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    Well what an amazing day we had, arrived at St Johns wood tube station at 10am and walked the 800yds to the studios. Turned into abbey Road, to be confronted by a mass of people, trying their hardest to get run over, while having their photos taken, on the crossing . Outside the studio a queue had formed and we joined the end(being British), after chatting to some people, who had come down from Hartlepool for the day, we were soon frisked for bombs ect, and relieved of any food and drink we had (??) and then we were ascending the famous steps (note the VIP lanyard ). You enter the reception, and are directed down numerous corridors, adorned with wonderful photos, of all the greats who have recorded there over the years. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take any photos in the communal areas, only the studios We are told, we are very lucky that no one is recording in Studio 1, so are allowed to look in and take photos, it is huge, the size of a small football pitch! with an incredibly high ceiling. After standing in awe, at the sheer size of the recording space, and the fact that you are actually standing on this hallowed ground, we move on to studio 2, where most of the Beatles albums were recorded, and where the talk is being held. This studio is smaller than 1, but still very large. There are seats set out for around 150 people and a screen for the media content. In this room are numerous old pianos, and organs which have been played by the likes of Mrs Mills, Russ Conway, Paul McCartney and Billy Preston, to name but a few. As we were told during the talk, any of these, could be behind glass in a museum, but are wheeled around from studio to studio, and used on a regular basis! We were also allowed upstairs into the control room After the lecture (1hr 20mins) on the history of the building, which included a lot of humour and a considerable amount about the Beatles, we left, very begrudgingly, and went to the shop. All in all a day we will never forget, when asking Jan if she had enjoyed it (I had kept it a secret) she told me that if she had a bucket list, being able to go inside Abbey Road studios would have been at the top, result I thought! Hearing Twist and shout played in the studio, where it was recorded , made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and there may have been a tear or two I'll add some more photos later.
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    I guess as long as we have people waxing lyrical about making digital cables covered in ferrite clamps and the Chord digital filter put in a separate box and sold for over £3000 then the world is going to be subject to rip offs .. Totem used to sell aluminium cones to sit on top of the loudspeaker to improve the sound (there was something wrong with my ears I couldn't tell the difference), there were the stick on bits for cds and pens to paint the outside rim, and the list goes on an on .. Of course the syndrome was adequately covered by Hans Anderson in "The Emperor's new clothes." The thing is I guess is the "club" syndrome .. it is far nicer perhaps to be in the club which helps justify a load of things .. I have to admit it is nice to find people who find the same as you about a bit of kit but to some it is the holy grail .. I have seen people who wouldn't dare buy something unless Kessler had given it a five star review. Perhaps it is hard sometimes to realise that the name of the game is reproducing music and focus on snake oil and claims for products that there is absolutely no measurable or tangible proof of the end result claimed. In some ways perhaps all the reviews of the actual sound should be made by a blind person preferably with perfect pitch who never read a hifi magazine or hifi forum but spent their lives listening to music going to every available performance might just be the answer to getting a totally honest subjective view .. Is there a massive difference in sound quality between an Oracle and an Ariston RD80 or a Dias and a Rega? How much do we convince ourselves and look for some difference that is not really there? Is there a massive difference between a Cambridge Dacmagic and Chord offereing for ten times the price or more? Enjoyment of the reproduced music is the ideal I seek and as long as I am enjoying the music that is fine by me. It makes me wonder if some people's hifi is akin to a lad with his old VW Golf 1300 with a new expensive paint job and posh new wheels and tyres which are worth more than the car and yet it doesn't make the car perform noticeably better. So I sit here imagining someones hifi where the cables are disproportionately expensive and probably make less difference than having the occasional ear wash (oh dear perhaps I shouldn't have said that)
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    Aye, that they be. But they happy in their faith so leave 'em be I say. Tis the cynical organisation and bureaucracy of faith that be worthy of scorn and criticism, for they only serve themselves.
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    Welcome to all of the WHF posse... and looking forward to you all getting stuck in here
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    I'm just getting it ready, it will be live soon.......so get ready!!
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    Yus. Broadly, I agree with the above. We all seek something different, and at one end of the scale are people who seek nothing at all. Why don't they should be the first question. At the other end, are those endlessly puzzled by life, the universe, death etc etc. Why are they would be the obvious second question. But both questions are misleading. I'd first ask why we are all different in those ways.Why do we have such varied needs? When that's worked out you know why this thread must exist, and why it can never be answered.
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    Check the sold/completed prices not the "for sale" prices...
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    Religion and politics, I really don't know why anyone tries to argue a case for any type of persuasion, on a forum that has nothing to do with the subject... You'll never persuade anyone to change their views.. Bit like a cable debate really..
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    My 1974 Ford Capri, with a sting of modern technology, 523bhp / 502ft.lb torque
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    Blimey, you go to work for 8 hours and when you get home you find most of the gang have joined Good to see you guys over here. This looks like a really good site and think I'll enjoy it here. Many thanks to all the seasoned Wammers for your kind words of welcome, much appreciated gents. Looking forward to getting to know you all.
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    Do you know what it take to be a cable *maker*, well millions of pounds worth of machinery for drawing copper or silver et all from bar to strand, alloying, plating, and then creating and threading insulation (dielectric), and there are very few companies that do it and none of them are hi-fi companies, biggest Brit one is BICC, but like everything most has moved to China. Basically those that put together hi-fi cables buy the cores ready made and terminate them. The skill is the selection of type, how they are strung and how they are terminated, that is all they do. Yes there is masses of slurping and bullshit going on in hi-fi cable assembling and selling. Normally in retailers cables have the highest retail profit margins of any product, so the cable market, in fact all the accessory market has become the most fraught with cons and spiv jobs. FFS £130 mains plug fuses, and there is worse than that. Of course it is buyer beware, we shouldn't be nannies but the truth should be known, so people can decide with knowledge how to spend their money.
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    There are quite a lot of us on here now at least 20 that I no of
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    Another from whathifi, though always enjoyed the threads I found on Google search.
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    What you need is meguans fast wax it’s spray on but the can will last 10 washes and the protection will last 6 months to 12 months if you wash your car probably and clay it and use a buffer DA polisher to get rid of the spider webbing and use a light cutting compound for any marks and the spider webbing then use the meguans fast wax it costs £40 for a can And the other stuff I use is Mothers 3 stages 1,2,3 it gets expensive but done correctly your car would look really great with a better shine then it does with auto glym Or really expensive ceramic coating which they say lasts 7-8 years if done correctly but this will cost you it’s very expensive but your car will look shiny all of the time and the water will just fall of your car .
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    Hi all, another new member here. Been lurking a while, but only just signed up. Nice place, looking forward to contributing. Regards BST.
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    It’s a great car I used to drive a 2 litre mondo Tdci Mk3 the only things I miss about the mondo is rear leg room and the top build quality as it was a gear model . The Focus is good quality wise but there some cheap plastic trim which the mondo never had but that’s being picky anyway there is a new Ford Focus coming out soon and it’s meant to be very good and some say better then the golf but I do like the current shape better as it looks a lot meaner . anyway anything you want to know about the Focus let me no if I no the answer that is
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    Dr John, the night tripper - Gris gris
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    [2009] Porcupine Tree ‎– The Incident [24/96 flac]
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    We had 2 Ford Focus eco boosts now a 2014 one and now a 2017 st line eco boost 1.25 engine both great engines but there is a difference between the face lift model and the model before the face lift even though they where both the same engine but I found the 2014 model had more boost and not that good fuel economy . But the current model the 2017 model is better with the fuel economy about 450 miles to a tank of petrol and that’s me driving it normally without worrying about saving fuel and most probably if I drive it like a nun I would get more out of the tank but the boost doesn’t seem so boostful like my old car was . I did ask at ford was this normal and they said yes it’s more refined then the 2014 Focus was so weather this is true or not I am not sure but basically I am very happy with the car and do not miss the extra piston and the other factor is the road tax went up to £140 a year even though it’s low emissions like my old Focus was which was £30 road tax a year .
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    Looks like you had a great day ….
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    It certainly was Les. Here are a few more photos.
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    Hmmm.... Flies in flight. Have you just invented a completely new "FIF" genre Keith?
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    Bryce Janey ……..Brand New Day …………. lovely ,lovely blues guitarist. relatively unknown over here.
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    Is it me or have I underpriced this combination? Just seen another P3-24 in red with PSU and exact on fleebay for £649!!
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    If you had read the thread though (and I understand why you haven't, it's huge!), you'd see we've sailed around this buoy before. Why on earth should someone who believes/has faith be asked to "prove" the validity of that faith using evidence? To constitute evidence it would have to be objectively proven to be true; if this was possible then we'd all be believers (though the term would be inappropriate). It's as silly a test as being asked to prove some theory by Newton or Einstein using only the Bible.
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    I never get tired of this, it's a simply stunning piece of work.
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    Hi. Another long time lurked of both sites. Thought I'd better sign up since you both unwittingly helped me choose my new system.
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    Welcome! Didn't realise you were this close.
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    Had my 5+ Anniversaries for 7 or 8 months now and very happy with them. A few Harbeth related opinions. These are my second pair (standard 5's first) but have lived with 7's too for a while. First I think all the 'amp friendly' comments are a BIT misleading. Harbs have 2 charateristics IMO. First, they let you hear what an amp sounds like, but are quite kind about what they show, so most amps do 'work with them', but only inasmuch as the above is true, but, secondly: 'They need lot's of power' is the other oft quoted misconception. They don't at all, and I ran the original 5's with 25wpc of Luxman Valve amp very happily. However, they DO come to life when loud, and particularly the larger models bass response dries out, tightens up and powers out. This might be a characteristic of the thin walled design or something else, but it is a fact that they REALLY sing out when loud. At those volumes, not much else balances that well at that price. So modest amps are fine, but you'll hear them as they can be with enough power to rattle the windows.
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    Short of getting these down to the Sussex coast, they have a new home.
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    I recently became the owner of some 40.2s, which somehow fell into my lap. My story unfolded over on WHF, where I initially thought I'd be going to trade in my 205/2s for some Kef Ref 3s (to be driven by my MF AMS35i). As it turned out, I traded in both and will be looking for advice/suggestions for an amp to drive the Harbeths (it must have HT Bypass). In case it's of interest, here is the thread: https://www.whathifi.com/forum/hi-fi/out-new-in-old
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    It was tongue in cheek Doug. Horses for courses etc. If you're happy with your tunes, that's good enough.
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    Sorry to see the What HiFI forum going, but you people are more than welcome here.
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    Not when it is compulsorily ingrained into the levers of power in society; schools, monarchy, House of Lords...etc.
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    I hope it is, but it certainly doesn't feel like a good thing. I'm quite worried to be honest.
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    Hi knaithrover, A very warm welcome to THE WAM - MUSIC & HIFI FORUM, you are now part of a fantastic group of music lovers and HiFi enthusiasts. We are very excited that you have decided to join us. It is packed full of interesting reviews, news and pictures of great HiFi systems and other tech gadgets for your enjoyment. Our members know just about everything there is to know about amps, speakers, turntables and all things music so feel free to introduce yourself and ask them! SPECIAL 10 MINUTE OFFER MORE IMAGE AND VIDEO HOSTING 200MB more space (Wammer 25MB) MORE PRIVATE MESSAGES 1000 messages (Wammer 25) SELL YOUR HIFI Use our online Megastore to buy and sell your HiFi (Not Available To Wammers) SAVE MONEY 10% Off Our New Vinyl Sales (Not Available To Wammers) 15% OFF Trade Deals From Our Selected Partners (Not Available To Wammers) Discounts To BOTH Hifi Shows in Harrogate and Melton Mowbray UPGRADE TO SUPER WAMMER MEMBERSHIP IN THE NEXT 10 MINUTES AND SAVE £5 Upgrade Now To Super Wammer for Just £15 and SAVE Hundreds Over The Year (Normal Super Wammer Price is £20) Super Wammer Plus
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    If you’re thinking straight, you’ve probably got the wrong forum!
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    Thanks for the welcome :), i'm gonna have a proper look tommorow its too darn warm to think straight atm.
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    And if it happens again it will be evidence of that trinity, threesome thingamyjig Fear not, nothing of this really matters in the real world
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    Quoted the wrong person, first time ….ooops
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    and if it rose again three days later, we'd all be recalibrating. I think that's worth repeating.
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    Kroenke doesn't seem to spend much on his American teams though, you get the impression that as long as he gets an income he's not that bothered.
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    Have faith! Your not Serge, but to be positive neither are you flannel.
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    Oh dear, you're definitely a lost cause... lol