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    [1970] Led Zeppelin ‎– Led Zeppelin III [flac]
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    Roxy Music - For Your Pleasure LP, first pressing
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    This is what speaker designer Andrew Jones (ex-Kef, ex-Pioneer/TAD, Elac) had to say about measurements: Positive Feedback What role is listening involved in with respect to the design/measurements… or does the actual design/measurements take precedent over what you hear… that is, if I can hear it, who cares how it measures? Andrew Jones First comes the measurement. There are a lot of parameters in speakers that can be measured that are known to correlate well with listening. The problem that I see so often from those who doubt such correlation exists is that they don't know how to measure accurately! I see their curves and I see the artifacts in the curves that are the result of measurement errors and nothing to do with the behaviour of the speaker itself! Accurate measurements and a sufficient set of measurements go a long way to revealing the performance, and allow us to get towards the final result very much quicker than with just listening alone. My approach is to set a design goal for the measured performance, meet this as close as possible, then evaluate the result by listening, but ONLY once I believe I have met the initial design objective. Then I try and honestly evaluate the result, and if (when……) I hear something wrong I go back and see if I can correlate this to the measurements. Maybe I was too enthusiastic in my evaluation of having met my target. Maybe my target is just wrong. I go back and make changes based on the re-evaluation, then re-listen. But I am always cross referring to the measurements. I am not implying that we can measure everything that we hear. But we can measure a lot so we can shorten the design process. We can also however hear a lot of what isn't actually there! We can be easily misled in our hearing evaluation and attribute things that don't really exist. With too many variables during the design process we can also become confused. So we have to be as careful in our listening as we have to be in our measuring.
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    [1975] Tangerine Dream ‎– Ricochet [flac]
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    So you say but my experience is a lot of monitors with those characteristics do not sound like real people playing music. It all becomes an academic exercise. Measuring loudspeakers in a completely alien environment is not a great predictor of how they will sound in a normal room that we all listen to loudspeakers. Never mind you can always just sit there and look at charts and tell yourself these speakers sound brilliant even if your ears say they have weak ineffective bass and a thin unrealistic sound.
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    Marillion - B Sides Themselves 1988 CD Ripped to flac
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    "The Godfather of Grunge" Live Rust. Neil Young and Crazy Horse. 1979.
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    Hi Cno, I'm not sure if anyone has posted this before me, but there's also the Falcon Acoustics LS 3/5A which claims to be very close to the original 15ohm model. I found it a bit livelier than the Harbeth P3ESR, perhaps tweaked to make it more modern sounding.
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    It rolls-off gently and uses room gain and wall proximity to perform the necessary lift. And as a bonus it'll produce transients better than a ported box.
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    I agree with you on finding best position for speakers and listening spots; indeed there is no substitute. However we need to be practical about all this, because unless we have a dedicated room to house the gear, that ideal is extremely difficult to obtain in a room we have to share with the rest of the household. If we are in agreement that designing for close-to-wall placement will produce good sound, why oh why is it then, that most speakers calling themselves hi-fi demand away from wall placement. It's complete and utter stupidity. Re the deliberate roll-off below 100Hz, Yes I designed my Fanes, for example as sealed boxes, with their characteristic 12dB/octave bass rolloff enabling boundary reinforcement to prop up the bottom end, and yes, as planned, they start rolling off below 100Hz if not backed up to the wall. I think speakers need a fundamental rethink of a back to basics nature. Most of the commercial floorstanders are pig ugly enough, without the additional insult of having to be in the middle of the room. Unfortunately I can't see it happening any time soon.
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    I've finally received a reply from ATC: The passive and active systems should measure very similarly in terms of THD.
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    Well I can only speak for my self, and yes I did hear a difference between my M Audio Dac to my Oppo 105EU to my current Chord 2 qute dac. The 2 qute dac is quite easy to differentiate from all the dacs I've used so far.
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    Hi, The following may be of use - speaker driver tests : http://www.audioexcite.com/?page_id=4018 The above is for the midwoofer drivers where the tests have the harmonic distortion graphs. https://www.audioxpress.com/categories/vc-testbench The above link is also for testing drivers - by Vance Dickason. These sites can allow you to determine if the driver has "character" which may create a distinctive/specific sound. Regards, Shadders.
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    In a way the term Americana is a horrible one because of the inevitable vagueness involved. But I have enjoyed several of the picks here and think there is much that I could add. I find it hard to categorise them, as to whether they 'belong under' country or folk/roots. I find that attempts at placing them beyond a very loose characterisation fails and in practice the best thing you can do is just share it and say, this is what I meanz, try this and call it what you will. Thus in the end I think Americana as an umbrella term will do just fine and you folks just like and judge each piece as you see fit. I have some great music to share with you, including some that longer members might recognise from past postings. Looking forward to sharing.
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    [2012] Storm Corrosion ‎– Storm Corrosion [flac]
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    I use SMA, BNC, TNC and N type connectors all the time at work, they all have thier place and SMA are good to 18GHz, but BNC are better at the lower (video) frequencies. SMA would be overkill in an audio setup. Then there are 'k' type SMA which are good way beyond 18GHz indeed are very good at 40GHZ and above. Edit: You would have a bit of trouble fitting normal audio cables to SMA due to thier size, they are smaller than most cables.
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    Notty, that turned out to be Bob from next door playing a prank, not an actual alien. He was dressed up to look like the alien he had skinned trom the previous week. Bob is a hunter and a qualified butcher. Bob doesn't like strangers and noone ever visits him, or none that live to tell the tale. Bob is friendly with his neighbour though and often comes round with pies made from his prizes.
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    Anechoic measurements are used to check that a speaker performs as expected, not for competition purposes. What defines how a speaker sounds in a room, how much "character" or lack-of it has, etc. is the quality of the design and of the drivers. It's up to designer to produce a speaker design that has flat on-axis and smooth controlled off-axis response, minimises the effect of floor-bounce and avoids baffle-step in the upper midrange, etc.
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    Really weird anomaly captured on the CCTV last night. I think it's probably just a trick of the light though. Or maybe a fox from the nearby railway embankment? But you have to wonder why now. So soon after the discovery of the monolith. The CCTV has never captured anything like it before. Weird.
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    Not really, it's more like testing a car in a test bench. . Anechoic measurements will provide information about a number of aspects of a speaker's performance. These cannot be made in a room because the room boundaries will "colour" or distort the results. Alternatively you can measure outdoors in a quiet place with soft ground, placing the speaker on top of a pole to avoid reflections. BnW
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    Fairport Convention - Red & Gold LP, first pressing
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    I really appreciate the home the WAM gave us and will for sure stay here. The new Linn forum seems to be mainly aimed to beta testing and perhaps requesting features for further development, but not to discuss about Linn in general.
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    It's very quaint, having to email and ask for an account - I'm surprised they haven't asked for references
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    Precisely the opposite creating/measuring the loudspeaker in an anechoic chamber is the only way the designer can accurately predict its behaviour in a domestic room. Contemporary speakers can be extremely uncoloured , transparent, completely full range ,phase coherent, virtual point sources, cardioid , boundary coupled with tone and sophisticated boundary filters technology has moved on. Keith
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    My wife has this hate/ hate relationship with computers. One app on a pad is just but only just, acceptable. Roon cracks that. If she had to go to a laptop, pick a streaming service, then pick what to play, I would be picking the laptop up from the garden. When I balance out the options roon does not seem too expensive 😊
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    That's an overly simplistic way to put it in my view.
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    you get a Blu-ray disc which you play on your Blu=ray player which then shows you a load of test patterns and explains which settings you need to adjust for each of the patterns but you do not need to use all the patterns but it does explain it to you and youtube if you still do not understand
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    Jeez, the man listens to music not tones. This is some marketing game going on here. Ears and music are free.
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    I thought that's what it did. Luddite that I am becoming, I would not pay for a service that just allows me to have my CD collection and my Spotify linking together. I quite like going to two shelves, metaphorically speaking!
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    We have the excellent Israel Nash of course, here his latest album "Lifted". Going to see him live in November
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    Thanks Richard, The MK1 had a noisy motor that sounded as if it were grinding. There actually was nothing wrong but the consumer reaction was sufficient for us to change the motor to a much quieter version in the MK11. If you experience problems or are concerned, we will be happy to look at the machine and report. The same goes for the brush, like most bristles, it will lose a couple to start with but should settle down very quickly, but we're happy to replace if you feel necessary - just send it to us with a mail beforehand to confirm that you're sending it to us. Thank you all for your positive comments. We really do try very hard to offer the very best service but recognise that we all get it wrong sometimes and it's how we fix it that really matters.
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    Similarly, a good friend brought over an expensive twin box CD player, and some good ears could not tell the difference between that and the streamed from SBT version of the same track. I can't get away from investing your well earned at the sharper end of the system with the best speakers you can afford, driven by amps that control them well.
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    I have noticed a difference between DAC's but I have not been able to discern a difference between different streamers into the same DAC. I'm fifty very soon and my ears may not be what they were though. Mind you, neither's my wallet!
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    Grain is good, unfortunately on some releases, this is scrubbed away along with detail..
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    It's a foam mattress, dumped in the sea by a wise person who realised that foam mattresses are a marketing gimmick. If someone fishes it out of the water, they might be in time to get a refund against the 100 day trial. Aliens my arse.
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    I Would describe the current Chord dac's as well-defined yet sound very analogue and dynamic. I would not know about taps only get water from them..
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    It’s curious that Chord products often seem to be the ‘most different ‘, and people either love or hate them - though I think it’s mostly love. I wonder if they add something, a bit like those controls on the telly that add sharpness or definition. Hard to believe, I appreciate, but I struggle to understand that their sound is because they have a squillion taps!
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    Thank you Richard for the clarification. i don't know either.
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    NASA scientist sacked for photo-shopping icebergs from the South Pole...
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    is bunch a large enough collective? maybe a congregation of, or tidings of...
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    Here is good, we like it here. But we reserve the right to be a bit homesick
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    lighten up, its only a bloody hi fi
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    I just remember Sally James in those thigh length boots. In fact I am away to remember her again......back in 10 (used to be 5) 😊
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    Seems my email has bounced too! Sounds like we do need to be proposed, seconded, supply references signed in triplicate by Nicola Sturgeon and stored in a filing cabinet for six months I think there was something about a cellar and a tiger too but memory fails!
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    You beat me by two minutes. https://hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/130160-new-linn-development-forum/
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    Well if trying to help listeners realise the very best sound quality in their room is marketing then I am marketing. Keith
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    I loved them except for the big bass that scared the hell out of me for my echo chamber of a room. He has nice carpeting and think curtains, I reckon he is set. What a great speaker.