers, for which I'm keen to know more about 'other' models.
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    You make me blush with comments like that and showing off in public isn't going to get you a second date.
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    Couldn't disagree more!!!! ANYTHING sold, whatever it is, must meet the claims made for it. If this Entreq stuff makes claims for sonic improvements, then they should show some independently verifiable and peer reviewed lab tests to proved their claims. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. They present none. The ASA and all Consumer Protection bodies should be down on this stuff, but never are, as they're complaints driven, and who cares about a few gullible hobbyists? S
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    I think 60deg is too high for me. At present I set the temp at 35deg. As the cleaning process takes place the fluid heats up a bit and gets to around 40deg. I think that’s warm enough. If it gets to more than 40 I let it cool down a bit.
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    Sphile's measurement technique also produces a significant bump of around 6dB at around 90Hz: PSB Imagine T2, anechoic response on tweeter axis at 50", averaged across 30° horizontal window and corrected for microphone response, with complex sum of nearfield responses plotted below 300Hz. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/psb-imagine-t2-tower-loudspeaker-measurements This is the listening window response of the same speaker measured in an anechoich chamber (NRC): Listening window, 20Hz - 20kHz (measured @ 2m, plotted @ 1m) Response curve is an average of five measurements: on-axis, 15 degrees left and right off-axis, 15 degrees up and down off-axis http://www.soundstagenetwork.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=754%3Anrc-measurements-psb-imagine-t2-loudspeakers
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    Another from last Sunday's visit to the Stock car/Banger racing at Warton Pile up by Tillman Kleinhans ARPS EFIAP/b DPAGB BPE3*, on Flickr Canon 5D4 + 24-105L, 1/100s @ f11, ISO1000 jpg. PP in Adobe CC & Nik SFX
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    Well? Have you gone quiet because you're speechless? In a good or bad way?
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    I'd expect nothing less - it's a hifi show! Boom boom!
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    I've been around audio and HiFi far too long now for my flabber to be in the least ghasted by ANYTHING I see advertised to the gullible or terminally stupid. S