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    I'd go much further. Some 'objectivists', like former Wammer Serge, would never acknowledge what they heard even has relevance. Some will only use specs and assume that less distortion must sound better by definition, but then that goes back to if a recording is made for realism or accuracy (which I posted an article on a week or two ago). A realistic recording requires and accurate reproduction, while an accurate recording, needs a reproduction endpoint that will add back in room effects that make it seem natural again. Similarly with speakers... if you like a speaker throwing a wide soundstage and increasing comb filter effects for that subjectively spacious sound, or if you believe in minimizing room effects so you hear the recording without adding your own room effects. I would argue that if you listen to mostly accurate recordings that have no room-effect or reverb added at the mixing desk, that things will sound better with a pair of Revel Ultima Salon2 or speakers made from a similar ethos. However, if the music you listen to is already realistic (having venue acoustic reverb tails) or had reverb added at the mixing desk, then you want a speaker that will not add plenty of its own reverb tails through excessive comb filtering via room interation, because this would simply sound like excessive reverb and not allow you to hear the original realism in the recording. There's also the element of if two devices have the same THD+N, but the distortion present in each is a different type, the listener will likely favour one over the other, based on how they listen and which types of distortion they like/dislike. So in such an instance, 'headline' measurements between two items won't help anybody. In short, there are hundreds of different types of measurbator objectivists with differing views on what 'true objectivity' is. Most of them assume it's all about reducing distortion, but fail to understand how music recording factors in different music genres will impact the result, and where their own personal taste will be. They also fail to compare the types of distortion in equipment, instead focusing on overall headline figures like SNR and THD+N, without looking at the types of distortion that are present, or knowing if they are sensitive to it. In short, they throw the baby out with the bath water. I don't think pure objectivity or pure subjectivity cuts it. We still need to shortlist potential equipment somehow to see if different units are electrically compatible and if an amp will drive our chosen speakers without running into issues. However, I always concede that in the end we need to listen to something that we enjoy, rather than something we know is accurate but might not enjoy as much. I've said before, we don't hear how an oscilloscope does. Neither does an oscilloscope process sound the way our brain does. To this end, I think measurements are as much about self-discovery as about the kit. One can determine via measurement if one likes a particular distortion. Pleasing distortions may be the reason a lot of subjectivists don't trust measurements or find 'transparent' sounds sterile. As such, knowing about distortions one finds pleasing for the music genres they listen to, is a means to be able to utilize measurements in a way one can personally rely on them. However, if we don't measure/test ourselves, this cannot be done. Again, personal music genre choice mostly determines how the majority of recordings in that genre are produced, and if they are realistic or accurate or a mix. A mix will necessitate chasing a system that is satisfactory on both, but not perfect at either. As such, measurements are crucial for quantitative comparison and shortlisting, or determining if a products distortion graphs correlate to a distortion we like. But they are not the defining factor for audio enjoyment in the home. I do however feel that using solely measurements in the domain of setting up public-facing reference systems for radio/tv etc is the correct thing to do, as Serge used to. Any tailoring of sound needs to be at the final destination and not before. Consequently, public-facing systems should focus on absolutely minimizing all sources of distortion, foo and focus on max performance for the money spent. Lastly, while my view is that pure objectivity or pure subjectivity don't cut it, somebody could pose what to do if I could only choose one. The answer is that we don't hear as measurement devices, we hear with ears. If we don't know how to measure, or don't care, there is little wrong with trusting your lugholes. I just feel one should at least do ABX testing with the help of another person and a blindfold, so that they can be 'sure' they heard a difference in enough comparisons that it isn't chance, rather than fall foul of expectation bias and believing in foo.
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    Mastersound Evo 845 - plenty of everything - sound and presence!!! Drives my speakers beautifully, a work of art and sound
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    Slightly incongruous scene of a Shackleton display surrounded by rugs at an art fair, Dulwich College, SE London today... Shackleton with rugs.jpg by Ben Bolton, on Flickr
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    Not really rated by anybody, but I just fancied some PF in the background with no requirement to think. The Endless River - Pink Floyd (LP)
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    Thanks everyone for your replies. Some were really helpful! @Tony_J that minidsp link was really useful - now have my head round voltage a bit better, thanks @bigfool1956 the wiki was great, but a bit beyond me, must admit @plasticpenguin ... inspired @TheFlash good point - I'm asking for a couple of reasons. First I've been meaning to upgrade my phono stage for a while. It will feed into the RME's A-D converter and I've been told that some preamps' impedance levels might be too high for the RME... though I'm not really sure why or how high is too high. Second, I get a lot of hiss through the speakers from my Croft pre and I'm wondering if it's a gain mismatch. I've dialled the output from the RME back to -6dB to give me more leeway on the Croft volume control, but the hiss is still there.
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    Fleetwood Mac - Tango In The Night. CD
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    Actually scratch that. Looking on maps, thebus would probably go a different route. If you are coming up on Saturday I can come and pick you up. I'll be busy Sunday though.
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    Price Drop!! Now £495 For sale: Project 2 Xperience turntable in piano black with the 9CC Evolution carbon-fibre tonearm, Ortofon 2M silver cartridge, with electronic speed and unique platter design..... I am including a 'Project Cork-IT' turntable mat ( though Project suggest records should go directly on to the turntable platter - locking record clamp included - also a Project 'Connect - ITE' phono cable. The existing cartridge setup can be upgraded to the Ortonfon 2M Black with a change of stylus....... I will describe condition as being very good to excellent - it is not perfect - for me, perfect has to be as it came out of the box, brand new. There is a small scratch to the lid, just about visible in one of the pics ( which can be polished out quite easily ). All original packaging, I am pricing this at £575 ovvno ,now £495 firm, plus postage/courier. Retail price is currently £1100 excluding the extras I've thrown in and this selling price is way below the used price currently available 'on line', so please, no silly offers. Lots more pics available. I would prefer collection - CM24 postcode/M11 junction 8. This is a UK sale. I can ship in the UK at cost and buyers preference re insurance - it will, however, have to be sensibly insured.
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    Being a small single ended valve amp guy, I certainly prefer the clarity and smoothness of little endian transmission of bytes.
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    \o/ Well done. The geodetic frame was designed by Barnes Wallis, first used in production in the R80
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    Tangerine Dream ‎– Force Majeure
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    [1985] Yello ‎– Stella [flac]
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    This is a general comment. I've no problem with anecdotal posts, but when it comes to cables, differences ideally should be verified in controlled ABX to rule out expectation bias and prove if 'heard' differences can be detected more than chance. But that would require 50+ ABX track tests to approach some sensible data. If that means somebody changes cables behind a screen and the listener (test subject) wears headphones with music loud enough that they cannot hear any cable swapping, as well as wearing a blindfold, and ONLY THEN if they can determine the difference repeatedly at more than statistical chance, then we have some evidence - especially if repeatable with other listeners. Whatever difference that is should still be measurable. We can measure a gravitational wave wobble travelling through space ... the subtleties of sound, or, EMF propagation down a cable, are not a problem. I know @Craigas gave the old noise argument on his YT comment, but there are a few issues with this: People need to understand that all digital signals when examined by a receiving device will go through a Comparator circuit and (hopefully) a Schmitt Trigger or hysteresis circuit. The Comparator circuit, if properly designed with a hysteresis circuit is mostly immune to noise, unless such noise is too high. So for noise to have an affect, several things must be true: The hysteresis circuit or Schmitt Trigger design is poor Where cables are shielded, the shielding in the cables is ineffective to prevent noise pick-up The noise level (on shielded/unshielded cable) is significant relative to the reference voltage, or the thresholds of any Schmitt Trigger So if all these things are true, there would be a duality of excessive noise (EMI/RFI) in the home environment for some reason, and, by implication, at a level that is too much for any Comparator chips/circuits Linn have used, which might suggest they used inferior ones. [But I don't believe that would be the case, or the claims of sonic improvement without evidence. It is likely that under ABX testing, no difference can be detected]. Linn might use use an off-the-shelf Ethernet circuitry, so the comparator circuitry may not be their design, but hopefully they tested any circuits for noise immunity. Also, noise in the environment for one home user is likely the same for any of the CAT cables they could swap to. Shielding could make a difference, but then if there is a sonic difference, one would still effectively be pointing the finger at Linn and the noise immunity of their or their supplier's comparator circuitry. So for those proponents of CAT 8 being sonically superior, you have to ask yourselves exactly what is happening for there to be a difference (assuming we could establish one truly exists via ABX tests). That is, you're effectively saying Linn haven't made the product you own mostly immune to noise in the digital domain when handling Ethernet signals. That may not be what the intention is, but if you're making claims that somehow noise gets to the end of the line and interferes elsewhere in a Linn component, you are saying the Linn component doesn't handle noise well. In my experience, nothing could be further from the truth. That is, IMHO, Linn pay more attention to noise control in their designs than most other brands available.
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    If you can't see what it is it's because it's obscured by clouds.
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    I'd suggest you ask RME about the apparent volume change. Bear in mind that the volume settings used by others will in part be dependent on the amp and speakers they use, and so won't necessarily really tell you anything. Also note that RME went to some considerable effort to make its volume adjustment very good, so that if you listened below 0 dB there probably won't be any perceptible loss of quality.
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    j this might help , i got it as is
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    OK, I’ve ranted internally and externally! Thanks for all your input. I think we should close this one now........
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    Tangerine Dream ‎– Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack "Sorcerer"
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    If you use ebay for long enough, sooner or later something like this will happen to you. It has certainly happened to me a few times. It can be a little hard not to feel aggrieved. It's rare that you can prove a thing, even when you have your suspicions. However, provided no money is lost, then there's very little point in allowing it to spoil even a minute of your day.
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    Face Value, Phil Collins, Vinyl. Just love "In The Air Tonight" when the drums and bass really kick in and the sub starts up always makes me smile.
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    [2017] Kraftwerk ‎– 3-D (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) [24/48 flac]
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    Exactly. All dealer stuff I have bought on ebay they have started the auction at the minimum they are willing to let it go for. Unilet are a very experienced outlet and would be well aware an item could go for a low price if starting low. Many dealers go the 'buy it now' route, or add the offer option with it. A lot of hifi stuff is not mainstream and dealers will be well aware they may not get multiple bidders and achieve the value they are looking for. I use ebay a lot. My ethos is trust until presented with info/facts that contradicts. There is nothing at this time that suggests they have pulled the sale because of the low winning price other than mere suspicion. Therefore I am dismayed at the advice of 'just give them a negative review.' That is equally as bad as far as I'm concerned.
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    Lovely Arcam A75 sold to an equally lovely Wammer. Thank you Sir for popping over and the chat. You are a friend. Lovely TDLs still looking for a new home.
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    For example... My AE2's. Front ported. Easy as anything placement. Ref 2's. Same size. Same driver array. Rear ported and unusable.
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    Why would a port create or add to a main axial mode reinforcement? If your room has a main mode at 40hz then you may suffer from ‘boom’ whether the speaker is ported or not, the only requirement is that speaker produces enough amplitude at 40Hz. Keith
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    For those concerned about accommodating them in their room they work well angled in the corners of a room with 6/8 ft between the speakers. Do not need a huge amount of space behind them. Would not take up that much more room than say original Snell E's which were a free space design. Power is anything from a 300B up to 100W Class A amps like the Pass Alephs. Quality not quantity is the key as they are a wide open window. Best I ever heard were a pair of these biamped by SJS 300B and also my PSE 2A3 copper amp. Gobsmaking effortlessness.
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    Hi, apparently a new version of the Cirkus bearing came out around 2016 when the new sub-chassis for Majik deck came. Mate of mine upgraded his to the new version and found it a worthwhile improvement. Øyvind
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    Tangerine Dream ‎– Green Desert
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    No .. I don't use it much I have only made over 1000 purchases and about ten sales. If I was a dealer and wanted a minimum price I would start the bidding at that price and would not risk the situation - as ebay also monitor withdrawn sales and so it is probable that a dealer doing this regularly would also lose their account. Does it matter? I am saying I don't give a flying fig as we are dealing with suspicion and not facts. It might be what we suspect but we will never know and there is absolutely bugger all to be achieved by discussing it
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    Why can it only be the worse case scenario? Uzzy is correct in that Unilet can't win on this one. We assume everything is tested before listing. Assume! There would have been sour grapes if the unit turned up faulty instead of sour grapes because it's not the bargain expected.
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    Probably very true - but people spouting suspicion and mistrust doesn't serve anyone any good - I was thinking what would the buyer have felt about Unilet if they sent out the goods and they didn't work? Ok you could return for a refund but what a lot of hassle and then they would be slagging off a dealer for sending out a bit of kit that didn't work. As I said the easiest way to get out of selling at a low price is to get a mate to bid at the price you want (he may be outbid and you are happy) and if he wins you can then cancel the sale - simples. In my past life my specialisation was preventing fraud and so I am fully aware of the lack of morals and values but what it is easy to lose sight of when dealing with low life is the majority of people are not like that (though those odds may be changing with time). Anyway my point was procrastinating on suspicion will achieve absolutely bugger all
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    Chronicals: language in 2 channel.
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    Thanks a lot Phino! It worked! That saves me some money and time, thanks again.
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    If you get on a Kegworth bus it will bring you past the hotel.
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    Be-Bop Deluxe - Axe Victim LP. first pressing.
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    Sense at last. Has anyone tried checking whether the cables are directional? Is 1010101 better than 0101010?
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    Carry on and don't post an easy one like a Bolivian shoegazers band we're hot on them .
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    Or flag down one of those Paul's Pies vans .
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    Thanks Peter, they’ll be making their debut at this years WAM, let’s hope I measured up the demo 8c’s properly and they fit on their news stands!
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    Sorry. I was looking in the mirror when I typed that.
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    Just cos you arent invited !!!